Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack (Date Change)

Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack

Originally, the Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack was set to drop on August 22nd, but the date has now been pushed up to Saturday, August 15th. Over the months we’ve seen different images of the Air Jordan 7 60+ Pack hit the web, and we finally have detailed pics of both AJ7’s. As you know, the black AJ7 reps the Chicago Bulls and the white is the Orlando Magic AJ7. MJ and the Bulls faced Orlando Magic back in January 16, 1993. During that game Mike tore the court down by scoring 64 points, but the Bulls still lost. You win some and you lose some!

This Air Jordan package will be available at Jordan Brand accounts on August 15th for $310. Check out tons of detailed pictures after the jump. via NiceKicks

Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack

Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack

Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack

Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack

Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack

Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack

Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack

Air Jordan 7 DMP 60+ Pack

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  • man, they been doing this alot lately

    im a Magic dude, witch pair is the popular one this time around

  • Converse King

    The Orlando Magic ones are the more appealing of the two in my opinion.

  • hyestylekid

    i like the raptor pair the most close to the og pair to me but that date change messed me up i think they will be on the shelves for a lil while or on line atleast solid package tho

  • Hollywood Beats

    if i dont get the true blues then im gettin these and would have to really save up bigtime for space jams come november.

  • neva2menyJS

    i think both pairs are good its a throwed DMP package….the orlando ones look fresh to death…but the other resmble the OG 7s so the package is a WIN WIN in mind…

  • CenValCali

    Them Raptors look nothin like the O.G.’s or Retros….like that kid said in Transformers pt.1 “custom faded?” Prolly pass due to the fact….

  • CenValCali

    ….my bad, the Raptors debuted in ’02 still don’t look like siblings….

  • tommaso

    damn it im away. oh well guess im not getting these.

  • neva2menyJS

    ^^ you should take another at the 2002 retros and + i said they “RESMBLE” THE OGS SON they’re nevr ganna make retors or DMPS that look exactly like the ogs….

  • kyle (NJSG)

    coopped i might be able to get them early now!!!!!!!!! Yes

  • marc g *sparkle city* SC

    No good news 4 me on dis one uma scoop up tha metallic ones 2 day so I won’t b able 2 cop these nxt week (madden 10 and damn bills nxt week)

  • JordanSBs912

    Im fuckin deadass heated right now, JB really needs to chill with chaging up the release day with these hyped shoes, people twist and turn their schedules to be able to get these shoes and they wanna change the day on people, its fucking straight annoying.

  • I actually like both of them, but not enough to pay 310…or anything close to that.
    check out my ebay auction! Mork and Mindys

  • J.Chang

    These are already out on pickyourshoes if you can’t wait or don’t think you’ll get them where you at….

  • dunk aholic

    These gone be my second pack. I like a LOT.

  • Southern Hospitality

    it does not even matter when thet drop because thet are going to seat on the the shelves for months if the raging buul pack didnt sell out and the jordan 1 pack didnt sell out why do you think these will sell out there is 0% hype around these.

  • Starz

    i just want the team red’s 😀

  • o.s.t

    I’m with southern hospitality this pack is all hype and not even that dope. I rather have some Olympic 7’s.

  • haux

    I just liked the orlandos for a day after they changed it from the ugly azz pinstripes and now i dont like the raptors, someone offered me a trade for the ’02 raptors, I said no because they were going to come out in a few and mine were the carol 5’s which i dont think come out anytime soon, i might do it now.

  • Baby Jordan

    I don’t think that packages will sell out period because of the economic times combined with the fact its the same shoe but with that being said I think this pac is da best pack so far because the shoes are opposite in color

  • o.s.t

    I 4got about madden ’10.that’s a must copp.I got 2 play that so I can kick my friends’ azz.i,m a beast with the cardinals,eagles,patriots,and chargers.

  • cuda

    I really want these but i was looking forward to the 22nd because i get paid on the 21st!!!! Damn JB ya’ll stay f’n up. 1st no true blues, 2nd fusions, and now changing dates yet again!!! Im not rich u kno, I just want my damn sneakers!!

  • Might cop 2 packs

  • All moving the date up does is get them on my feet faster!

  • (Ambassador for Bred)

    JB has been moving up the releases pretty lately. Regardless, this is a fresh pack. Like the Previous DMP 60+ packages, these will sit on the shelves as well. People really aren’t checking for Jordans that much, and plus the Economic Situation isn’t a good mix.

  • MisterMcFly23

    damn, it would be moved to a week b4 payday, thnx JB…

  • Converse King

    I think they’re probably moving up the releases because the economy is bad.

  • sneakerking86

    Gotta pass on these beside nun of the packs have been selling like that toro bravo still around for reg price

  • Rockndontstock

    Yo these will definitely sell out by the end of the weekend. Do not sleep on this pack…JB is probably moving the release date up for 1)back to school and 2)because sites like have released them already.


    damn i need 2 b savin 4 a damn car but i must have dez b4 i do

  • Salvy_Spanierd_A_Sneakerhead

    Wiill these be released in GS sizes??? someone tell me pls!

  • t-jay23

    damn jb stop changeing dates. but i already got them

  • NyCFinest

    yeah will it be for GS sizes? and how much for dems

  • ^GS, yes.

  • Flatbush_Zone


  • KicksBoyWonder

    I’d cop this pack but only for the orlando vii’s. i’ll just put the others on ebay.

  • NyCFinest

    G-Roc for the GS sizes it is still 310?

  • t-jay23

    $200 for gs sizes

  • lo$w@rd g


  • lo$w@rd g


  • NyCFinest

    howd you cop?

  • NyCFinest

    and thanks for lettin me know the GS price

  • Southern Hospitality

    if you wait until october the pack wil still be there if you think for one second that this pack will sell out your out your fucking mind this pack pack will still be on shelves when district 9 (movie) will be available on dvd and the movie aint even in theaters yet shit will sell out again for jb probably in novenber

  • NyCFinest

    im deff coppin

  • Chrisstackz

    Ordered these the other day hurry up UPS

  • Juice

    these bitches ain’t sell out yet….neither did the one’s…