Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux Drops April 16

Most of you know that the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux 2011 release date is April 16. However, Jordan Brand has not added the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux to the April releases yet, and people are still asking what’s the release date. Just so there’s no more confusion or doubts, the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux will hit stores on April 16. Oh yeah, we keep our eyes open and we know that many of you already have your Bordeaux 7s. For those of you don’t have a pair yet, you can get your fix from your local Jordan Brand accounts, including Wish on April 16. Retail is $150.

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  • bigbaby_dmv

    I can see these staying around a good week after release

  • Executive AKA The Crisis

    Like white on rice… Im all over em!!

  • These are just too cold. They will be easy to scoop up.

  • Soletaker

    Have my pair on hold with a friend at finishline with the discount. Can’t wait till I can grab them. Ready for the Taxi Lows tomorrow too

  • ricardo

    i was only 1 yrs. old in 1992 so i don’t get what all the hype is in these overrated retro 7s
    it’s like substance without the image

  • My money is ready, set, go on 4.16

  • hope every1 dat wants a pair scores.
    i’ll b at da shootaround, ha!

  • Supa B

    yerp…i’ll definitely be coppin these…after the true blue 3s in june, i’m done with jordans for 2011…nothing else i want is being released as far as JB is concerned. gives me time to cop other jawns…

  • JMilionair

    Cant wait! Even though not as good as the OG but then again which retro is, definite pick up.

  • Supa B

    oh yeah…wish they had put the green in there on the tongue & undersole, but still dopeness regardless

  • Air jedi

    I just Call my champs sport and they have my pair on Ice……

  • J Dizzle {Lou}

    Its a deff cop. Hopefully, footlocker will let me do layaway wit these.

  • Trey

    ill give u $125 and a high five

  • atgbryan

    im good, no 7’s for me


    These are a shooting innocent ni66as in the back- COP!

  • NiKeAiR.

    fresh, ima pick up a pair next weekend forsure, no dout

  • aSh

    Man I’m sad I might actually miss out on these 🙁

  • king

    Comment by Supa B April 8th, 2011 at 1:44 pm
    oh yeah…wish they had put the green in there on the tongue & undersole, but still dopeness regardless

    there is green on the bottom but not on the tounge

  • Royal S

    I hope that no one is planning to campout for these. I want an easy walk in,walk out just like my white cement 3’s & playoff 13’s this year.

  • 23edge

    I’m ready for these… walking out the store wearing them too

  • halfbreed

    I think that many of you are gonna be pleasently surprised, quality and craftsmanshipthat went into making these is actually satisfactory, bout time JB!

  • Supa B

    @Royal S…word up…i’m tryin to be in & out of the store in under 10 minutes….size 10.5, here’s my CC, goodbye….

  • I can’t wait! Midnight on 4/16 can’t get here soon enough!

  • Air jedi

    Ricardo that is the main reason you don’t get the hype and not feeling this…you was 1 year old….trying to said mama or papa…you don’t experience MJ “on and off the court”…in this case the Video with the other King M Jackson…


  • chi_city_kidd23

    seen these at school today. sickkkkkkkkk

  • Executive AKA The Crisis

    I hope its a nice sunny day in the cuse Apr 16 cause im gonna walk out with these on feet, black cargos, black beater showin of the pythons.


  • chi-sole

    got my pair yesterday……….fresh.

  • mars

    cant wait!

  • Just picked mine up very nice quality!

  • lacemob

    Does any one kmw if wish will have the a mid-night

  • LG


  • dane

    pick up mine on Monday and i must say they did a pretty decent job on these

  • Matt

    Maannn ohh maaann this is what im talking abt
    I freaaaking lovee these!!
    Im loving the grey and Black yet the wine color just pops
    it dnt need a bunch of crazy colors and im just glad it aint black and red
    i hope Extra Butter is getting em

    can ANYONE tell me what shoe stores have em in Long Island?
    and will they be a midnight release?


    Got mine retail price central sports! Oh yea

  • Already got mine on the way! Can’t wait! Too bad I missed out on the corporate fitteds tho

  • mightymouse23

    got mines yesterday, 150 straight, gotta love NYC!!!

  • lacemob

    Those any one knw if wish or any place else n the atl will have these friday night

  • Cloudy


  • LG

    Seen them today in person…AMAZING!!

  • luvBodeaux’s

    Had these in my hand today @ the local F.A. and DAMN!!! That is all that was said for a good 2 minutes.

  • @lacemob
    South dekalb mall doin a midnight release….

  • You already know what it is with these… so copped ya dig!!!! my joints are on ice cooling out waiting to be pick up!!! 4/16 I’ll be doing the damn thing so fresh… so clean… what more can I say. UNO

  • sal

    Haven’t been on TSG in a while it seems, gotta return more often for shoe info.
    But i Tell you this much I got these already!!! in my SIZE. what what

  • MJBanks7

    someone help me out

    I bought the lebron 8 summit lakes & switched them with white laces & they look better & looked good on my feet. Saw two people with them on making them look horrible( they also had the purple laces & the both outfits were corny)… Now I could exchange those for the Bordeuxs but I’m just not sure. I feel like I wont be able to match with these especially in the summer. I mean I dont wanna wear black in the summer. Keep the Lebrons or get the 7’s?

    If it matters im also planning on getting the True Blues.

  • i’m about to cop mine as we speak…yay early overseas releases.

  • also mjbanks who cares if other people made shoes you like look corny. just do you and dont worry about everybody else. you sound corny trying to match up your outfits anyway. just because the shoes are predominately black doesnt mean you have to wear black with them. here’s a thought…wear something white! yeah i know, amazing concept right? i say keep the lebrons cuz clearly you won’t know how to rock the 7s and you’ll be depriving someone of a dope shoe.

  • Jerronimo

    Man, I went to two malls here in WA on Saturday morning with my son to find the Taxi 12 lows and no one even knew they came out. WTF? Oh well, I will wait for the Bordeauxs, better colorway in my opinion.


    Damn im miss out on these hoes.. but it’s all good be back at them by the time the true blues come out.. very nice shoe right here..

  • sneakerfein22

    lmbooooo at metatron! but good pt! shouldnt care about other ppl…but i would personally say the 7s cuz its a iconic shoe and those particular lebrons are collecting dust out here where im at..and i kno the 7s wont..but yea metatron was right…yu gettin the 7 is just gunna mess sum1 else who could have gotem and rocked em right right off the back…it shouldnt take a blog for you to have swagg…its just natural..sheesh!

  • JOJO true

    um malls opend at midnight ?! im trying to get these as soon as possible .

  • MJBanks7

    Ay good looks metatron

  • Pat

    I copped my 2 pairs this morning… Love the material, look n feel.. Comfort wise, they goodie.