Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux Drops April 16

Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux Drops April 16


Most of you know that the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux 2011 release date is April 16. However, Jordan Brand has not added the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux to the April releases yet, and people are still asking what’s the release date. Just so there’s no more confusion or doubts, the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux will hit stores on April 16. Oh yeah, we keep our eyes open and we know that many of you already have your Bordeaux 7s. For those of you don’t have a pair yet, you can get your fix from your local Jordan Brand accounts, including Wish on April 16. Retail is $150.


    Damn im miss out on these hoes.. but it’s all good be back at them by the time the true blues come out.. very nice shoe right here..

  • sneakerfein22

    lmbooooo at metatron! but good pt! shouldnt care about other ppl…but i would personally say the 7s cuz its a iconic shoe and those particular lebrons are collecting dust out here where im at..and i kno the 7s wont..but yea metatron was right…yu gettin the 7 is just gunna mess sum1 else who could have gotem and rocked em right right off the back…it shouldnt take a blog for you to have swagg…its just natural..sheesh!

  • JOJO true

    um malls opend at midnight ?! im trying to get these as soon as possible .

  • MJBanks7

    Ay good looks metatron

  • http://NikeTalk Pat

    I copped my 2 pairs this morning… Love the material, look n feel.. Comfort wise, they goodie.