Air Jordan 8 Fusion Coming Spring 2010

Air Jordan 8 Fusion

You got a little taste of the Air Jordan 8 Fusion love on Friday, but now we have high res images. Here we have two colorways of the Jordan 8 Fusion that is slated for a Spring 2010 release. To be exact, the white AJF8 drops in February, and the Aqua AJF8 hits stores in March 2010. If you’re feeling the AJF8, be prepared to pay $140. Like we said on Friday, don’t have a cow, man!

Images courtesy of SC

Air Jordan 8 Fusion

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  • ^LOL

  • Starz

    G-Roc the pictures aren’t working for me, is it just me or what?
    It has an X next to Air Jordan Fusion 8 Aqua & White, I’d probably vomit either way. Thanks for saving me my breakfast.

    Ahaha Tokyo Mike I think you should have trademarked “LET’S GET READY TO RUUUUUUUMBLEEEEEEEEE!!!!!”

  • Hye Style Kid

    Cant do it with these like the 13s to me the air force one sole makes it look bad the shapes dont compliment each other not all fusions have been failures but these are to me

  • Starz – It must be you because their working for me.

  • ^^pics are doing the same for me too G-Roc…..ANYWAYS, these shits are so muhf#ckin’ fresh, I’ma go to bed and dream about my feet in some AQUA FUSIONS…..PARADISE!!!!!…..CAN’T WAIT to wake up and start my day off tomorrow reading all the haters comments on how JB ruined a classic and blah blah we’ve heard it all before blah….Nighty Night!….don’t let the Hater-Bugs Bite!!!

  • got the real ones

  • ^^who doesn’t?

  • ^^That wasn’t me being an a$$hole to you ill will….I meant it as a statement to the whole hater bull$hit…they didn’t fuse Pigeon Dunks, or any really RARE, SUPER EXCLUSIVE shoe, so when people get all hurt over some “OK” looking OG Jordan that you can still buy easily, it just shows how the haters are simply bored, confused sheep……

  • am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz

    HAHAHAHA… TOKYOMIKE – THESE ARE THE TRUTH……IF THESE ARE DOPE I CAN ONLY IMAGINE THE PLAYOFFS….. FUSION 8, HERE I COME…Yo CATS on all these SNEAKER blogs are permiating this so called “HATRED” towards FUSIONS… I can’t stand it…. You got the OG JORDAN heads that hate all RETROS & FUSIONS. So now the RETRO heads that can’t relate to the OG era beside going and spending ridiculous amounts of money on them are HATING on re-releases and FUSIONS…. In no way am I saying to anyone that they must like any FUSION but when some of us on here are LIKING some of these FUSIONS but because of the “CULTURE” surrounding them, you SPREAD hatred, THAT’S A PROBLEM. I know 16 yr olds who will not buy fusions only because of the hatred that is spread by ones who have time invested in this game. TO ALL THE YOUNG SNEAKER HEADS COMING UP: BUY WHAT YOU LIKE, NOT BECAUSE OF HATE OR HYPE…. HEY G-ROC… can we get a T-SHIRT with that on it???????? I won’t harrass you about the copywrite… LOL

  • am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz

    or should I say “BUY WHAT YOU LIKE, DESPITE HATE OR HYPE”… lol

  • Hye Style Kid

    Glad to see there isn too much hatred or may be its to early lol


  • Converse King

    The Aquas are nice.

  • Sneakers O’ Toole

    …….yep favorite j’s ruined…go ahead let me have it.

  • Roc4life223

    ^^^tokyomike^ hahahah that’s my boy right there stand up for what you believe in these go hard I like them and they help me keep my other aqua’s fresh I bet if I put one regular 8 on and my fusion 8 u couldn’t tell the difference right away these are dope and I willl be copping the auqa’s and the playoff color when that drops and too haters ….hate oooh but you gon respect my SHOE GAME….ahhh rumble young man rumble!!!!

  • trey

    EWWWWW please stop alll fusions….make me sick

  • Brandan E.

