Air Jordan 4 & 11 Retail Prices Increase for Holiday 2012

It’s not confidential information, anyone that’s been paying attention can see that MSRP for sneakers have changed over the years. Several footwear executives confirmed that retail prices would continue to increase. We’ve seen all of our favorite brands bump up the price tags, with the most noticeable increases coming from Nike and Jordan Brand. Business is looking quite lovely at the Swoosh, so it doesn’t seem like the prices are slowing down sales.

In March, TSG came across some interesting retail price information regarding two specific Jordan Holiday 2012 releases: Air Jordan 4 Retro Black/Cement Grey-Fire Red and Air Jordan 11 Retro Black/Varsity Red-White. If you follow me (@GRocSmith) on Twitter, you know that I already gave you a heads up about this info. It was brought to my attention that price points would increase for the aforementioned Air Jordan 4 & Air Jordan 11. The Air Jordan 4 (November launch) is set to retail for $180 and the Air Jordan 11 (December launch) is priced at $200.

Is this news shocking? If you recall, Jordan Brand blessed Jordan heads with the Space Jam 11s in 2009, and retail was $175. The following year Brand Jordan re-released the Cool Grey 11s, and the price was $175. However, last year the Concord 11s received a $5 increase, changing the retail price to $180. Also, keep in mind that the AJ 4 Spring/Summer 2012 launches are priced at $160. Come Holiday 2012, both models will receive a $20 markup.

Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Also, look at the retail prices for both shoes in adult and kids sizes below.

Air Jordan 4 Retro Black/Cement Grey-Fire Red
November 2012 Launch
Adult – $180/$95.40 wholesale (308497-089)
Grade School – $120/$60 wholesale (408452-089)
Pre School – $75/$37.50 wholesale (308499-089)

Air Jordan 11 Black/Varsity Red-White
December 2012 Launch
Adult – $200/$106 wholesale (378037-010)
Grade School – $130/$65 wholesale (378038-010)
Pre School – $80/$40 wholesale (378039-010)


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  • dj_imperiald

    this is still wack…this will give the “stick up kids” another reason to kill someone or steal someone pair of shoes…

  • Dang, 20 dollar increase? I wonder if the price increase will result in better quality?

  • Marcos Perez

    I follow Maybach G skywalker Pluto so this is old news… Need the girl from the blame game on here “G-Roc taught me”

  • The Neugent

    yuuuuup i see myself purchasing more and more adidas and asiscs as we speak. Mark my words Nike and Jordan will destroy themselves and end up in your local Wallmart forgot about like Starter and Champion.

  • WorldFamous_Kev

    Made A Decision Earlier This Week To Let The Jordan’s Go, GLAD I DID. Good Decision For Business Bad For Customers, Shows No Type Of Loyalty or Connection To The Struggles Everyday People Are Going Through. I Highly Doubt That This Price Increase Can Be Justified. Talk About Taking Advantage Of Customer Loyalty. (Kanye Shrug) People Will Still Buy and Line Up By The Thousands To Grab So I’m Wasting My Breathe. Enjoy

  • John B.

    I wouldnt hold your breath Alex! LOL…but this is BS…I mean cmon JB…your kicks are high enough as is..and like dj imperial said itll just be another reason for people to be hurt or worse over a pair of shoes

  • dj_imperiald

    ^ probably not lol….They are smart tho I bet they have been keeping up with how much resellers can sell their shoes for on ebay and fcnyc and all the others…so they slowly have been finding a midway point to max profits

  • devin carter

    how does a a shoe with lower quality than the original that came out at 150 now sells for 200 I’m really bout to slow down on jb purchases I’m sorry jordans are starting to hit the price range of bills and car notes lol

  • Ben Dover

    I wouldn’t mind the price increase if the quality of the shoe was better and they made more of them instead of having to camp out and riot for them. I wasn’t planning on getting either of these shoes anyway but I hope this doesn’t translate to higher retail prices for next year’s releases.

