Air Jordan 6/7 Olympic Pack Illustration

December 15, 2011 | 35

WOW! That was super quick. Catalog images of the Air Jordan 6/7 Olympic pack just leaked yesterday. We received an e-mail today from a TSG reader, and he took it upon himself to do an illustration of the pack.

Here’s what Kai said:

Hey G-Roc, name’s Kai and I’ve been following your blog for a long time. Not sure if I’m sending this to the right e-mail, but it’s only one listed under “Contact.”

Anyway, I heard about the upcoming 6/7 Olympic pack. Like most people, I was excited. However, the photo is tiny. I decided to make a larger version to see how it would look. I’m sure people would appreciate a bigger picture. I also do other things like custom colorways on shoes. If you have time, check me out. You won’t regret it, I promise!

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your time,

Boom! Props to Kai for sharing his work with us.

What are your thoughts about the Air Jordan 6/7 Olympic pack?

Discuss in the comment section.

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Comments (35)

  1. M-17

    Wow indeed, nice work Kai.

  2. John B.

    great work Kai! I hope they don’t have gold on the back of the 6 like this does…but it’s not a terrible thing

  3. neal

    These illustrations are great. what’s up with the 2 tone upper though? I saw that in the promo image and was confused by it. I guess it could be a patent/topgrain combo but either way it looks like the heel/ankel panel are tinted?

  4. Gee

    Great drawing skills Kai, salute!

  5. frank

    In those scans the back looks more yellow, but there actually a lighter creamish tone. When real pictures of the shoes appear, there guna be beautiful lol

  6. Geo.


  7. Geo.

    Dope artwork!

  8. Yeah great job!

    I think the VII’s will be amazing!

    I have incredibly merited fears that they will put patent on the VI

    Doesn’t matter… I’m not after the pack… I’m ALL IN for the 2000 OLY white/navy VI’s



  10. snkrcritique

    Kai did great and I’m liking the 6′s

  11. aSh

    DAAAAAAAMN IT……. I sooooo wanted to get off the JB train…. but dammnt this pack looks dope!!!! hopefully they drop in june…on my bday!!! DAMN U JORDAN BRAND…

  12. The Epidemic

    I have faith in this pack man. I think its gonna turn out D O P E! Nice work Kai you did your thing!

  13. xRETROiVx

    september blues / maroons… PLEASE!

  14. Can’t wait to see close up pics. Well done, Kai.

  15. Joe

    Is this pack gonna realease FORSURE next year?

  16. Herb T

    The illustration just let me know that I gotta have this pack, no snoozing!!!!

  17. Chi_city_Guy23

    for right now im just glad i got my concords early :) thank god im not going to be standing out in the cold! swagg

  18. RawSteeze

    We can all agree 7 is clean but I don’t know about all that gold on 6s

  19. Serg252001

    Good job fam

  20. Dblack

    This work is dope. As for the pack, nothing beats the TORO PACK. Not Counting the DMP’s. But I’m still copn’ and I know they gonna be dope but right now…The TORO PACK is the best. (again not counting the DMP’s)

  21. These are going to be a nice addition to my collection, especially with my DMP package!

  22. Chaz

    Think I know this guy from ISS, pretty good dude. Nice illustrations.

  23. gotjordans?

    how much? $500?
    $600? $700?

  24. gotjordans?

    I like the Black and Gold 7s, not the White and Gold 6s… :(


  26. Nice son. Just hope these 7′s will be better quality than than 7 DMP pack. That still pisses me off. Smh.

  27. Formerly know as Royal Swag

    Love the illustration but as the pack for it’s self, I’ll pass.

  28. TheManSpirit

    Love the black and gold 7 colourway.
    I can live with the white and gold 6 colourway.

  29. Eric

    That is a great illustration,does anyone know if this package is confirmed.If yes, when will it release?

  30. rasta man

    when well these be released or is this like a rough draft of what the shoe well look like

  31. money shot

    Yo are these real

  32. joseph

    will these be releasing to footlockers n stuff

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