Air Jordan 6 – 2010 Preview (Part 2)

Air Jordan 6 – 2010 Preview (Part 2)


Air Jordan 6 Black

The Air Jordan 6 will release in several colorways next year including OG inspired color-ups. A few images of Air Jordan 6 2010 releases have already been leaked, and today we’ll contribute to the JB Summer 2010 leakage by giving you a first look at another Air Jordan 6 retro. This version features a black base, icy sole, and is topped off with contrast stitching. Jordan freaks will have a shot at owning a pair when they release Summer 2010. Ticket price, $150.

  • Jamie from Philly

    I know the True Flights are based on the VII’s, but these remind me of those. No care.

  • TokyoMike

    jesusg23 I’m working on it as we speak…….

  • Air Jedi

    This Just look like my DMP6 so a eassy pass for me…but nice and fresh…im getting the Piston instead…love the patern on them…some thing diferent and modern…



  • Jayo41612

    they nice i’ll cop

  • biggsby the sneaker dude

    Love 6s, but I’m hatin’ contrast stitching because thats the first thing bootleggers do is go crazy with the stitching on knock-offs.

  • Shawti P

    yo i’m gon be broke as hell in 2010 buying these 6s. but i will be fresh…FIRE!!!!

  • Spradley

    yaay. they took the speckles off

  • Spradley

    i have a feelinin theyre gonna treat the 6s like the 1s

  • jmaine

    these are ugly

  • Shawti P

    Lets stop this treat the 6s like the 1s talk. Some of y’all may be too young to remember when the 5s retroed in about 10 colorways, so did the 4s…out of those retros came some classic heat…i love the 6s, they may be the best air jordan style (imo)..i’m not knocking anyones opinion just sharing mine

  • zane

    theese are fye!!! they look like good quality…forget those varsity red trashes!!!

  • Scootyluvs6s

    I LOVE VI’s…it’s my name. But I’ll pass on these.

  • DG

    like em but i want black and red

  • jesusg23

    to tokyomike
    sweeet i enjoy your stories with all that funny commentary u throw in there as well.



  • Blue Cheese


  • Jay “Old Peachtree”

    ^^yeah that.

  • Losward g

    Ya baby moma faveroite jordan head is back!!

  • Nigel_Wan_Kenobi


  • dorian

    If the stitching was just white,these could be classics

  • 4DRUMZ

    Yup… better without the speckle! I actually like the contrast stitching! Yes, yellow on these would be fire… especially being a Steelers fan! So far this is my pick-up over the varsity reds and the throw-up Pistons CW..

  • Gregs


  • DMVsneakerdude

    Don’t like the contrast stitching. If they were all blacked out and had the icy sole then it would be a no brainer to cop.

  • atgbryan

    probly will cop and some of the other 6’s

  • ChampsAM504

    Im estatic about the retro releases for 2010, one bc my store will have lots of buisness and then again im not happy cause i wear a size 7Y and i dont think they will be a GS release :[

    but if not a size 8 will be copped with my discount!!!

  • seVIIn

    im feelin these but, the only thing got me kindy iffy is the purple n yellow, dont like the lakers, all together pretty straight shoe

  • mr j

    ill get the other IVs first and if i got money left over ill consider these

  • Jay Boi

    the best way to do it dose of who want da shoe but hate da stitching is get em n dye da stitching all black n don worry bout da lacelocks up dur.

  • savage

    i wouldnt get theese they are ugly infareds are way better

  • SneakerFreaker

    shoes are kool , stiching needs to be changed a.s.a.p

  • J crack

    Copping these I think better looking than the Oreos 6