Air Jordan 4 2012 Retro “Bred” – Official Images

We honestly don’t need any type of official images of this much anticipated Air Jordan model to assure us that these will be a quick sell out. In case you might need some reassurance, here are the official images of the Air Jordan 4 2012 Retro Black/Cement aka “Bred”. Good luck to everyone that is going to try to cop. Get ready because it’ll hit JB retailers on November 23rd. The retail price is set at $160.

As always, feel free to let us know in the comment section below if this classic Air Jordan 4 colorway is a definite cop or pass for you?

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    oh yea give me 2. The grey on these is what makes them stand out so good.

  • Woo! I need two purr!

  • 23edge

    I wish the jumpman on the tongue wore a mini jersey

  • Patrick CoKane

    Anybody in NWI area dont even bother going to River Oaks mall. I just came back and they said they have given away all the damn tickets. I walked out that mug mad as hell. But whatever man JB getting whack as f*&%

  • Executive

    Was at the mall today and saw my lil cousin and looked at his feet and he had these on, Bawse! Also saw them in the store and their not bad.

  • Mr. Spiffy


  • JBYRD23


  • DUKE

    i have a hot spot that just opened by my house and its hella low key got my lil sis sum pink foamz at 11a.m no line no campin.

  • Idudditz420

    All the sneaker spots here doing FCFS ain’t gotta worry bout a raffle….Guess they realize its always the same sneaker heads inline 4 the J launches. Stroke of luck today hopped on an hour after the foames launched. Thanks to them being backed up processing orders, was able to cop a 10.5@retail looking good on copping all the kicks on my wish list. Hurry up Dec so I can snagged the Breds & Thunders!!

  • omar najeeb

    I went all yr talkn mdsht bout not getn deez. Sh-t, I was ly’n to dem pple as well as m’self. It’s on! Cold, crush!

  • Idudditz420


  • imhiphop11

    I just ordered my pair from crooked tongues. Them joints are mean!!!!!!

  • freshprince

    picking my pair up tomorrow..cant wait. next up playoff xi and mostly likely kbviii xmas day and i am done!

  • AJ head

    Japan is alreadey noon of 23rd.
    I got 2 pairs with no problem.
    Some of you if you are plannning to travel Japan this holiday,
    then you should try visit retailers.
    I dont guarantee but you have chance to find BC4s.

  • nish

    yo @imhiphop11 word to going to crooked tongues, got mine there as well…

  • seVIIn

    Haven’t been on here in a minute. These were a must! One to rock one to stock, also copped a pair of raptors my dmps might need to get retired soon

  • I got a pair from sports zone this morning. I usually don’t complain about JB quality but mine had loose stitching on the front, dried glue smear on the side pod, what looks like a rubber eraser burn on the out side of the left shoe. I got early pairs of bred 4’s this summer that were flawless, this pair I got from a retail store should never have made it to retail.

  • omar najeeb stop complaing. That’s what u get for being greedy. 1 to roc, 1 to stoc? Yeah, hav a car accident-filthy reseller!!!

  • Robzrx7

    One to rock two to stock… Unless someone want some 12 and 12.5?

  • T-RiChe$$

    COP!!! tf’