Air Jordan 7 Year of the Rabbit Release Info

April 20, 2011 | 35

Will the Air Jordan 7 Year of the Rabbit release in the states? Yes, they are dropping as a quickstrike soon. The Air Jordan 7 Year of the Rabbit release date is currently slated for a May 7th launch. That’s right, Jordan heads will be able to grab a pair of YOTR Jordan 7′s from select Jordan Brand retailers next month. Retail is $160.

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  2. @JORDAN_CRAZY – No, this is not a HOH exclusive.

  3. @AlSneaks

    nuthn to go nutz over, but I may reconsider purchasing if I can easily snag a pair.


    Anyone know what store
    in ny is going to have these in stock

  5. John B.

    I will need to snag these for sure

  6. MT

    Lookin forward to these…

  7. Bware113

    I concur with @AlSneaks.
    I think this shoe needs one more color to really set it off.

  8. @tilthemoneystops all pathmarks are getting these. All you have to do is buy $20 worth of dairy products.

  9. Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    Here we go again with the bull$hit!! Why a brotha gotta go on a gdamn quest just to a sneaker. I like the shoe but hate the gimmiks!!!!!! Is this the shoe game or tryin to get a damn doctorate!?

  10. I’m on it. Hopefully I’ll get lucky

  11. Crazy, I hate 7′s, they are ugly. But this right here might be the colorsaver.

  12. sal

    May 7th…becoming a VII fan kinda quick

  13. Executive aka K.O.T.T.


  14. ej

    Mane f’those wolf grey 5′s,im coppin these real talk!!!!!!!!!

  15. keys

    do niketown get these???,their simple i wouldnt bust a grape if aint get these but it would be nice.

    enough time to stack up but who will get these???

  16. keys

    Btw Folks Kix-files already have these for 400$$

  17. Hare’s with gold laces, gold heel tab, and a boring tongue? No thanks.

  18. walwezzy23

    are these going to realese on line as well? and is the local retailers getting a few pairs as well? ill just call, these are nice tho!

  19. Donald McBride

    Will they be selling these on

  20. sushi

    I really like the box for these kicks. I might just pick it up.

  21. Kenneth Young

    Will the house of hoops in dallas have these?

  22. Hoping to get a pair. The box is a nice touch too.

  23. YOTR 2011′s > YOTR VII’s… BUT I really like these and am glad Nike is making them way more obtainable than the 2011′s
    Shoulda dropped some gold on the peaks of the mids-sole

  24. Dope Sneakers!!! If I can def score these mine.

  25. Supa B

    meh…i would love to get my hands on the Hare 7s…

  26. LG


  27. iSETtrenDz

    lol word @Exec.. but i think i’ma fall back anyway cuz if i was to get ‘em i would’ve changed the laces to white & that would’ve basically be the Hares… on that note now i want some Hare 7′s… still a clean sneaker, but instead the rabbit i want the hare (same difference like this shoe lol)

  28. Kenneth Young

    Does anyone one know if the house of hoops in Dallas will be getting these???

  29. puerto-black

    you could never have enough hares

  30. Wilbury

    Yeah if i can easily grab a pair then i will, but if the hype tag comes on like the af1′s and 2011′s, ill leave it to the youngins.

  31. Mr_Kadillac

    I wanna get these so bad but there’s just too much dropping within that week. Plus I’m still thinking about getting the BRDXs….DAMNIT!!

  32. winter

    all ready got the bordeauxs step your game up.

  33. Brianna

    Whatever, got the bordeauxs, Orion blue’s… now all I need is these… Live near DC, you already know…

  34. mo Bailey

    Ima cop these Jus to sell em for a quick flip!

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