Air Jordan 6/7 Gold Medal Pack – First Look

February 21, 2012 | 81

Here’s a first look at the Air Jordan 6 7 Gold Medal Pack. TSG confirmed the August 18 release date last Friday. The Air Jordan Gold Medal Pack is a nod to the 2012 Olympics. Jordan Brand created a pack that consists of the Air Jordan 6 Retro in White/Gym Red-Metallic Gold-Sail and the Air Jordan 7 Retro in Black/Metallic Gold-Sail. The pack will retail for $350, and the Air Jordan 7 will be available in kids sizes on August 18. Enjoy the first look, and stay tuned for more updates. Special thanks to Neighorbeast and Premium Pete.

Air Jordan 6/7 Gold Medal Pack – $350

Air Jordan 7 Retro Gold Medal
Black/Metallic Gold-Sail
(GS) – $110
(PS) – $70
(TD) – $50
(GP) – $42

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Comments (81)

  1. sal

    Are those the 4′s in the back?

  2. Anthony

    Yo i didnt think i would want this package but now that some pics have come out i might have to reconsider

  3. gotjordans?

    Oooohhhh…., can’t wait, and where’s the box? :D

  4. addicted2js

    wow these look way better now. i really might have to get these. both look real smooth. should i get the pack or buy the regular olympic 6 and 7 ???

  5. mestizokidd23

    im def getting the og colorways of the olys this summer and if my cash is right ill get the pack if not split it and i wont be mad if i get the og oly colorway 6/7 and miss the gold pack the og colorway worth way more to me

  6. coair5

    6s All Day!!!!

  7. Rlnhrd276

    The 6 looked better in the sketch with more gold these just look like the infrared with a bit of gold

  8. need_more_kicks

    I didn’t want this pack at first…but my how things change…JB is killin me this year…but its all worth it in the end!!!

  9. 7s, 7′s, 7′s, 7′s, 7′s, 7′s

  10. B-Locks

    Dang… I liked the illustration of the 6′s better because they had the light gold shading on the ankle area and also the heel loop was gold.

  11. Ray.

    Definitely want this pack. Not for $350 but I want it tho

  12. Bppdizzle


  13. Chevy Boy

    @ icysoleJs…actually, I still want to split the pack. The VII’s are nice, but I just want the VI’s. Anyone willing to split with me, get at me…sz 9.5-10.

  14. Atxsneakerhead

    I’ma be killing it with those olymp 6 & 7 on my feet this summer, and end it with the 6/7 gold pack!! Can’t wait :)

  15. Joffy

    The red/wht 4′s come out in August too…tough decision

  16. TheSneakerDude


  17. Drayday

    There goes a stack. Entire family must have these.

  18. RetroKid_23

    Dam these shoes are going to be hot!!!!
    I am most likely going to have to camp out for these…..

  19. Shawty in them js

    Do anyone know if they are going to come in size 4.5 cuz i really want them

  20. Anthony magana

    Hey anyone kniw where they gonna be selling them at?? I asked the people at footlocker and they aint gonna have them

  21. LovelyJ's

    The gold and black ones look way better than the white and gold ones & it out stands more. i’ll have to go with the Gold and black most deff…

  22. Noah

    how much do u guys think this will be worth

  23. Pablo Estrella

    Is footlocker getting these packs online ?

  24. Does anyone know where they would be selling just the 7s cause i dont want the pack and im a kids size, but footlocker was like NO you have to buy the whole pack -.- ?

  25. Gee

    So the 6′s won’t be available in kids size!?

  26. kajmir soleaddiction

    Gota have the 7s man

  27. yessmin

    How do can i get a hold of the 6 and 7 gold moments? in size 4.5!! I’ve tred ckecking every shoe storez there s but they sold out! so where can i get them?? plzz

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