  • dotsupreme

    is this some kind of sick joke?

  • dotsupreme

    at the same time im confused so there making less and charging more whats there logic behind this?

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    RAAAAAPE!!! I am shouting it but Nike/JB does not give a sh*t. They keep raising the price and lowering the quality. lol.. and people keep lining up to buy them. I tried on the white/red 11’s and left them at the store. I refuse to pay $140 for a shitty quality made shoe. It makes no sense. Fashionable/trendy’s not worth it.

    It’s like paying $1.50 for a coke and getting the generic brand cola (u know what I am talking about) in a COKE bottle. Would u still buy it even tho it taste different? NO! (at least I wouldn’t)

    So I am very picky on what I buy from JB these days.

  • J.Sweatshirt

    Im reading these responses and I’m glad people feel this way. I been a jordan/shoe guy for as long as I can remember. Lining up woth people getting shoes and sharing stories about the shoes and that feeling of copping what YOU like. I just swore off Js because everytime A kick drops I check craigslist and some reseller has them for double. I still collect kicks, but the game isn’t even fun anymore. Too many releases and too many flaws. Then the price hike??? Too much hype. Game over.

  • jq_ballgame

    Biggest tragedy is those pre-school / grade-school prices.

  • Chris

    Tired of paying a lot for a hyped product with piss poor quality. The Nike + Lebron X is slated for 3 bills. Nike’s greed will be it’s demise.

  • Chevyboy


  • Chris Veal

    so glad im about done with jordans. got most I want. Will not be getting either of these

  • C brown

    Might be time to consider my retirement…bwtn $250 for Lebrons…$275 for Yeezy’s…I hear the Elite Lebron X is “rumored” to be at a price point of $300…YO that’s crazy….I’m a grown man..great job..can pretty much afford to buy whatever I want..but I have kids…mortgage…wife and responsibility so I choose to only purchase the things I really want….I just don’t understand how KIDS can afford to keep up…bwtn resell price and now retail…Jesus…a McJob ain’t getting you no Lebron Elites…sorry to tell you that….

  • Nike/JB is definitely testing the high-end
    waters this year and I’m afraid they’ll have
    less of customer base to keep them afloat.

    I wouldn’t mind the price increase if there
    was a justified means to it on both the company
    and customer end but Nike/JB is out for blood- I mean profit.

    Either way, Nike may not suffer much backlash this
    year but if this continues, I fear the worst for them.

  • bc

    Look around, EVERYTHING is increasing in price. Gas, food, clothing, etc. I work for a large apparel company and we have had to increase prices also. Thanks President Obama and your outrageous spending and the money printers at the Fed. The value of the dollar has decreased a ton in the past few years.

  • These companies may see other companies increasing their
    prices and feel they may need to (for no REAL reason) and
    it becomes sort of like a arms race for maximum profit/market share


    Gas has been down for 3weeks straight though

  • RonRon

    @bc I was with you until you threw the “thanks President Obama” out there. That outrageous spending you’re talking about was instituted by President Bush on his way out the door. If you can remember accurately instead of biased Bush, McCain and Obama all signed the stimulus package. As far as prices, the hike originally started in 01-02 when the war kicked off. Our dollar has been on the decline because we barely produce anything to export.

  • Willakill

    Mj is a greedy bastard

  • me

    its time for us a community to say FUCK JORDAN BRAND. and buy some NIKES (lebrons, kds, kobes, etc) that actuallly give us ~$175 worth of quality. 200? for some 11s? for REAL. i can honestly say id rather grab some galaxy lebrons for an extra 150$ (a whole other shoe..which means im saying a lot) than get these low quality pieces of crap with BS carbon fiber in the soles that will BE RETROED ABOUT 3 TIMES AT INCREASINGLY HIGHER PRICES OVER THE NEXT 5 YEARS. FUCK JORDAN BRAND FROM NOW ON.

