Air Jordan 7/16 Countdown Pack – 6/21

Air Jordan 7/16 Countdown Pack

Many will agree that this is best Countdown Pack thus far, and people are actually buying this pack with plans to wear both Jordans. Too bad we can’t say the same for all the packs, but the Carmines alone was good enough for most Jordan fans. The Bugs Bunny endorsed Air Jordan 7 Hares and Black/Red Air Jordan 16 together make one heck of a pack, the Jordan Collezione 16/7 to be exact. Tomorrow is the day, and $310 is the price. Ladies GS sizes will also be available for $210. Everyone knows the saying by now, See it, Want it, Buy it, Own it…

Images via Proper and Kenlu

Air Jordan 7/16 Countdown Pack

Air Jordan 7 Hares

Air Jordan 7 Hares

Air Jordan 16 Black/Red

Air Jordan 16 Black/Red

Air Jordan 16 Black/Red

Air Jordan 16 Black/Red

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  • What more can I say?

  • cantstopthebest

    copped for sure!

  • joey

    got the carmine these is next but cant wait for the 3/20

  • Dope pack… But Carmines pack look better imo….

  • Kid2hot

    Wats Up G Roc man i so happy peoples here in the bronx new york are not sneakerhead so it wont be a problem on getting these i planning on getting 2 packages so i good

  • gawd dammit!!… I FORGOT ALL ABOUT THESE!!.. AND I JUST GOT THE NINTENDO Wii today, so imma have to work something out.

  • TorontoComeUp

    LOL AF1_G33K, yo its shoes over ps3 this summer for me so far, i gotta work in a budget for that shit

  • eric

    copped last week….jus waiting for some one to come up with a shirt to match the hares!!!!

  • SoleDiva

    lol, love that commercial.

  • Jay Bills

    come on how can anybody pass on this pack? this is the best pack point blank

  • lol i know how you feel TorontoComeUp.. I hope to goodness i will still get these tomorrow.

    and to eric, there is some shirts up on finishline, footlocker, etc. for the hares already. unless if you waiting on bobbyfresh, and sneakertips tees.

    by the way, anyone get to see the 17/6 bobbyfresh ‘head over heels’ t-shirt?! MY GOODNESS!! I NEEEEEEEDDD ONE!

  • Optimus Prizime

    ATL peeps, where yall copping your pack from?

  • Markiss

    just hoping the line ain’t too long for my cop!

  • EnameL

    gunna wait they will still be available in a few weeks

  • MelloYelloMD

    This is by far the best pack (besides OLNL/DMP11-6) and I think Imma miss out…hurts my soul lol


    Coped mine off of eastbay at midnight! as far as all the ATLIENS… hit up WALTERS if you wante your kicks. Ask for shawn! And as far as this pack comparing to others….. The Carmines alone beat this pack!

  • Hyphy J lover

    ^^^^^Hell yea, those Carmines are super raw. They eat up a lot of J’s out

  • Pa’s Finest

    Man that commercial brings back memories, i couldn’t help but smile the whole commercial. Makes me feel like i’m in elementary all over again.


  • Copped 1 pack via PYS a few weeks ago; got’em, LOVE’EM. I tried to copp a second at retail via Eastbay @ midnight, but the friggin’ webiste was locked up on me… We all know how that goes. 🙁
    Oh well. One is gonna have to do for now.

    IMO, this is the second best CDP this far…I think the 13/10 pack is still the hottest, and yes, even hotter than the Carmine/17 pack.

    My rankings:
    1) 13/10
    2) 16/Hare
    3) Carmine/17
    4) 9/14
    5) 2/21

    Congrats to all of you who copped @ retail…bastards!

  • Markiss

    had to get an 11.5 because a source gave me some bad info about what time the store was opening but damn these shoes look great!

  • i need a sz 11.5! lol its 11.13 right now. and still no CDP. But im not rushing, cause i got ‘hook ups’ 😉

  • o.k. when did the 11/12 pack drop?!

  • Got mine for $190 Yes!!!!!!

  • DA One

    lacedheat r u sure dey r legit…190 seems a little low 2 me

  • the best pack gonna be the 11/12….

    point blank 😀

    i can sit tight till december


  • lacedheat

    No they are fake, i only rock fakes im not gonna pay $310 for sum fucking jordans specially not this shits.

