Air Jordan 9 “Johnny Kilory” – October 2012

April 19, 2012 | 25

Are you ready for Jordan Brand‘s Holiday 2012 releases? The more appropriate question is: Are your pockets ready for Holiday 2012? Jordan Brand will bring back the Air Jordan 9 Retro later this year. Original colorways as well as new colors of the Air Jordan 9 will launch Holiday 2012, including the Johnny Kilroy Air Jordan 9. A preview photo leaked of four holiday Jordan 9 releases earlier this month.

Today we give you a preview of just the Air Jordan 9 “Johnny Kilroy”, with a cameo from the Charcoal Air Jordan 7. Bad lighting as you see, but a closer look nonetheless. Look for this Air Jordan 9 that’s covered in Black/Gym Red-Metallic Platinum to hit stores in October for $160 in men’s and $110 for GS.

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Comments (25)

  1. Mater

    i still dont understand. Wtf is this?

  2. snkrfiend713

    idk still unsure about this one something is just off

  3. YouTube the Johnny Kilroy spot w Steve Martin. The shoe will have Johnny Kilroy on the tongue and 9 on the back. The shoe is HOT and will be full family…

  4. dotsupreme

    forget those kilroys(wack) them charcoals look good from those other images they appeared to a lot lighter deff happy with what little i see

  5. Executive

    I’ll gladly take those raptors.

  6. dotsupreme

    shoulda used more red ^ the white runs into each other and dosent look right imo

  7. They look like some fakes that can be found on Canal Street.

  8. Mater

    or fulton ˆˆ

  9. p

    I like these

  10. dotsupreme

    @ groc i am kindly demanding a tsg t shirt

  11. weezy23

    Not really feelin these but thats good cuz I gotta be picky with everything coming out

  12. Royal S

    Definitely not coppin. That’s a waste of my time.


    I’ll take those charcoals and the olives please…

  14. Joe

    Am coppin the shoes dope and the whole johhny kilroy bavk up story is funny as hell I still can belive kilroy put up 70 points in one quarter

  15. dope

    it looks white in the pic but it’s actually metallic silver

  16. Ben Dover

    I want some raptors

  17. EBrizzy

    Kilroy’s are a nice colorway imo, the commercial was flippin’ genius

  18. “Popcorn Tape” Edition.
    Looks ok so far. Gotta wait for the detailed images.

  19. L'z

    i love the background story to these kicks tho, these should be worthy of being a limited edition sneaker because of it.

  20. I think the metallic silver is going to make them look VERY grade school! Have fun on the playground kiddies! I personally like the black/royals but NEED the OLIVES!

  21. SPINS6136


  22. The Neugent

    “Im Out”

  23. Kingof23PJ

    its not gonna have 9 on the back its gonna have 4 on the back idiots. but overall this is a must have limited edition release.

  24. dbcooper

    If these wasn’t limited they would sit on shelves just like every other 9 that has released….

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