  • mike lowery

    @bc learn to direct your anger correctly. The president is not responsible for outrageous spending. We had that problem for a decade. You don’t remember because times were “good” and he’s not the cause of our economic downfall either. Learn to take responsibility for your own actions and circumstance. Next time you accuse someone of something make sure you have actual facts and not just your biased opinion.

  • dotsupreme

    and for 180 i better get nike on the back

  • Bra

    4s went from $115 to $180 in just 6 years. I can’t imagine how much prices will inflate in another 6 years.

    This price distribution shift is outrageous. When Spiz’ikes came out in 06, they were considered the most expensive non-Air Jordan, having a price tag of $175. It was rare to see any Air Jordan go anywhere near that price (4s were $115, 5s were $135, etc). Now, $150+ is the new standard.

    and $75-$80 for shoes for your baby? That’s more than what most knowledgeable adult consumers pay for 2 pairs of vans..

  • Emmmm

    Can some explain why nike/jb increases these prices (main reason being reseller pricing) when they could make more shoes. If they increase the amount of shoes then wouldn’t they make more money since so many people would do anything for their js!?

  • me

    its time for us a community to say ____ JORDAN BRAND. and buy some NIKES (lebrons, kds, kobes, etc) that actuallly give us ~$175 worth of quality. 200? for some 11s? for REAL. i can honestly say id rather grab some galaxy lebrons for an extra 150$ (a whole other shoe..which means im saying a lot) than get these low quality pieces of crap with BS carbon fiber in the soles that will BE RETROED ABOUT 3 TIMES AT INCREASINGLY HIGHER PRICES OVER THE NEXT 5 YEARS. ___ JORDAN BRAND FROM NOW ON. ive been supporting this crap for years with my hard earned money. and yes ive made some money along the way from it but this is ridiculous. u wanna charge 200 for a shoe that used to be 160? or 140 or whatever retail used to be. inflation..fine but this is crazy. we saw a priice hike with space jams and that wasnt even a long time ago. im DONE with this bs. done supporting that. ill buy 2 pairs of ogs and im over it. id rather have some OGs CRACK ON ME than buy this bull____!!! theyre 20x moer comfy and u can FEEL the quality. done ranting this honestly made me livid just now.

  • me

    ___ IT I WASNT DONE: i play soccer and most of you dont know this but NIke soccer has the MOST expensive shoes of any sport other than maybe hockey. They borrowed the whole “elite” shoe concept from nike soccer adding the carbon fiber just like nike soccer and hiking the prices up. at first the prices were decent but they will go up JUST like the nike soccer ones. Nike vapor superflys (elite vapors) are now at 435. they started out at 300 in 2007. its a ploy by nike and JB to gain more money but hwat i dont understand is why they continue to make them. Most stores dont even carry the elite versions of cleats because nobodys willing to pay the ridiculous price tag on them so they usually sit on shelves OR people go online and buy them from ebay for astronomically cheaper (still about 280). however… with the demand of basketball shoes so high itll be interesting to see if they really sell all of these crazy expensive shoes. IMHO…they wont sell THAT much. and i hope poeple dont fall for the bs. this JB price hike is just crazy..i honestly feel like doing something drastic as a protest. its highway robbery is what it is. its time to put an end to this.

  • mike lowery

    @RonRon great minds think alike, @bc statement is a reflection of the overall issue we have still have in America ignorance. I’m gonna by the breds all the same but I’m glad I like sneakers from a fashion perspective all I really want is some dmp 6’s and infrared 6’s and I can ignore jordans for the rest of my life.

  • me

    and if you really pay 80$ for some 11s for babies. (which used to be literally 40.. and i thought that was expensive back in the day) youre either rich…or STUPID as hell! who has the money to spend 80$ on toddler js. they outgrow shoes every 2 months.

    yet….i know these things will sell out regardless.