  • omg im startin to get mad. i have no money wen these packs drop. guess il be tryna get mine off ebay later on… ^ word to deadstock drivah im staying patient for the 11/12 and wenever the 3/20s come out

  • de la SOLE

    F***!!! Didn’t get’em… I’m really tempted to rob somebody now… sike naw… hopefully finishline or eastbay get a restock… cause I know if I get’em anywhere else there gonna be AT LEAST 5 BILLS!! And I’m not trying to do that

  • ^^Yea employee discount, thanks for being concerned though Da one

  • sci

    Missed my size by one person DAmn it had to get a 13 🙁 anyone want to trade 13 for a 12

  • juan

    i got mine yesturday at 9pm on…the total was 335.56 and i got free shipping..:)…i cant to get them so i can lick them bitches..:)

  • Xkrispy_ELI

    next month is when i will cop my first pack 4/19 , yes!!!! after 3/20 and finally 11/12.

  • joey

    coudnt get my hands on these so i bought the safari am1s

  • DA One

    Yea u gotta watch out 4 fakes da best package is gonna b da 11/ 12 jus 4 da 11’s

  • Markiss

    AF1_G33K do u have an 11? if so I would gladly trade for my 11.5

  • GetLacedOut, the 11/12 hasn’t dropped. ETA is Dec 2008.

  • jus copped em last night midnight baby..any real nigga gotta cop dese..both of em OGs (not exactly) but retroed OGs ya dig

  • chevyboy

    I had to break my 16s in for about a week b4 they felt comfortable…

  • Markiss… hold on till them.. i will see on monday, got one holding for me. Dont know what sz they are.



  • Jay Bills

    i wore my hares today and it was a really good feeling

  • Rosco

    Are u serious? “Many will agree that this is best Countdown Pack thus far, and people are actually buying this pack with plans to wear both Jordans.” Yea right…..tha 16’s are probably the most ugliest Jordans out…..tha 7’s are good tho.

  • ^I’m very SERIOUS Rosco. Most people will agree that this is the best pack thus far, and the 16’s are NOT ugly. When they 1st came out I didn’t like them, but 8 years later I’m a fan. It’s cool homie because it’s all about what YOU like, but it’s true that this is the 1st pack that people are excited about wearing both J’s. Just read the comments above or ask around.

  • Hyphy J lover

    It is all about what you like as an individual, but I passed on this pack simply cuz I didn’t want them. IMO the 10/13 and the 9/14 packs were solid. The 14’s aren’t the tightest shoe out, but when compared to other colorways, that shits hard. I actually wore my carmines for the first time yesterday and was shittin’ on everyone. If anyone is in san diego, there’s a shop downtown that still has these in sizes 8.5-11. Also to me the 7’s are plain, I like the grey suede with purple ones a lot better.

  • dROCk

    i copped from pickyourshoes and they are great …i also was rocking them early

  • JMoney

    the VIIs is hard, but I’m really diggin the XVIs. I got these bitches on now and they is comfortable as shit.

  • EnameL

    well…i saw this pack for the first time in person today and i must say that i truly do love them imma wait in see what my check is looking like this weekend cuz i def want to get these for sure!

    both r dope.

  • cStacks

    Copped both of em ooo weeeee sooo sexy

  • rizz

    are we forgetting the 10’s and 13’s here HELLO EVERYONE WORE BOTH PAIRS!

  • Markiss

    yeah that’s what I was thinking as a pack I think the 10/13 was the most solid and then this pack then the 6/17 (but best shoe hands down has to be the carmine)!

  • Rizz – Alot of people didn’t care for the 10’s.
    Markiss – Black Cement 3 > Carmine 6 🙂

  • chevyboy

    ^ Everyone except me. My 10s are still unworn…truthfully, I wanted to sell them, but I came to my senses…they might be worth something someday.

  • chevyboy

    that comment was to Rizz
    G-Roc – there is a rumor floating around that the Space Jams are being re-released early next year…any info?

  • ^Yeah that’s a rumor because my boy said he doesn’t know anything about that. Once I get more info it will be posted!

  • chevyboy

    keep tha party going…Black/Infrared 6 > White/Cement 4 > Black/Cement 3 > Hares > Carmines

  • Markiss

    oh nah G-Roc I definitely agree with you I meant the Carmine is the best out of all the Countdown J’s released thus far. I’m an OG III & IV cat all day!

  • you schupid boi

    lol 6/17 was soo dope
    the 17s are very very tight so i’ll wear to play ball
    and 6’s to pimp out
    you all wearing ball shoes and don’t even ball so I see no point of wearing these…go get urselves dunks