Air Jordan 6/7 Gold Medal Pack – First Look

Here’s a first look at the Air Jordan 6 7 Gold Medal Pack. TSG confirmed the August 18 release date last Friday. The Air Jordan Gold Medal Pack is a nod to the 2012 Olympics. Jordan Brand created a pack that consists of the Air Jordan 6 Retro in White/Gym Red-Metallic Gold-Sail and the Air Jordan 7 Retro in Black/Metallic Gold-Sail. The pack will retail for $350, and the Air Jordan 7 will be available in kids sizes on August 18. Enjoy the first look, and stay tuned for more updates. Special thanks to Neighorbeast and Premium Pete.

Air Jordan 6/7 Gold Medal Pack – $350

Air Jordan 7 Retro Gold Medal
Black/Metallic Gold-Sail
(GS) – $110
(PS) – $70
(TD) – $50
(GP) – $42

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  • wow….looks better than I thought it would.

  • Eric

    Lovin the red Jordan logo on the gold white 6.

  • The Jordan 6 is soooooo nice. Overall, the pack is looking good.

  • whodi

    Looks nice, let’s get a better look at those fire red 4s tho

  • dj_imperiald

    feeling these

  • dj_imperiald

    maybe we will see Mr. Allen with one of the shoes on with they St. Pattys day uniforms this yr.

  • Torontocomeup


  • bdogg

    the vii look decent..i would go all suede or all leather..not mixture..looks like the first sample of the chams before it went all nubuck! lets hope he is all suede/nubuck and i will split with my boy! want the vii bad if jb messes up the charcoals!

  • pretty dope….

  • jay

    hmmm i like and thought they was going to look better then that.

  • YaY

    Not feeling this pack at all, but good luck to those that will copp.

  • John B.

    not bad…but as much as i like VII’s I don’t really care to have these…but those VI’s now…OH YEAH!

  • Gee

    6 looks super and that’s the only one i want, i hate these packs where you’re stuck with you’re not feeling

  • DM pack all over agin, I can’t wait!

  • Gee

    with one* that should be

  • ummmmm

    i bet these little 15-20yr old wannabe sneakerheads will do great at hyping these up like beast! then i bet all these sneaker forums are ganna finish the job with their hype by posting em over and over again until they release…SMH…kill the hype!

  • wadalex

    swag swag. the 6’s are the star of the show, but the 7’s are the robins to batman

  • definitely a GO!

  • Looks like leather and nubuck on the vii’s noice. I ain’t mad at this pack.

  • astro

    the nubuck ruinsthe 7s man. but the 6s are a must have

  • aSh

    Yeah not to bad… Quality looks good at least… Yeah I’m sick of retros and their lack of… After the grapes I’ll proy never buy another retro unless I need some beaters…. But at least all the “new stuff” comin out looks right… Can’t hate either…

  • Ok… Ok… look how smooth and luscious that part of the upper is compared to the larger panels! OH MY GOODNESS that better be the kind of on-point quality it looks like in this picture! 7’s>6’s but they are both really nice!

    Anyone wants to split (@ co$t) the pack I’d rather have the 7’s sz 11.5 so just tuck that away in your minds!

  • dotsupreme

    pretty dope from what i see but still 350 damn…

  • Yeyo87

    When people say kill the hype, why should they have to kill the hype? People are tired of shoes getting hyped up because they can’t get a pair due to the shoe game gaining more and more popular. So what, this is how i look at it, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it. And btw where not afraid of people who threatin saying **** the hype, and this and that. Thats just the way it is these days and your not going to change it by trying to have a colt of not buying the shoes because of the hype.

  • Executive

    Oh my goodness! ( man from coming to america voice)!

  • LG

    Just want the VI’s. not really feeling the 7’s, maybe some better pic will change my mind

  • Gee

    4DRUMZ… 11,5 here too, i want the 6’s so we can close that deal now! lol 😉


    I don’t like the red logo on the vi. And the vii would have been better all leather.IMO…

  • @4DRUMZ We wear the same size so I woudlnt mind doing it, if you were serious..lls

  • sneakercritique

    I’m liking 6’s more but I doubt I’ll get the pack for them alone but the quality looks outstanding good luck to those who want them

  • Kicksboywonder

    Just give me the VI’s!

  • John B.

