Air Jordan 6/7 Olympic Pack Illustration

WOW! That was super quick. Catalog images of the Air Jordan 6/7 Olympic pack just leaked yesterday. We received an e-mail today from a TSG reader, and he took it upon himself to do an illustration of the pack.

Here’s what Kai said:

Hey G-Roc, name’s Kai and I’ve been following your blog for a long time. Not sure if I’m sending this to the right e-mail, but it’s only one listed under “Contact.”

Anyway, I heard about the upcoming 6/7 Olympic pack. Like most people, I was excited. However, the photo is tiny. I decided to make a larger version to see how it would look. I’m sure people would appreciate a bigger picture. I also do other things like custom colorways on shoes. If you have time, check me out. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your time,

Boom! Props to Kai for sharing his work with us.

What are your thoughts about the Air Jordan 6/7 Olympic pack?

Discuss in the comment section.

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  • M-17

    Wow indeed, nice work Kai.

  • John B.

    great work Kai! I hope they don’t have gold on the back of the 6 like this does…but it’s not a terrible thing

  • Eric


  • neal

    These illustrations are great. what’s up with the 2 tone upper though? I saw that in the promo image and was confused by it. I guess it could be a patent/topgrain combo but either way it looks like the heel/ankel panel are tinted?

  • Superdope artistry

  • Gee

    Great drawing skills Kai, salute!

  • frank

    In those scans the back looks more yellow, but there actually a lighter creamish tone. When real pictures of the shoes appear, there guna be beautiful lol

  • Geo.


  • Geo.

    Dope artwork!

  • Yeah great job!

    I think the VII’s will be amazing!

    I have incredibly merited fears that they will put patent on the VI

    Doesn’t matter… I’m not after the pack… I’m ALL IN for the 2000 OLY white/navy VI’s



  • snkrcritique

    Kai did great and I’m liking the 6’s

  • aSh

    DAAAAAAAMN IT……. I sooooo wanted to get off the JB train…. but dammnt this pack looks dope!!!! hopefully they drop in june…on my bday!!! DAMN U JORDAN BRAND…

  • The Epidemic

    I have faith in this pack man. I think its gonna turn out D O P E! Nice work Kai you did your thing!

  • xRETROiVx

    september blues / maroons… PLEASE!

  • Can’t wait to see close up pics. Well done, Kai.


  • Joe

    Is this pack gonna realease FORSURE next year?

  • Herb T

    The illustration just let me know that I gotta have this pack, no snoozing!!!!

  • Chi_city_Guy23

    for right now im just glad i got my concords early 🙂 thank god im not going to be standing out in the cold! swagg

  • RawSteeze

    We can all agree 7 is clean but I don’t know about all that gold on 6s

  • Serg252001

    Good job fam

  • Dblack

    This work is dope. As for the pack, nothing beats the TORO PACK. Not Counting the DMP’s. But I’m still copn’ and I know they gonna be dope but right now…The TORO PACK is the best. (again not counting the DMP’s)

  • These are going to be a nice addition to my collection, especially with my DMP package!

  • Chaz

    Think I know this guy from ISS, pretty good dude. Nice illustrations.

  • gotjordans?

    how much? $500?
    $600? $700?

  • gotjordans?

    I like the Black and Gold 7s, not the White and Gold 6s… 🙁


  • Nice son. Just hope these 7’s will be better quality than than 7 DMP pack. That still pisses me off. Smh.

  • Formerly know as Royal Swag

    Love the illustration but as the pack for it’s self, I’ll pass.

  • TheManSpirit

    Love the black and gold 7 colourway.
    I can live with the white and gold 6 colourway.

  • Eric

    That is a great illustration,does anyone know if this package is confirmed.If yes, when will it release?

  • rasta man

    when well these be released or is this like a rough draft of what the shoe well look like

  • money shot

    Yo are these real

  • joseph

    will these be releasing to footlockers n stuff