  • 23edge

    Maybe its only me but I think Jordans should always be expensive. Thats how I remembered them as a kid. But now you have fresh off the boat kids, and pansy tweens wearing the brand like it ain’t ish. And I wouldn’t call JB greedy at all. They’re protecting the last few heats that they have. If they really wanted to make money they would have sold them for $150 and made them GR, so that every FOB and tween could buy a pair.

  • ?uestion

    Jordan will soon have those Gucci and LV’s prices

  • HPL

    news can get expect some jordan robberies this holiday. Like i get if the quality was getting better but everyone knows it isnt, this is ridiculous

  • My Dixie wrecked

    suck mycock Jordan brand.

    Sincerely every father who works hard to put Jordan’s on there ungrateful children

  • me

    js have always been expensive…yes. But theyve always been within a reasonable price comparative to the money market. I dont mean to get technical or try to sound like a genius because im not but what im trying to say is MINIMUM WAGE HAS INCREASED DISPROPORTIONATELY SLOWER THAN JB SHOE PRICES HAVE. who buys most of JB gear..lets face it…lower income and middle class ppl (kids, teens working at movie theaters, black culture -and yes im black, etc). So jb is about to cut all these people off the market for their shoes. theyre creating a price point that middleclass and average people cant afford anymore. which is most liekly their consumer base.

  • Almighty

    “sneaker culture”

    the fact that the idea/concept that these shoes are apart of our culture apart of out heritage allows nike/jordan to increase the price to whatever they want. you don’t want prices to be high, then don’t buy the shoes, that is ridiculous..i would never spend 200$ on shoes thts my limit.

  • Executive

    nike chargin $250 for lebrons and fools is paying it, then of coarse jordan brand gonna raise their prices. They would be stupid not to. Stop buying them and see the prices drop like a pawgs panties!

  • Lil wee wee mane

    With that whack ass quality?!?! Lebrons from here on out…..

  • Patta pappy

    People going in on the bron prices, but quality of them shizzz is vicious!!!!!

  • Patta pappy

    People going in on the bron prices, but quality of them shizzz is is actually good!!!!!

  • Banksy

    If you will pay over retail hours after the release to resellers, then wouldnt JB mark them up? Why can’t they get in on the new cash cow?

  • Jeron

    Hate to say I told y’all so but I said this was going to happen last summer. I know a someone who works for JB who told me this was coming. I told everyone on this site about and people said I was crazy. The test shoe for the increase was the Concord 11’s. If the shoe had troubles selling out the prices would have remained the same. I suggested a boycott for that release. Instead everyone stupidity ignored my suggestion and started camping out. The sneaker sold out and garnered lots of media attention. Nike then knew no matter the price we would pay. I hope everyone is happy with this outcome. Just think all’s u had to do was boycott one dang sneaker. Here’s my latest suggestion people. We are going to have to boycott several of these releases that they already have penciled in as sold out. Basically every thing from November through January then Nike will see what’s up.

  • ValleyGown916

    Yup. but the thing is though real sneakerheads like us can stop buying to make Nike and JB to drop prices and increase qualities. Its those ignorant youngsters that will keep Jordan afloat and keep the prices rising.
    I will really slow down my Nike/JB shoe consumption down this year. i’m just gonna save money and collect 2000 and below J’s. That’s a true sneakerhead

  • Jawrduhn

    Despite the rise in prices, I doubt we’ll see a change in spending habits from the majority. There will always be a clientele that JB will connect with and no matter what the price is, they will still fly off the shelves quick. Not really a surprise but on the other hand, sucks for those who are into Js as this may just be a sign of what is coming.

  • sek

    ill stick to nike running shoes and looking for older wearable models. im gonna search for a cdp or a wearable 99 pair of the iv. the retail is ridiculous and the xi smh they gonna be going for $400 in mom and pop stores and $600 by resellers smh for that ill buy ogs! i have the cdp and 01 retro im good. RIP JB i know some idiots will still purchase them and kids and adults will line up smh

  • roscoe jenkins

    Fuck JB X Nike!!!!!!!!!!

