Air Jordan 7 Premio “Bin 23” – New Images

The Bin 23 Collection is a love/hate collection, but no matter what, the sneakers always sell out due to the limited production. Up next from the Bin 23 Collection is the Air Jordan 7. But you didn’t need us to tell you that. Detailed look, closer look, new images, more photos, blah, blah, blah. With that said, here’s new images of the Air Jordan 7 Premio Bin 23. A launch date has not been issued yet, so stay tuned to TSG for release info.

Images: KC

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  • alsneaks

    if this was a GR it would sit on outlet racks for years!! I wouldn’t pay more then $30 for these.

  • ^Good point.

  • Goat612

    No, i would buy, and i hope i can find them locally. I dont like the same old stuff they have been putting out. some style like this makes a shoe unique and an outfit perfect.

  • Trey


  • sc13ntific

    They should call these the Dikembe Mutumbos

  • iSETtrenDz

    ppl is crazy…

    i’d rock these, minus the design on the back heel area.

  • Shoop

    I’d buy these just for re-sell purposes which I don’t normally do. I usually keep all the kicks I buy but I’m not really feelin these so I figure I can find someone who wants these.

  • Executive AKA K.O.T.T.

    Is this a joke? These are the worst colorway I’ve ever seen!

  • these have been steadily growing on me, maybe cuz i love the 90s so damn much

  • Eric

    I still like these alot, but no hope down here where I live.

  • ell2412

    these are straight if house of hoops gets em im there

  • These will be mine…….

  • sneakz-n-billz

    I really don’t understand the concept behind the bin 23 line??

  • I call these the Jamaican cool kicks seriously someone is colorblind over at JB!!

  • lakers33

    lose the green on the midsole. it ruins the whole colorway.

  • aSh

    @ metatron agree dude I’m diggin these for that same ol’school reason

  • Straight CHEEKS

  • atgbryan

    ugly period

  • Jerronimo

    Bin23 or not, these are garbage. I’d take the cardinal 7’s over this BS-23 anyday. But like most mentioned above…they will still sell out just cause of the # of pairs. …Get your own brain you Scarecrows!

  • these are crack cocaine dont care what anybody says.

  • Ugly, but I love 7’s!!!

  • sci

    like 7’s and the 90’s so i will get a pair, for the people that didnt grow up in that time I understand why you dont like the shoe.

  • DMVbamaslayer

    2 questions…first, do these come with a crosscolors shirt?? And second, does premio mean str8 bull ish??

  • Suarez916

    Yall crazy. These are hot minus the design on the back. There perfect cuz theres no suede on em.