Air Jordan 5 Fall 2011 Preview

Today TSG gives you a first look at a Air Jordan 5 2011 release. In addition to the Cool Grey Air Jordan 5, Jordan Brand will also release this white/varsity red/obsidian colorway later on this year. Slated for a Fall 2011 launch.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • this is why I’m glad I have the 2006 Metallic Vs cos you KNOW they’re gonna do more goony shiz like this to F them up.

  • damn, they don’t look as terrible (w/ patent leather) as I thought they would.

    still would prefer natural leather tho, maybe even tumbled *shrug*

  • wow thats patent leather smfh why release them if your gonna ruin them & then what bothers me the most is that this is the OG colorway smfh c’mon JB!!

  • mrsouthernhospitality


    Happy for nothing

  • lakers33

    how come half the shoe is patent and the rest looks like regular leather? am I seeing wrong?

  • They look real nice!

  • Super Wack, jordan is killing these new colorway

  • @alsneaks

    I’m more interested in the top left corner. is that the back of a shoe or am I trippin? if so, what shoe?

  • not to pleased…its aight

  • G-roc, excuse my language, but some of y’all are some picky mother f*ckers.

  • @lakers33 – The upper is patent leather.

  • Johnny

    Some new stuff for the summer & fall also. . .

    -AJ Retro 3 Black/Light Graphite (new colorway)
    -AJ Retro 11 Low Black/Red
    -AJ Retro 11 Low Black/Silver/White
    -AJ Retro 5 White/Metallic Silver

    More info soon !

  • I’m not feelin the Patent leather. Easy pass.

  • atgbryan

    i like 5’s but no thanks

  • Im good

  • MisterMcfly23

    patent leather again, JB…imo, the only shoe patent leather should be a part of is the AJ11, nothing else…

  • rallycars

    alsneaks, that looks like an 11. I would say concord 11s, but I don’t think those have a black sole.

  • Smoove

    Gasp! Definite cop no doubt yo’

  • Gdawg

    JB!!! Big mistake

  • I guess I have to be the one that says it. I like em. Thanks johnny makes me feel better to know something I copped has less of a chance of being retroed

  • I will probably pass just cause I think that any shoe made completly of white patent looks homo!!!

  • Bware113

    Is that patent leather?? On just the back??
    *deep breath* WHHYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?

  • Royal Swagness (The Prince of TSG)

    Is this a new colorway because the pair I like are white/red/black instead of obidison.


    they look like the fire reds with patent leather…. smh

  • Brandan E.

    dont matter what these are, i still have my AJ V’s from ’99-00 with the Nike Air on the back. im good.

  • badass

    jb epic fail smfh!!!! no creativity

  • FLiP

    johnny always has the good info. good looks on that info. now i know what to look out for. I’m want to see the new 3s though.

  • Executive AKA K.O.T.T.

    I almost $hit a brick.

  • I really dislike 5s. Mainly in pictures they look 10x in person. But most pictures turn me away from them. But these are so hot. They remind me of an extremely limited pair of 1s I bought and sold that I most likely wont be able to get back. Throw some navy or red laces and these are a GO. SOOO dope.

  • Chaz

    I like em.

  • PilotDavila

    They lOok nice to me , and the majority of you retards will end up buying them based on hype alone and make them harder to get for me.. Dipsh!ts

  • I guess the buck fifty is stayin in my pocket.

  • rickyd

    fo real?!!

  • MelloYelloMD


  • lacemob

    I dnt car for the colorway but the 5 are my favorite ..n I want every colorway n to get dose graes dis spring

  • Everybody sayin no is more than likely gonna cop, count me out tho

  • BiG_AcE

    uglly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw wut happened to 6 o’clock news?

  • Robbjay

    @alsneaks those look like concords in the background.

  • Like I told other people, had these been made out of nice, tumbled leather instead of patent, JB would’ve made people abandon other purchases to TRIPLE up on these.
    Hopefully that sample pair changes and they decide to be SMART for a change and just go with regular leather, because like this, hell no…..they look like those hard ass white newborn baby shoes.

