Air Jordan 4 “Oreo” Retro Confirmed For 2015


Is this what you’ve been waiting for? Today TSG is able to confirm the return of the Air Jordan 4 “Oreo” in 2015. This Jordan originally released in 1999 and hasn’t seen a retro since. Many consider this to be a fan favorite when it comes to the 4th model of the Air Jordan series. No exact release date has been set, but we were able to snap a picture to show you a full look of the Air Jordan 4 “Oreo” set to hit shelves in 2015. Yes folks that leather is looking mighty beautiful. Sign me up! Stick with TSG for more updates on the Air Jordan 4 “Oreo.”

Note: This is a sample.

Let us know in the comments below if you are excited for the return of the Air Jordan 4 “Oreo” in 2015.


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  • Executive

    Hand on chest like red Foxx!!!

  • Executive

    Laaaaaawwwd! (Down south colla green eating a$$ preacher voice)

  • sldshawn

    Now this is a nice retro! Sign me up!!

  • omar najeeb

    Lol^. Yeah sumn like that.
    These are welcomed.

  • SneakGeek

    3 pairs minimum

  • ^^ lmaoo. It’s a clean colorway, not gonna lie im not BEASTING over em.. def clean on feet for a everyday shoe.

  • I already have but might get another…

  • .

    nahhh man please do not retro this. these are a classic that should stay untouched since JB going to use some wack leather or it’s going to be hella limited

  • Thatsmessedup

    Just give us the lightnings. Stop with the appetizers

  • rain

    Joints is hot and I don’t even mess with retro’s.

  • gurf

    That leather tho.

  • sirfresh

    Love it but the quality is going to be the big thing for me…


  • The Hypemachine

    Leather looking so BOSSY!!!!

  • Lem

    They look pretty swell!

  • Sek

    Zzzzz. A colorway that sat back in 99-00 on clearnece now everyone wants em smh.

  • Sek said it right.

    But I had them then and I want them again now.

  • NOW this is what im talking about. lets do this. here come the hypebeasts but on this one I have a little hypebeast in me and im in line with the tent.

  • Romo

    A shoe that will age better over time… I will have them!

  • Size 10 please

  • gotta have em. I still got mine from “04