    These joints are fresh! im coppin instantly. and just like Tokyo Mike & G-Roc say, please cop the shoes u like dont go off what everybody else thinks. please do you!!

  • [3G]

    all the fusions aren’t bad but these really are pure garbage JB got these straight from the bootleggers and the sad thing is that people will buy these just cause they got a jumpman on them

  • Hye Style Kid

    Roc4life223 i think i would be able to tell right away dont really know about the rest of the people…….. but i think the best were prolly the fusion 4s

  • willie eldorado

    wow these have been executed very well if the soles were to be swapped you couldn’t tell the difference! Probably the best fusions i have seen since the originals

  • Jerronimo

    Eh, these are not that bad… I’m not hating at all. I got the OG’s so I am going to pass. But at least they look better than the AJF13’s those are jus nasty.

  • trevdrake

    well they exucuted them properly but im still not feeling them… i like my aquas waaaayyyyy bettterrr. but can sum1 tell me y the qaulity on the white n reds is better than the 8s that dropped on the cdp????? it that real tumbled leather i see?? and is that seude instead of durabuck on the auqas??? thats fucked up JB….

  • MisterMcfly23

    not bad, not good either, but it could have been worse. i think some fusions deserve the hate they get, but some have come out pretty good like certain cw’s of the fusion 3, 4, and depending on who you ask, these as well. so to each his own. i dont fux with fusions like that, but personally, i’d like to see what a nicely done AJF11 would look like. not that im sayin its a good idea, i just what like to see how it’d turn out…

  • what would jesus do if he saw these hideous things?

  • ^^Jesus loves all, so he’d most likely rock em while stompin the haters outta heaven lol

  • G-Roc, I’m onboard with am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz’s idea…..we need a T-shirt to protest the uncalled for hate…..Put Humpty Hump on the front rockin’ Aqua Fusions with “BUY WHATCHA LIKE!” in BIG ASS BOLD PRINT on the back lol……

  • solefix

    Aqua 8’s are my favorite kicks…they did a good job with these..i dont think they would look to bad on me seeing as hoe my feet type small…the pics changed my mind

  • jmaine

    they are so ugly

  • PegCityKickZ

    These pictures did these shoes justice. They are alright, might cop if the price is right but as of right now, ehh.

  • scotty

    jordan brand just grabbed a gun and shot themselves…this is going to far !!!!

  • CenValCali

    Dizzam, I’m late, but did I missed anything? I wasn’t gonna pay no mind to this topic, but WTH. I likes Aqua VIII….just can’t bring myself to put a halt on my daily vitamins for a cup of coffee & some cigarettes….okay bad analogy, but you catch my drift.

  • am95connoisseur

    I am gonna cop these but I WILL NOT be spending $145…. No way Jose!!!!!! But cop these I will…..

  • Those are terrible.

  • Salvy.spanierd.shoeaddicxt


  • these are st8 they come out around my birthday so i might get em

  • jb wat were u thinking these are nasty

  • Darreon Collins

    Yep im gettin these fuck retros

  • Aqua’s are verrryyy nice..but im gna wait till theyre on sale. Not goin 2 pay retail price

  • mz-ladyy

    gotta keep the jayss on me feet… i hate how my bytchs be hate’n on the fusions i love them all , its not the shoe thats ugly its who wears them that can make it ugly if you ugly wearing a dopeyy asz fusion theN hell’s chea they gon be ugly, and check this out olny muthafuqqks they don’t like fusions or hate off them is the ones who cant afford them i keeps jays ON ME FEET and this comin from a chick wit no job !!!!!!!! WOW TALK ABOUT LAME ASZ niqqas

  • MeekMusik

    Clean..Gettin Both….Long Live tha Fusions.. !

  • i just gotta see what they look like man cuz i love the aqua color way and the aquas was my fav shoe

  • -TiiONNA-

    Bothe of them are nice, but they kinda ruined the aquas. I liked the first ones that came out “RETRO”