Air Jordan 9 Doernbecher – First Look

News broke out that the next Air Jordan Doernbecher would be the in the form of a AJ 5 in an elephant print upper. When in fact the next Air Jordan model to step up to the plate will be the AJ 9 model. Designed by 11 year old, Oswaldo Jimenez, who is diagnosed with severe pulmonary hypertension helped design this Air Jordan 9. He got his inspiration from his Mexican heritage. The tongue tag will bear Oswaldo’s nickname “Pollito”, which means “little chicken”.

The upper will feature feather-like graphics throughout the mudguard. His lucky number “17” can be found on the back heel as well. His birthday September 13 can also be found behind the tongue. Mark your calendars because the Air Jordan 9 Doernbecher has a release date on November 30th. Stay tuned to TSG for the latest updates. Who’s coppin’?

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  • Nice! I’m not really surprised that it’s a AJ9 model. Great job Oswaldo!
    Definite cop!

  • Johnny S

    Are these going to be hyped and really expensive like the Doernbecher 4’s?

  • KP

    Whoa. The best AJ 9 this year, hands down…

  • Sole Seriouz

    The feather graphics is really dope. The gold accents sets it off.
    Great job! (fist to palm salute)

  • duey

    Ima start prayin tonight so I can get me a pair!

  • Straight Wack!!!!!!

  • By now, everyone knows how I feel about the Doernbecher shoes.

  • Alex M

    Always try to get a pair never a bad cop money goes to a good place

  • VladSneakerhead

    wack pass i dont want a shoe were it tells every one little chiken wtf WACK chit may be if i was Mexican i would cop but i am good PASSSSSSSSSSS

  • Shane D.

    H-O-T! Coppin’ two pair if I can.

    They release on November 30th.

  • Jay


  • D

    These look good but I’ll pass.

  • omar najeeb

    Those 9s r stupid-dumb (I mean they dope) hope 2 get a pair cool design lil homie

  • kickz4show

    ATTENTION ALL RESELLERS, with the success of the DB Jordan lines how about you do something noble with a sneaker made for charity. All the profit you make off reselling a charity sneaker, donate it to a charity. There are plenty of releases this year to make money off of.

  • Jay

    I really like them. Like a lot.

  • Just Kicks

    People always hate on DB shoes when they first see them, but when they are about to release everyone starts talking about how much they like them. Never fails.

  • dotsupreme

    love them and there a charity shoe i don’t understand how you could hate.

  • Tony

    @VladSneakerhead show some respect it has nothing to do with being Mexican, it was made by the kid Oswaldo who is not in the best health

  • mike

    ms-13 9’s

  • Dblack

    I’m not a fan of 9’s but can’t know the design of the sneaker from what I can see. Well done!

  • Joe

    These are nice ill be picking up a pair anybody hating on these because they are inspired by mexican heritage are a little misguided to say the least i dont see other races bad mouthing the BHM releases or the Chinese Zodiac releases grow up gentleman

  • Richie

    I’m surprised no1 mentioned the dope soles these 9s have

  • aSh

    These are DOPE!!!! Even with my f-jays stance… I’d get them…. Well done Polito!!!

  • Big Mike

    @Mike MS-13 9s LMAO!!! They wack to me but its for a great cause. I wonder how many pairs this kid gets? That has to be cazy to have your own Jordan that you designed.

  • This new doernbecher retro 9 is really awesome ! Great Job Oswaldo! I will get them for my collection of doernbechers .

  • John J

    if anybody has info on these releasing in atl, cause I know nikestore isn’t getting them

  • sole_serious

    Of course with all the Jordan 9’s dropping, this one is gonna be over hyped. Oh, did anybody remember that they’re more shoes in the collection? Too bad the Air Max 90 were done for the females this time around. The Free 2.0 don’t look bad as well as the Air Force 1 carbon look. These nor last run’s Jordan IV will never touch the VII’s that dropped in the blue suede with hints of red and yellow.

  • John B.

    Great job Oswaldo!! These are sick! I always try for at least one pair of DB’s but have NEVER been successful. I think this year I’ll go for these and/or the AF 1’s cause those are nice too. Good kicks for a good cause…I’m in!

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    Dope! I’d rock these. Nice attention to detail and it’s for a great cause. The effort it takes to get a pair is not worth it to me. Good luck u guys!

  • demoz

    Ya saying wack, piece of shit sneaker and this and that. He’s 11 years old with a disease and has an opportunity in life to make his name known and who he is thru a sneaker and ya people disrespecting him. I bet you if you were him and you were reading these comments you would be annoyed and sad that people can’t respect what someone did that has a disease.

  • Christian


  • Ramone Hogan

    Looks like I have another reason to camp

  • Ramone Hogan

    DB 9 like vroom vroom vroom! *Kanye voice*

  • TheSneakerDude


  • FacilitoJones!!!

    These Goin Hard!!! Pop The Molly I’m Sweatin!!! WHEW!!!!!!!

  • Dizzle

    Is that a 13 on the inside of the tongue?

  • @Sole Seriouz agreed
    @Richie ICed out soles are a good look on the 9s
    @Dizzle no, its a 134, im guessing its his favorite number, or has some significance to him.