  • what????

    man this is stupid. i can almost guarantee they will raise the price and keep the same quality and amount of kick will b sold smh… its sad really jordan brand is just trying to max out till they don’t sell out for big kicks. ima have to quite this sneaker game soon…

  • CaseKicks

    Like it aint bad enough that Nike can’t get the shape, color, technology, or quality right on their retros..Now they have the nerve to charge even more because they give people a new box to put their shoes in?..This is why after 25 years of “being into shoes” that Im selling my stuff and giving Nike a big middle finger..If Reebok would just retro the good stuff in their back catalog I’d be done with Nike for good..You should be ashamed of yourself Nike for being such irresponsible, greedy, bastards..

  • P.A’s Finest

    I’ve been venturing to other brands, JB has lost their damn mind. I have a good job but I’m not about to pay for a shoe that used to cost 125 (ei. OG Space Jams) but now is 200 with cheap a** quality and having to camp out for days an fight fake sneakerheads and resellers. All the while they give celebrities and rappers who have all the money in the world the shoes for free!!! Hell to the naw, you’ve lost me JB. Peeaace oouuut (Smokey voice)

  • Science120

    The best part of it all is that they are making these kicks in sweatshops for around $6 per unit. Im done with jordans! (after I cop the cavs 4’s this saturday!).

  • JB


  • bc

    Bush ran up $4 trillion of debt in 8 years (which was bad enough), but Obama has run up $5 trillion in a little over 3. Get your facts straight people.

  • Justin

    For that much they better look like the Two pictures right above

  • dotsupreme

    why is obama being dragged into this not a fan but cmon get outta here with all that^

  • snkrcritique

    Not buying into any of there junk no more period I’d rather buy a used pair off somebody for the same price shoot my friend copped some ’99 bred 4’s with toe box creasing, missing Nike Air letters for $85 and they’re still wearable made them CDP IV’s he has look like garbage I’m still tripping how one of the straps has a glossy finish and the other a matte one it’s stupid so they can keep them and the Bred 11’s shoot I don’t even want the Olympic 6’s no more only pair from this year I might get is Doernbecher 5’s if it’s not too much trouble

  • Jeron

    Good Job pushing away your fan base Nike. This is greed at its finest. I don’t care what technology went into a shoe or how good the materials are. Rape is rape. I’m not helping y’all line your pockets anymore. Americans ain’t gonna stand for this crap. Take your price hikes over sea’s and let China and Japan come out there pockets. Nike isn’t loyal to Americans so why should Americans be loyal to Nike? Hello Reebok, Addidas and anything not affiliated with Nike.

    Now I know why Jordan wasn’t more hands on with the Bobcats. He was to busy counting all his f@#k!n money. Then he takes a dip in his money bin. F@#k Scrooge McJordan.

  • Boi_Wonder

    Man these fools over at Jordan brand must be expecting everyone to chip in to pay the bobcats salary when they buy sneakers. When i am getting 20 more dollars on my paycheck i MIGHT buy some over priced shoes that will be poor quality but for now they wont be getting my money (i like the sixers better anyway)

  • Weezy23

    Wow, im a bit shocked at all the madness of a price mark up when its not anything new. Foams went up to $220 still sold out, jordan 4’s up to $160 still sold out and we could go on and on. The problem is people keep buying the product and in all honesty its not gonna stop. I have personally slowed way down on Jordans i even had a chance to copp the low top 11s at a local sneaker shop today and the cheap look was an easy pass. While my list gets shorter for kicks i wanna copp i still have a short list so i cant really complain if im still coppin. I will admit the shoe game is not really fun anymore and after about 7 more pair i will officially bow out so until then ill silently complain but continue to add to thier greedy ass pockets! Great job GROC LOVE THIS POST! Hope this opens some eyes to some real sneakerheads!

