Air Jordan 5 2013 Retro OG Packaging

We heard it through the Grape 5’s that a few OG colorways will make it back in 2013. It also looks like the sneakers will be complemented with an OG box similar to the AJ3 and AJ4 releases. That is where the comparison stops. The packaging of the Air Jordan 5 2013 Retro will not have a pop top box, but instead it’s attached to the box. The box is also draped with a cement print along with labels that features a retro style font.

Expect the Air Jordan 5 2013 Retro’s to release in this packaging. Let us know in the comment section below if the packaging makes a difference on whether or not to buy.

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Images: TCC

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  • I like it

  • goldchains

    i get exited when I see more and more news of shoes that I always wanted come out…but 80% of the time I don’t purchase them due to quality issues…it just does not seem fair to pay 160+ tax for poorly made shoes.. and then when they make them right the price gets raised because its PREMIUM 🙁

  • JBYRD23

    Fire! I been wanting this shoe for a long time.

  • Flagrant

    I love these, i just hope made well, cause the last few releases i.e. mostly 3’s are made so much wider with newer releases!

  • Executive

    Still on the fence withe these, that OG box is a nice touch though.

  • Executive

    Just heard resellers are charging an extra 150 bucks to their already retarded prices cause of the OG box!! Lol.

  • va

    mhhm coppin already.. grapes too.. but now the og box.. i might have to get all the 5’s this year

  • Shoe String

    You already know we were going to get yhe OG inspired box. The trend will continue on with the 6’s and so on. The 1’s are starting to get the treatment starting with the Banned and the Dave Whites. Just wish the 2’s got the treatment before JB released the 3’s. Maybe backtrack a little bit and release a 2 standard height and a couple of lows. Would love to see the white/pink joints again & white/red/black. All in a OG Box. Just a few 2’s JB just a few.

  • Eck2fly

    Hell Yeah! these drop around my bday…i was onna cop reguardless…. but the packaging is selling me on a double up

  • sneakercritique

    Wow just when I thought I was done with jb

  • Ben Dover

    The 5’s are going to be even more hyped up now. Hopefully I can get the grapes

  • omar najeeb

    Truism Flagrant. Wit the 3s, god forbid u gotta half sz upwit dem joints