Air Jordan 5 “Elephant Print” – Detailed Images


The Air Jordan 5 “Elephant Print” has been surrounded by differing opinions by many.

It has been a love/hate response from the readers as it seems that either someone really likes the sneaker or despises it. Where do you lie on that scale? Hopefully these images can help everyone choose a side on how they feel about the Air Jordan 5 in its full-on elephant print makeup.

Still no word on the release date other than this fall, but be sure to take a look at the full detailed images below.

air-jordan-5-cement-print-2 air-jordan-5-cement-print-3 air-jordan-5-cement-print-4 air-jordan-5-cement-print-5 air-jordan-5-cement-print-6 air-jordan-5-cement-print-7 air-jordan-5-cement-print-8 air-jordan-5-cement-print-9

Images: Sole-Up

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  • duke

    Now what am I suppose to do with these go play ball jungle.

  • freesosa

    JB can stick this shoe up each and every member of the team…

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^^Lol. Whoa, ez there. Not just yet! Yeah these are pure residue tho.

  • Chubby

    leather lined? wax laces?

    these will cost $200+… and I will pass, BUT I love these sneakers.

  • Executive aka NFG

    Wack as f uck!!

  • Dumb


  • SG

    Ha only thing I like about these is the leather sock liner.. Sad

  • Billion

    they would look way better if they left the elephant print off the netting

  • kikzaddikt

    ^^^^ this guy gets it.. other than that, WACKSAUCE!!

  • Kicks on Parade

    Throwing a premium tag on these ain’t gonna help sell them. Put premium materials everywhere you want on these it ain’t gonna help how they look. FYI I hate waxed laces and know others that do as well. I know people that like flushing money down a toilet will spend some loot on these and use the excuse I needed them to continue the collection. Collecting is dead with Retro Jordan’s get a clue.

  • i cant believe they are real. such poor taste

  • Jsoto109

    But damn …….. At least One person at jordan brand should be smart enough to realize how ugly these shoes are just NOT sell them but let’s see what happens honestly I’m thinking these things are a waste of space at any retailer shelf or back stock

  • SneakerFeature

    Whack, but I have a feeling they will be dope on foot

  • solebrotha52

    These are horrible. Easily the worst design or CW for a sneaker JB has EVER come up with. I mean full elephant print….really?

  • me

    i admire the effort but why would u overkill them like that. they coudlve made itin accents and made them 100X nicer

  • jordancrazy45

    tongue and netting should be black

  • omar najeeb

    A”love/hate response from readers”, huh? I’ont kno jawrduhn. Lol…joints looks kinda one-sided over here for the opposite-of-love side.

  • Executive aka NFG

    Only good thing about these pieces of trash is that if they crease you won’t see it.

  • 4DRUMZ


  • jojo

    I’m actually loving em. Ill be first in line and you can hate on it. The second “limited” drops the lines will flow. On top of that I guarantee at least one of you dissin now will cop. These are fire.

  • Edson

    Sadly they’ll still sell out

  • mike

    Fudgin gross. Coming from a Jordan Fan

  • dsnipedu

    So crazy and so dope ftw im coppin what I like…only a swag champ can pull these off!

  • omar najeeb

    Anybody diggin em can have at it. Do U! No need to secretly be hopin for approval by callin a dislike of a shoe “hatin”!

  • omar najeeb

    These still suck! Still pure residue!

  • SureYnot

    If you can pull them off its all good

  • edson

    copping then going out to eat at rainforest cafe, trip to the zoo and rent jumanji

  • Not feelin em all that much but it’s not even one of the wackest j’s i’ve seen. honestly surprised more of you don’t like em. Like some of yall said though, they’d be way better if they hadn’t put the print on the netting.

    Also if they had made the netting black they’d be arguably dope.

  • Guess Who?

    Is this that lil Wayne collab joint? Cuz it looks like something that you’d match up with some truckfit

  • anthony


  • anthony

    just too much