Air Jordan 5 “Fire Red” 2013 Retro

May 29, 2013 | 15

Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013These Air Jordan’s spit hot fiyah.

Yes. Another classic Air Jordan colorway has plans to release in a few months. If you’re still on the fence, then take a look at some of these detailed images to help make a decision. There’s not much to say expect little to no changes have been made.

Mark your calendars because the Air Jordan 5 Fire Red will hit select retailers on August 31st. Enjoy the detailed images below. Images: SA

Air Jordan 5
White/Fire Red-Black

Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-4 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-2 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-3 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-5 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-7 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-11 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-8 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-6 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-9 Air-Jordan-5-Fire-Red-2013-10

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Comments (15)

  1. 23edge

    Hey yo, where da 3M at yo? These look like fakes

  2. SG

    3M??? I don’t remember these having 3M on them. Just saying

  3. G-Phi 2K6

    @SG I think he was being sarcastic…

    I’m happy with my 2K6 pair. A little yellowing but still fresh. I think the tongue is thicker on the 2K6 pair also. Y’all have fun. In my opinion, these are the best fire red J’s of all time.

  4. AirJizm13

    @23edge there was never 3m on these, what looks fake about em?

  5. 281SnkrFiend

    been waiting on these…

  6. KP

    Yep, these are on my must cop list

  7. DeathOverDesigner

    @G-Phi2k6 I agree, these are definitely the best fire red j’s

  8. Heat

    Can’t wait!!

  9. SneakerWatcher

    nice, like the 23 on the side too

  10. kikzaddikt

    they’re gonna make these limited i bet… smhh, but definitely are heat, instacop!! and when TF was there ever 3m on these?? wtf??

  11. omar najeeb

    Hope to get my hands on a pair. Copped the joints that dropped in january
    Still checkin.for these, tho. Have at da kid!

  12. omar najeeb

    Best fire red aj’s ever?….Maybe. Eh, pro’ly so

  13. Damoiseau L'Xé

    It seems that the true fire red ! The black- “fire red” 5′s (released in january) features a varsity red…

  14. antonio

    about time these come back out because my 06 pair is very beat now

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