Air Jordan 8 “Hare” 2013 Retro – Detailed Look


The next Air Jordan 8 to step in 2013 sometimes goes by the nickname “Hare” or “Bugs Bunny”. Here is a detailed look at this classic colorway. This 2013 Retro seems to have little to no changes at all. Expect these to sell out fast when it drops sometime in April. While we all wait for the release date to surface, enjoy the detailed images of the Air Jordan 8 “Hare” 2013 Retro below.

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  • solebrotha52


  • SPINS6136

    Look pretty much to form.

    Always loved the VIII.

    Just not to play in. Always felt they were too heavy and bulky,even when I was a kid and “lightweight” basketball shoes weren’t even a thought in anyone’s mind.

  • gotjordans

    how much, $170.00?

  • Edson

    Easy cop my dude

  • DreadHeadFlocka

    dayuummm copppppp

  • Mamba


  • JB

    2’s were never appealing to me

  • G-Phi 2K6

    They’re clean…but I just want the Aquas. Sold my playoffs…dumb move.

  • waufflez

    the “leather” quality looks bad but it’s to be expected w/ Jordan brand now a days.

  • dotsupreme

    @waufflez PLEASE tell me how the leather looks bad thats what noobs and hypes say for real from the pictures they look pretty good

  • Sek

    Well sold my 03 a couple years ago. Had some pretty bad yellowing. I need of this pair. So hopefully I can obtain it.