Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” 2013 Retro

Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013These Air Jordan’s spit hot fiyah.

Yes. Another classic Air Jordan colorway has plans to release in a few months. If you’re still on the fence, then take a look at some of these detailed images to help make a decision. There’s not much to say expect little to no changes have been made.

Mark your calendars because the Air Jordan 5 Fire Red will hit select retailers on August 31st. Enjoy the detailed images below. Images: SA

Air Jordan 5
White/Fire Red-Black

Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-4 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-2 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-3 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-5 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-7 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-11 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-8 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-6 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-9 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-10

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  • 23edge

    Hey yo, where da 3M at yo? These look like fakes

  • SG

    3M??? I don’t remember these having 3M on them. Just saying

  • G-Phi 2K6

    @SG I think he was being sarcastic…

    I’m happy with my 2K6 pair. A little yellowing but still fresh. I think the tongue is thicker on the 2K6 pair also. Y’all have fun. In my opinion, these are the best fire red J’s of all time.

  • AirJizm13

    @23edge there was never 3m on these, what looks fake about em?

  • 281SnkrFiend

    been waiting on these…

  • KP

    Yep, these are on my must cop list

  • DeathOverDesigner

    @G-Phi2k6 I agree, these are definitely the best fire red j’s

  • Heat

    Can’t wait!!

  • SneakerWatcher

    nice, like the 23 on the side too

  • kikzaddikt

    they’re gonna make these limited i bet… smhh, but definitely are heat, instacop!! and when TF was there ever 3m on these?? wtf??

  • omar najeeb

    Hope to get my hands on a pair. Copped the joints that dropped in january
    Still checkin.for these, tho. Have at da kid!

  • omar najeeb

    Best fire red aj’s ever?….Maybe. Eh, pro’ly so

  • I think these are wack.

  • Damoiseau L’Xé

    It seems that the true fire red ! The black- “fire red” 5’s (released in january) features a varsity red…

  • antonio

    about time these come back out because my 06 pair is very beat now