Air Jordan 5 “Grape” 2013 Retro – Detailed Look

Air-Jordan-5-GrapeThis year marks the return of a few classic Air Jordan including the classic AJ5 “Grape” colorway. The 2013 Retro went through little to no changes at all. It’s still constructed entirely out of smooth white leather and will keep the same color blocking as the original.

It looks like everyone can join in because it’ll come in a full family size run as well. Mark your calendars because the Air Jordan 5 “Grape” 2013 Retro has a release date on May 4th.

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Air Jordan Retro 5
136027-108 White/New Emerald-Grape-Ice Blue
$160.00 – Mens
$115.00 – Gradeschool
$75.00 – Preschool
$55.00 – Toddler
$45.00 – Infant

Air-Jordan-5-Grape-2013 Air-Jordan-5-Grape-2 Air-Jordan-5-Grape-4 Air-Jordan-5-Grape-3 Air-Jordan-5-Grape-5 Air-Jordan-5-Grape-7 Air-Jordan-5-Grape-6 Air-Jordan-V-Grape

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  • They look good. The tongue on all the 5’s now is too long and skinny but it is wat it is. I will defin be coppin early

  • godivine

    easy cop, 1love

  • MelloYelloMD

    IN! Double up #nomase

  • SoleAmbition23

    One of my favorite J’s of all time! Definitely copping

  • JB

    May 4th?? Can’t wait!

  • Mars Blackmon

    I still have my pair from 2006 and they’re still holding up. I wont be getting the 2013 retro

  • AceofJ’s

    Calendar marked!

  • face

    Does anybody knw if is a authentic shoe retailer??

  • Lem

    ^^^^@Face. DrJays is an authentic shoe seller.

  • Executive

    Grapes on my feet while my bitch feed me grapes.

  • edson

    If I’m not fired by then.. Will cop

  • aSh

    @bxsneakerhead I feel you on that… feel like since the toro pack all the tongues have been different from past V’s… it is what it is…

    @Executive bro I like the way you think!!! lol

  • AJ head

    Point out differences from previous retro means nothing.
    You cop or pass thats all.
    I cant understand kids nowadays try to find something to complain.

  • Lem

    The tongue is not a puffy as the past ’06 release and the leather quality is about the same as the Fire Red V’s in case anyone was wondering. I have the 2013’s already and they aren’t bad. I’ve only worn them once though. Great shoe.

  • omar najeeb

    @Lem…how da hell u do that.
    Fill…! Lol.
    Word-bond tho, grapes are a def-cop. Let’s get ’em!

  • omar najeeb

    @face….what lem said. Dr.jays is good to go. Check em out. Salute

  • Lem

    @Omar….friend of mine stationed overseas hooked me up! I got connects all over the world baby! LOL! Nah man she just happened to find a pair in my size and let me know about them. Its really just dumb luck. But I’m glad I don’t have to worry about the shenanigans that will undoubtedly follow the release of this shoe.

  • omar najeeb

    @lem….word-bond. Say that!

  • They changed the lacelocks. My 2006’s have red ones.


  • atleast they took off those stupid red lace locks. might cop early just to avoid all the bulls hit.

  • Me and Jennifer bouta get eeeemmmm’

  • T-rah

    My friend told me Jordan isn’t doing a camp out for these and wouldn’t tell me how to get em when they come out so is that true and if it is how do I get em