Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux – More Images

Jordan Brand already blessed the sneaker community with the Air Jordan 3 white/cement and Air Jordan 13 Playoff. The next release from the original Air Jordan vault that everyone is geeked up about is none other than the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux. For the first time ever, Jordan Brand will release the retro version of this original Air Jordan 7 colorway. Although the release is not until April, we have new images for you to drool over. Hit the jump to view more photos, and stay tuned as we patiently wait for the release date.

Images: osneaker

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  • 23edge

    those look terrible

  • Pat

    1st! These will be copped times 2. Damn, I waited forever for these!

  • Year of the OG Air Jordan colorways.

  • JdotO

    The wait is KILLIN’ ME…I wish I can cop like 5 of these lol

  • O o L o O

    my plans for these is to try n cop 2 . . been years for these to release and not get them . . need a 2nd pair for when ever the 1st one messes up

  • iSETtrenDz



  • these are not that hot. I just don’t see what everybody else sees. I like them don’t get me wrong but wtf. These are not the second coming. 2, 3, 5 pairs of these. Lmao. Come on I really think if it wasn’t for the hype half of yall would just be like bleh with these. I will cop one and that’s it. I like em but not that d&mn much.

  • Not a big fan but I definitly co sign with G-Roc

  • ricardo

    these bordeaux 7s look off a little
    & these are being hyped up because people been testicle riding these since FOREVER
    most over hyped jordans
    1.retro 11 concords
    2.retro 5 grapes
    3.infrared 6s (white ones & black ones)
    4.bordeaux 7s greys 11s jams 11s
    7.cement 3s( white ones & black ones)

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    These make my big toe plump! Lol 2 size 12 on the double please!

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    I hope it’s a sunny day in the Cuse when these drop, cause I might rock them out the store!!!!!

  • 4D

    Co-Sign with BRIGHT 100% completely! So-so release IMO

  • muntztres¤¤¤0

    If u like these your full of hype, if you don’t like them you have no style. I’m somewhere in between all that non sense. If I like I will cop. With that said I always loved the “Jam” 7s. And most likely will add to the collection.

  • Can really say im a fan of these either im definitely passing.

  • Royal ( F the word swag)

    I’m not over excited about these either. Something about these don’t look right. Only time will tell.

  • Dre

    Had em for like a month and a half. Players congratulate and, well you know the rest.

  • Mary Jayne

    or you may just have an appreciation for a little sneaker history.

  • i’m selling my house for multiple amounts of these

  • chi-sole

    cant wait. finally

  • It’s only right I copp these for the collection!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya dig



  • ricardo got the bordeaux 7s for sell right now for $220.00

  • Bware113

    Why do they look so…dull here? Maybe it’s the way they are laced…but I am not feeling this pic.

    Copp x 1

  • seVIIn

    they look weird in these pics i gotta see um in person, prolly will cop either way tho

  • dope…

  • atgbryan


  • Goat612

    for sure buy

  • iloaded2

    The midsole is a darker shade of grey in other pics…

  • aSh

    I like these….. Like them back then…. and I like them now… Thats why I’m gonna buy a pair f-the hype!!!!!

  • Supa B

    the more i look @ these, the more i’m like ehhh….i was definitely gonna cop them when i found out about them late last year, but now not so much…i still might cop, but if i miss out on them, i wont be upset

  • sagakontinues

    selling the wifey for multiple pairs!

  • I’m still iffy on these…

  • pjpancake

    I’m feelin’ these!

  • E


  • T-Rav

    The grey looks too light in these pics.

  • airjordanfan4567

    my raptors got stolen so these would be a great substitute

  • i hope all the new heads in my school stay on their new shit. cuz ima cop theseee joinntttssssss. i never really cop two pair. but shiiiiiiiiiit i just might

  • mars

    instant cop!
    im too lazy to explain why..
    look at the pics


  • xRETROiVx

    shape = wack…. what else is new

  • Blue Cheese

    I’ll take 2 sz. 12 please… thank you

  • macabrecrown666

    these will be acquired by macabrecrown666……..

  • Multiples

  • c’rla

    these are way better in person the grey is actually alot darker than in these picks i got to see em alreadys and i have fallen in love cant wait to get em on sat 🙂