Confirmed: Air Jordan 4 Doernbecher

Today TSG can confirm the Air Jordan 4 DB. Yes, we said confirmed! Let the speculation and rumors end. The 2011 Doernbecher Jordan shoe is the Air Jordan 4. As you know, the Doernbecher Freestyle Air Jordan is designed by a child from the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, and the concept is always very creative. You’ll have to wait a little longer for photos to surface, so stay tuned to TSG for additional info.

Note: The above image is not the actual DB Air Jordan 4.

About Doernbecher Children’s Hospital:

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, an integral part of Oregon Health & Science University, is a world-class academic health center that cares for children from around the United States. Based in Portland, Ore., Doernbecher provides children from all corners of the country with outstanding cancer treatment, specialized neurology care, heart surgery with some of the best success rates in the nation, and care in many other specialties of pediatrics. These children receive considerable support from the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation, which helps the hospital foster valuable partnerships and provides financial assistance. Together, they improve the well-being of children… because every child deserves the best.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • DJ_ImperialD


  • Supa B

    Gonna wait to see what it is, but usually they are pretty decent, and being that i love the 4s, i’ll probably cop

  • MelloYelloMD

    i was about to say…all whites? havent we done this already? just the template i get it. CANT WAIT!

  • Add 3M, cement print, and clear sole.. i have a feeling the kids arent designing these anymore……

  • I ALWAYS support Doernbecher so I’m getting a pair just to support the cause.

  • @RAY! – They have assistance from designers that help the kids use the shoe as a canvas to express themselves.

  • I can’t wait to see what these look like. The last couple pairs have been pretty dope, so hopefully these will also nice.

  • G-Roc, do you know when a release date for these will be?

  • bware113

    The first pair of Doern’s I will buy. Consider these copped.

  • J Flo

    i always look forward to these its the one thing that i really congragulate JB on, deff will cop for the cause if the money is right

  • atgbryan

    still need the Doernbecher 3’s, may have to grab these too

  • AlSneaks

    I’m all for a great cause, but the 3z were HORRIBLE! hopefully the 4z are a better look….only time will tell.

  • DRock406

    Gotta cop!!

  • I havent liked a single DB release as far as what I would wear…I love what the shoe is about, so I would love to see something I would copp

  • @GROC – yeah i know they get assistance from designers, but based on the 3s i think the kids probably pick the colors lol i only say that bc based on other DB models the Jordan versions are just too farfetched for little children. Its a good cause, i chose to support TOMS.

  • greg23

    been savin my money for an ipad 2 then this gets confirmed dang.this should b hot..lucky i found this link tho….

  • Wow….another long night in the cold…..again. Hopefully the line up will be like last year at Lenox.

  • J Dizzle { Lou }

    Support the cause. Most likely, I won’t copp but I’ll still donate.

  • JOP

    This will be 2nd DB if they get it close to right… So far no other model has surpassed the VI’s…

  • I hope it’s pink with a bunch of penis’ all over the shoe. That’d be funny

  • The 3 is amazing. Can’t wait for the 4

  • aSh aka I Un-DSd your girlfriend….

    Yeah… I’m proly gonna cop not matter what these look like…. Have a feeling they’re gonna be dope tho

  • Great Googley Moogley! Hot Diggity Dog! Trick a Treat Smell My Feet! Nick Nack Paddy Whack! One Fish To Fish! Ooooooweeeeeeeee! Sign Me Up Boss!

  • New Skool

    its hard to mess up the 4’s. There’s nothing they could do design wise that would stop me 4rm copping. 3rd best J’s in my opinion.

  • ^^any shoe can be messed up……in fact it’s alot harder to accept a “classic” shoe being completely destroyed by bad color/material/theme choices when retro’d vice a shoe nobody cares about. A orange polka dot covered 4 with pink furry lining and checkerboard laces would make it into your closet?

    I hope whatever lucky kid gets to design these asks the kid who did the III’s for some creative help…..that kid KILLED IT.

  • That guy

    Id love to see them done in a dark denim

  • Knizzle30

    @that guy, your reading my mind. No lie, I had a dream that jb put on display jordans 1-23 in alternate summer materials like canvas 3’s & denim 4′ & 5’s. The 4’s had a dark blue denim was & lable on the tounge was like the leather label on the back of jeans with the jumpman & flight logo branded in to it. The side straps were leather like belt material.

  • You guys saying you’d cop em no matter what they look like are INSANE.

    Not hot is NOT HOT.

    All see-thru IV’s with booger green laces?
    All over print pictures of bad teeth with a gold tooth lacelock and used dental floss laces?
    Purple patent leather upper, yellow midsole, orange outsole, green air bag, shiny silver laces and red furry lining……YOU STILL COPPIN’ EM??

    If they suck, THEY SUCK, wether it’s a IV or not. God only knows what the guy/girl’s gonna wanna slap on a “shoe”……let’s hope they don’t make em too crazy….

  • Cant wait to see how they turn out. Hopefully they keep it simple.

  • RyTheShoeGuy

    They look exactly like the pure money’s, can anyone tell me the difference between them besides the name?

  • I really don’t like 4’s but I been supporting DB for the last 3 year now! “I must copp”. I hope nike town pass out bands this year.

  • John B.

    LMFAO @TokyoMike!! you’re a trip bro!! but you speak the truth…hopefully they will turn out very good, im anxious to see what the little fella has in store for them

  • aSh aka I Un-DSd your girlfriend….

    Aiight… Aiight TM… U have a very valid point….lol…. Buuuut so far no JB doernbecher has ever not been some what dope…

  • raiden95z

    i got from another website these are releasing in the holidays of 2011 so im guessing that means between halloween and new years.

  • dmy

    i wish these were easier to get. i wouldn’t mind paying more for jordans, especially when 100% ( i hear) of the proceeds is donated to the hosipital. don’t even care that ‘nike air’ isn’t on the heel.