Air Jordan 6/7 Gold Medal Pack – First Look

Air Jordan 6/7 Gold Medal Pack – First Look


Here’s a first look at the Air Jordan 6 7 Gold Medal Pack. TSG confirmed the August 18 release date last Friday. The Air Jordan Gold Medal Pack is a nod to the 2012 Olympics. Jordan Brand created a pack that consists of the Air Jordan 6 Retro in White/Gym Red-Metallic Gold-Sail and the Air Jordan 7 Retro in Black/Metallic Gold-Sail. The pack will retail for $350, and the Air Jordan 7 will be available in kids sizes on August 18. Enjoy the first look, and stay tuned for more updates. Special thanks to Neighorbeast and Premium Pete.

Air Jordan 6/7 Gold Medal Pack – $350

Air Jordan 7 Retro Gold Medal
Black/Metallic Gold-Sail
(GS) – $110
(PS) – $70
(TD) – $50
(GP) – $42

  • sal

    Are those the 4’s in the back?

  • Anthony

    Yo i didnt think i would want this package but now that some pics have come out i might have to reconsider

  • gotjordans?

    Oooohhhh…., can’t wait, and where’s the box? 😀

  • addicted2js

    wow these look way better now. i really might have to get these. both look real smooth. should i get the pack or buy the regular olympic 6 and 7 ???

  • mestizokidd23

    im def getting the og colorways of the olys this summer and if my cash is right ill get the pack if not split it and i wont be mad if i get the og oly colorway 6/7 and miss the gold pack the og colorway worth way more to me

  • coair5

    6s All Day!!!!

  • Rlnhrd276

    The 6 looked better in the sketch with more gold these just look like the infrared with a bit of gold

  • merlotdowndirtyshame

    they hot.

  • merlotdowndirtyshame

    real heat!

  • merlotdowndirtyshame


  • merlotdowndirtyshame


  • need_more_kicks

    I didn’t want this pack at first…but my how things change…JB is killin me this year…but its all worth it in the end!!!

  • Odd Future x Jets

    7s, 7’s, 7’s, 7’s, 7’s, 7’s

  • B-Locks

    Dang… I liked the illustration of the 6’s better because they had the light gold shading on the ankle area and also the heel loop was gold.

  • Ray.

    Definitely want this pack. Not for $350 but I want it tho

  • Bppdizzle


  • Chevy Boy

    @ icysoleJs…actually, I still want to split the pack. The VII’s are nice, but I just want the VI’s. Anyone willing to split with me, get at me…sz 9.5-10.

  • Atxsneakerhead

    I’ma be killing it with those olymp 6 & 7 on my feet this summer, and end it with the 6/7 gold pack!! Can’t wait :)

  • Joffy

    The red/wht 4’s come out in August too…tough decision

  • TheSneakerDude


  • Drayday

    There goes a stack. Entire family must have these.

  • RetroKid_23

    Dam these shoes are going to be hot!!!!
    I am most likely going to have to camp out for these…..

  • Shawty in them js

    Do anyone know if they are going to come in size 4.5 cuz i really want them

  • Anthony magana

    Hey anyone kniw where they gonna be selling them at?? I asked the people at footlocker and they aint gonna have them

  • LovelyJ’s

    The gold and black ones look way better than the white and gold ones & it out stands more. i’ll have to go with the Gold and black most deff…

  • Noah

    how much do u guys think this will be worth

  • Pablo Estrella

    Is footlocker getting these packs online ?

  • Celena

    Does anyone know where they would be selling just the 7s cause i dont want the pack and im a kids size, but footlocker was like NO you have to buy the whole pack -.- ?

  • Gee

    So the 6’s won’t be available in kids size!?

  • kajmir soleaddiction

    Gota have the 7s man

  • yessmin

    How do can i get a hold of the 6 and 7 gold moments? in size 4.5!! I’ve tred ckecking every shoe storez there s but they sold out! so where can i get them?? plzz