  • chris-rewynd

    no 6 o’clock news G-roc??

  • Co-sign with T.M if these were full grain or tumbled leather they would be CRACK!!! WHITE PATENT=F*CKIN HOMO!!!!

  • Evan

    stop the shit jb and just release the og colorway

  • e-man

    Love the first all cool grey retro V colorway coming out along with the patent leather now….now. What the hell is JB doing? hopefully somebody gets fired there

  • BeAsTmOdE23


  • Uhmmm… yeah… that’s a big NO!

  • peer

    just stop jb, stop!

  • supper j

    they shoulda kept it og.. but ima still copp just cause tere a v and i have none in my colection

  • aSh

    Ku pair of beaters!!!! I like em….

  • M-17

    I’m coppin these, a little patent leather isn’t gonna kill me.

  • These are alright! Yeah would be better with the reg leather but not like your guys pants won’t cover up that patent in the back unless you rock those tight skinnys hahahaha

  • BIG D O

    i’ll probably cop….but i won’t shell out any outrageous loot…i don’t cop J’s for $180 anymore…

  • micjordann

    JB needs some REAL help with fresh ideas. This 5 reminds me of the AJF5. Almost the same colors and that patent leather. JB patent leather doesnt look good on everything. Leave that look for the 11’s. Im out.

  • Keech

    I know JB has to change some things so the OG dont go down in value (that is why they are making changes to the shoe right??) but why do they have to use Patent leather…..why couldnt they just changed the red from infra to varsity or something…but not patent leather! Thats why i didnt cop those AJ V released like two years back bcos it was all patent leather.

  • Orinair

    Omgg hopefully they ran out of ideas m start making 3,4,5,n6 with Nike air on the bCk!! Haha in my damn dreams:( smfh!!

  • fresh

    BLack/red low top xi’s???????????

    im getting 5 pair no re sale

  • ant

    white patent plastic is super dooper doo doo.

  • DaHero1017

    Damn that’s messed up, JB going to butcher the v now too. More money in my pocket.

  • TorontoSneakerHead

    I wish I had more hands, So I could give these sneakers 4 THUMBS DOWN!!!

  • Trey

    PATENT LEATHER killed these 🙁

  • JumpmanE

    its not a retro cw. that’s navy inner. stop b!tching.

  • Jarvo

    The kiddies gonna eat these up, But me I’ll pass.

  • Desp1

    I think they look ok, i mean they are def no where near as good looking as an og pair but these bring something different to the table. Jb is always going to do something new to an existing model to make it interesting they cant just always release og colorways. I think they would be dope as an everyday sneaker i will most likely buy a pair.

  • Miloso

    Defintiley will be copped. They look like the cdp 5s and been trying to find those for a good price. The patent leather doesnt bother me, its not a big difference.

  • if you cop this shoe for the sole reason that its a ajV then you’re n idiot. for one the cool grey ajV looks a hell of a lot better than this joint. and secondly its only a matter of time before the OG V’s get retroed again. why not wait and spend your money on way better shoes?

  • Solefix

    Those are aj11’s in that chair, i wonder wat the whole shoe look like? As for these, if tumbled leather were applied to these then they would’ve been a go…patent on aj V’s is a no go

  • Jerronimo

    WTF is up with the patent leather on everything JB? ..and yes I am picky about what I buy. You should be too… why wouldn’t you be?

  • BeAsTmOdE23

    HAHAHA wow i bet alot of u gnna be sayin u like em after u see better pics bt still i think them cool grey Vs look better than these

  • airjrz23

    GOD these arent in any form an og colorway
    wtf is everyone saying there messing up and og its a whole new color way
    funny ppl hate on these but buy and shell out 175 for crappy cool greys
    and stand in lines for all red ugly 3s pfft

  • WhoCares

    Cop’d…easy money!

  • Suarez916

    These are so ugly. Ugh If jordan need put a stop on these. Lol whats the material on these.

  • lo$w@rd g

    I aint been on here in a min! But theses hoes live to,im copin all 5s 7s nd concords!