Air Jordan 9 “Kilroy Pack” – Release Dates

The Air Jordan 9 made quite a buzz these last few months with the upcoming “Kilroy Pack”. After all the different images of this pack, in the end six colorways have made the cut. The pack includes characters such as “Johnny Kilroy“, “Fontay Montana“, “Calvin Bailey“, “Bentley Ellis“, “Motorboat Jenkins“, and the latest Slim Jenkins.

We also have word that Nike Chicago will release the entire pack on October 13th with the rest of the pack releasing individually afterwards. Here is the list of the release dates for these anticipated Air Jordan 9’s. What’s your favorite CW from the pack? Feel free to let us know in the comment section below. via 23RAKIM45/NT

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Air Jordan IX ‘Johnny Kilroy’

Air Jordan IX ‘Fontay Montana’

Air Jordan IX ‘Bentley Ellis’

Air Jordan IX ‘Calvin Bailey’

Air Jordan IX ‘Slim Jenkins’

Air Jordan IX ‘Motorboat Jones’

  • My favorite is by far the “Bentley Ellis” pair. That redskins colorway is a combination that you dont see much on sneakers but it goes so well. Defin pickin those up!!!

  • LG

    9 pack is weak. Pass on all

  • Executive aka fukk a sneaker head

    Not gonna front those Johnny kilroys grew on me, I’ll try and get the all red joints too.

  • Executive aka fukk a sneaker head

    I haven’t seen this many 9’s since the last time I was looking for something in the trunk of the car!

  • i_luv_kickz

    I don’t buy Jordan’s anymore. No retros at all. Only modern jays cuz the price may be high on the moderns but the quality is worth it. Retros are priced high and the quality is bad. I only buy from the Kobe, lebron, and KD line.

  • i_luv_kickz

    I don’t even LIKE Jordan retros anymore… Quality is horrible and way overpriced for the quality. I honestly like modern jordans better now. I hate retros now. I’ve never even really liked retros. I couldn’t care less.

  • LG

    pass on all, doing to much with all these weak CW’s and bad quality.

  • i_luv_kickz

    Someone please help me!! Which should I cop! I can only get one! The KD IV gold medals or the Kobe 7 gray cheetah

  • !Sneaker_B!tch_So_Wassup!

    Most deff getn em “Johnny Killroys” me n ma twin rockn the shit outta thosee <33

  • francis

    im feeling those motorboat jones

  • chicago

    fontays forsure!

  • Shoe String & She Got Sneaks

    I like 3 of 4 of them but I’m gonna scoop them all up. I’m gonna pass on all the other holiday Retro Jordan releases to do so. These will only release once unlike the bred 4’s and 11’s. From a collector’s standpoint this makes more sense. Those 4’s and 11’s get churned out every few years anyways. I had given this a lot of thought and in the long run I would be happier knowing I own this whole set/pack or as many as I am able to cop instead of something that will give me satisfaction for a few weeks.

  • Jay

    Def cop for the slim jenkins Go Nuggets

  • Rlnhrd276

    I want the fontays bad but I live in new zealand and nike town don’t ship internationally.
    Any one know how I can buy online??

  • Mikleenjf

    what are the all red ones called? im liking those

  • KhillNC

    Just got my Bently Ellis, I love these joints. I think they have a cool color scheme. Its more of a garnett and gold scheme. Yea Im a Seminole fan!!