    4D I’d gladly take you up on that as well if the financial situation is correct at the time

  • Jawrduhn

    I actually like those 6’s… The world is changing…

  • icysoleJs

    I bet Chevy Boy ain’t splittin s@#*t now

  • Herb T

    No words needed

  • Nothing special at all imo. The 7 is corny but the 6 is nice. If i could split the pack i would get the 6. But again, nothing special.

  • atgbryan

    both are nice but id rather have those 4’s

  • Actually when i do the math on the money side of the issue this pack is wack. $350 with tax comes to about $380. When u split that up, thats basically charging $190 per sneaker. I dont think either sneaker is worth that price. If they released seperately i wonder how many people would pay $190 for either shoe???

  • serg252001

    Not bad but a gold jumpman on the 6 would be better

  • Joe

    Hell yea these are crazzy the gold on these joints are insane Jordan brand has taken it to another level on these ..Everything Olympic is copped

  • Cotton

    In shao khan voice…. “EXCELLENT” and “FLAWLESS VICTORY”

  • Cotton

    Even though I work at a shoe store, the AR will be on my shoulder Strap this day!

    Purely the best of this year.

    Sorry Columbia’

  • j.maze


  • dotsupreme

    all i know is its getting scary being a sneakerhead between resellers and the getting robbed factor pimpin aint easy

  • Cotton

    Dot supreme..

    Time to see who you real ride or die homies is!!

  • dotsupreme

    shit im front of the line

  • Dblack22

    Hmmm… Tuff. I’m feeln’ a lace flip on both of these.

  • nish

    man, makes me want to go out and get a gold watch to match! damn…

  • Mater

    ehh still not feelin these

  • Ben Dover

    Definite cop really feeling those VII’s. Hopefully I’ll be able to get this pack and the raptors, still sad about not being able to get the cements ;_;

  • sal

    Are those the 4’s in the back?

  • Anthony

    Yo i didnt think i would want this package but now that some pics have come out i might have to reconsider

  • gotjordans?

    Oooohhhh…., can’t wait, and where’s the box? 😀

  • addicted2js

    wow these look way better now. i really might have to get these. both look real smooth. should i get the pack or buy the regular olympic 6 and 7 ???

  • mestizokidd23

    im def getting the og colorways of the olys this summer and if my cash is right ill get the pack if not split it and i wont be mad if i get the og oly colorway 6/7 and miss the gold pack the og colorway worth way more to me

  • coair5

    6s All Day!!!!

  • Rlnhrd276

    The 6 looked better in the sketch with more gold these just look like the infrared with a bit of gold

  • they hot.

  • real heat!

  • cray!

  • nice

  • need_more_kicks

    I didn’t want this pack at first…but my how things change…JB is killin me this year…but its all worth it in the end!!!

  • 7s, 7’s, 7’s, 7’s, 7’s, 7’s

  • B-Locks

    Dang… I liked the illustration of the 6’s better because they had the light gold shading on the ankle area and also the heel loop was gold.

  • Ray.

    Definitely want this pack. Not for $350 but I want it tho

  • Bppdizzle


  • Chevy Boy

    @ icysoleJs…actually, I still want to split the pack. The VII’s are nice, but I just want the VI’s. Anyone willing to split with me, get at me…sz 9.5-10.

  • Atxsneakerhead

    I’ma be killing it with those olymp 6 & 7 on my feet this summer, and end it with the 6/7 gold pack!! Can’t wait 🙂

  • Joffy

    The red/wht 4’s come out in August too…tough decision

  • TheSneakerDude


  • Drayday

    There goes a stack. Entire family must have these.

  • RetroKid_23

    Dam these shoes are going to be hot!!!!
    I am most likely going to have to camp out for these…..

  • Shawty in them js

    Do anyone know if they are going to come in size 4.5 cuz i really want them

  • Anthony magana

    Hey anyone kniw where they gonna be selling them at?? I asked the people at footlocker and they aint gonna have them

  • LovelyJ’s

    The gold and black ones look way better than the white and gold ones & it out stands more. i’ll have to go with the Gold and black most deff…

  • Noah

    how much do u guys think this will be worth

  • Pablo Estrella

    Is footlocker getting these packs online ?

  • Does anyone know where they would be selling just the 7s cause i dont want the pack and im a kids size, but footlocker was like NO you have to buy the whole pack -.- ?

  • Gee

    So the 6’s won’t be available in kids size!?

  • kajmir soleaddiction

    Gota have the 7s man

  • yessmin

    How do can i get a hold of the 6 and 7 gold moments? in size 4.5!! I’ve tred ckecking every shoe storez there s but they sold out! so where can i get them?? plzz