  • aSh

    LMAO…… Yeah glad I’m done too…. Big mistake JB…. especially with all the primo tech sneaks that Nike, Adidas and even Reebok (Questions look damn near OG in quality) are dropping…. Granted they will still sell out but glad I got almost all the jays vie wanted before this happened…

  • Gee

    Aslong as people are willing to pay double, tripple or even more to resellers they have no right to complain about price increases. The brand isn’t blind, they see that happening so they respond cause the consumer is creating that market. If you want prices to drop then first you gotta stop feeding the resellers, the people who refuse to pay those insane reselling prices, like me are the losers in all this but people created this beast themselfs.

  • Looks like my Sneaker Era has come to an END. I will NOT be purchasing the Jordan IV or the BRED Jordan XI. The IV for $180? Haha!! With its cracked midsole and paint chipping? Come on now. My time is up!

  • inluvwitkicks

    I wear gs so I’m not paying 200 but I’m still willing to boycott because this is madness. They have ppl camping out, fighting ,stealing & killing just to have the latest shoes. They raise prices but there not talkin about producing more pairs so everyone can have them.

  • duke

    i just wore my blk&red 11s today a my sister-in-law was like damm ur shoe r still brand new but i need that new fresh pair i just hope the hit more retailers cuz this shyt has gotten outta hand..200 is a cool price tho compare to 320 i dropped on my countdowns

  • Venom354

    @LA.2.The.Bay Agreed!!!!

  • Mater

    fcuk jb
    theres madd sh!t that hasnt been retroed yet they decide to retro these for the 3rd or 4th time -__-
    they just like releasing sh!t that they know will cause mass hysteria

  • Mater

    everyone here saying there done with jb but they dont gaf! these are still gonnna sell out

  • $MATT


  • Jeron

    Products inspired by the greediest athlete to play the game.

    Boycott this *****!

    Sneaker Heads unite!

  • SPINS6136

    Looks like, as a faithful and regular Jordan collector, wearer and lover since 1988 (first pair was the 3’s when I was just a youngin’) has come to it’s end.

    If it wasn’t for my boy working at FL and holding my concords for me, and using his discount, I wouldn’t even have swiped those.

    But even with his employee discount, the XI will now come to $140 AFTER the discount. That’s more than they retailed for when I was working at FL in college when they originally retro (2000-2001)

    To be honest, I only bought 3 pair TOTAL in 2011. The white/red XIII, the black/cement III and the concord XI.

    90% of my interest in the shoe game has died. And JB, you can’t blame this on “typical inflation”.

    Jordans became the legalized “crack” of the 2000’s. You gave us a taste when we were young. We got hooked. We sported it around our kids. Now they’re hooked. It became a sick addiction. Now people will pay anything, do anything, even resort to mobbin’ and rioting to actually get them.

    And the cycle continues.

    Nike…..Jordan Brand…….the biggest Cartel in American history!!!!!

  • Margin expansion efforts are part of business. It sucks for the consumer, but in Nike’s case it’s good for the shareholders since this won’t crush product demand. Instead of buying J’s, buy some NKE stock.

  • @Backroad – Tell em!

  • mafio

    $180 for some iVs is highway robbery. I guess its all about the black foams now.

  • matt

    Yeapp definitely not feeling em no more this can’t go on jb has flopped with this economy I’m going different now on just waiting on my Olympic 6s and fire red 4s and I won’t go for jays till the Columbias so I’m chukkin deuces to jays im not even gonna mention foams cuz i got my dark pines the one and only pair I need

  • AJking

    well you would almost expect the price for the 11s to increase because of the resale value, but for THOSE 4s, who gives a fuck


    Direct all complaints to this address:
    Nike World Headquarters
    One Bowerman Drive
    Beaverton, OR 97005
    1-503-671-6453, 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. PT, Monday through Friday (except holidays)


  • Executive

    Can’t yell rape if your bending over and letting them ram you! Put your big boy pants on an say fuc& that ish. Stop buying them keep your money in your pocket.

  • 23edge

    why is everyone giving up now? If you were in fact buying J’s like you said you have, then you would be spending $150 or more on sneakers a month. WTF.. someone spending that much on sneakers shouldn’t be complaining about $50 on a grail sneaker. I don`t give a F, if they cost $300… whats worse for me is the rest of the garbage JB releases, and their over production of that garbage. One pair of $200 grails > multiple pairs of trunners, phat 1, sonsofmars, melos, cp3, etc..

  • Tone

    First the FatBoys break up and now this…DOOMSDAY IS UPON US…SHOEGODS HELP US!!!

  • mafio

    @23edge Maybe for some OGs with Nike on the back, but $200 for some replica(yes, replica), IVs is insane. I don’t know how long you’ve been doing this, but if they’re your grails you should’ve BEEN had them, especially if you’re willing to drop that much.

    Alas, for everyone of us that has enough sense to say enough is enough, theres at least 6 D boys, hypebeast, sheep and new jacks out there that’ll drop the cash without question.

  • Howard

    wtf is this bull****………forget jordan brand…

  • Rashaad

    This is sad and mainly for the younger guys who’s parents still buy their kicks. It cost almost nothing to make those shoes and they’re charging that much for them. Now people will go broke buying them

  • Kicksboywonder

    The fact of the matter is….they’re still gonna sell out. I won’t be getting up early for them.

  • Gee

    NEWSFLASH: They had a change of heart, prices stay the same. Only the XI wil go $5 up

  • C Brown

    @G…SN is posting some different news….Hummmm…you gonna post a retraction?

  • Bware113

    at the end of this year I will be done with Jordan brand. At least the new releases. I cant deal with 2 price hikes a year. That’s crazy. I will cop both, but no more from that point on.

  • edizzle

    $160 was already pushing it…Jordan brand not taking my money anymore. b*tch punks

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    This is just sad… JB will continue to raise prices as long as people line up to buy them. (greedy bastards). If only sneakerheads would come together for 1 reason…BOYCOTT JORDAN (exclusive) releases. If they end up sitting on a bunch of shoes they will drop the price. Just look at the ugly colorways of jordans. They sit on shelves and the prices drop to get rid of them. FORCE THE ISSUE!!

  • Cotton

    I’m almost done with JB myself. Love the guy. I have respect for him as an African, but this is the reason for the price increase..

    In school (marketing), as some of us know, its supply and demand. The higher the demand, the lower the supply, and the higher the supply, the lower the demand. They go hand. Basically, expect less shipments of both shoes and the price increase. Either way, the quality will be not the same as previous years model.

    Guess, I’ll be rocking my air force ones again! But even they are up a few dollars. It’s a shame.

    The baby shoes though…. STRAIGHT TRASH PRICES!

    Someone mentioned investing in NIKE, better do it!

  • jmkucine

    Rape is such a bad word and it shouldn’t even be used in the sneaker game. No one is getting raped when they are buying the shoes at these prices. Don’t be mad at the seller but the guy who bought the Lebron 9 SB’s at $950 on flight club.

  • prince olie

    I been done with jordan brand

  • CITY

    man im glad i still have a DS 11-12 pack from 08 its crazy how times have changed since then

  • Alex

    Where can I buy them when the 4’s come out?

  • KEGER415


  • jdogg13

    Just like the first guy said I’m starting to lean away from Jordan cuz of the quality lowering and the fricken price emptying our fricken wallets. I’m done with JB.

  • jdogg13

    And cuz of hypebeasts, resellers, and non true sneaker heads that just want to be a sneaker head in 2012 just to fit in makes me furious cuz it’s hard to get the kicks I like

  • Jordan brand

    U guys r just broke cry babies ……if u had the money u would……. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR BEING BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesse

    On Craigslist in tx the retro 11s are going for 500 crazy ppl !