Air Jordan 9 “Powder Blue” Retro

Known to all Jordan heads as the Powder Blue Air Jordan 9, but the retro of the original colorway will drop with white/university blue. We’ve seen a decent amount of images of the Powder Blue 9’s, but here’s some new images to hold you down until these shoes release. The official launch date is May 29th, and the retail price is $150.

Images spotted @ Hypebeast via Primitive

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • 9’s are the 4th ugliest jordan out of all the numbered ones. These are terrible. I don’t see any appeal of these. Nothing to see here folks.

  • IXs>XIVs ^^^^^^

  • IXs > XIVs

  • JH


  • Hye Style Kid

    Agree with Jedi i usually dont like 9s but this colorway has altered my opinion for now

  • j_collector

    i’ll cop em

  • Royal Swagness

    I’m so coppin these. these are the summer look. a fresh ocean water blue with some black cargo shorts and a powder blue shirt with straps with a white v-neck under and I’m ready for the summer. G-roc the news is crazy today and I luv it.

  • ^^Royal Swagness- I agree 100%..

  • Big J

    these are a def cop…ive been waiting for these for a min…especially since i couldnt get the 25th anniversay ix…no size 15 lol!!!!!!!!!!

  • quongotit

    gotta have em

  • John B

    these are mine grrrr!!!!!

  • D

    Man everytime I try to get out the game it keeps calling my name.

  • AkaJ3ff

    Copped yesterday 🙂

  • cuda

    1st release im gon cop since the Dunkman Lebrons. Did cop some Linen Xs on the bay tho. Skippn the IIs for these!!



  • littlph

    yup sign me up for em im coppin mos deff!

  • whatupdoe

    I’m goin in

  • 23 was born in 718

    i have the ogs so these i can pass on,i do love the colorway tho,maybe i will cop later on since my eye is on the 6s in june
    @ swaggness i have to create my own outfit(1 of many you can rock)
    power blue polo hat,khaki or sand color cargos blk nike sox and clean white polo v neck tee

  • Beautiful pics! They look even better on foot!!

  • xRETROiVx

    definetly gives the 9’s a different perspective for me… changed my opnion on them entirely this colorway has so much depth

  • @Jedi….if the IXs are the 4th ugliest Jordan to you, what’s the top 3?

  • if I can’t cop on release date, then I gotta try & catch em on the rebound.

  • @RCH89…I’ll tell you who the top 3 are:
    and DYLAN!

    booyah KAW!

  • lmao at R E E, because I spit hot fire! Anyways these shoes are stupid fresh.

  • These ar tuff!!!! They look like they did a real good job on this retro. I just dont know if ima be able to get them. Im gettin the chicago bull 2’s and I also have to put money in the savings. Idk if ima be able be able to afford. Im tight!

  • LOL @ R E E

  • @RCH89 Why does that even matter? It will come up eventually, but those who know me already know my top.
    @R E E I was thinking of saying that, but you beat me to it, lol.

  • C R A C K
    And it’s about time these released……. I am worried about the cheap white leather though. If these were made out of anniversary/motorsport premium white leather I’d pay $175 + tax RIGHT QUICK.

  • copped these yesterday. love em.

  • cumberland mall we on deck 770 805-9686 brandon

  • LG

    They looking better every time I see them…Best CW.

  • I love nines…..but NEVER liked this colorway.

  • Zip Lock Fresh

    ….(as i lite up my stuffed garcia vega rillo) no thanks JB ill jus wait for them powder blue 2’s ….

  • J Flo

    these nd the 2s nd im good

  • Double 2 Da D!!!

    Smooth As Eggs!!!!

  • Solelacecollecter

    Pass. I got my eyes on a bunch of air max’s and other stuff coming up.

  • iSETtrenDz

    ppl is crazy…

    screw wat ppl say, i’m coppin’ these probably 2morrow & i’m sayin’ that with the Retro 2’s on my feet right now.. lol, funny i got the fusions of these to0 which was used for beatin the fck out of

    yeahhhhh b****tch (in my wiz khalifa voice)


  • Wilbury

    Id of gone with powder blue, but not uni/carolina blue. Been done to death imo.

  • these joints are dope. hypebeast love spacejams for the one scene in the movie when bugs n daffy were sent to get these and most people dont even remember. i fell in love with these ever since the movie. even with the slight powder blue/ carolina blue difference.



  • Ron

    im on it..where dey do dat at!! lol

  • JJH… you may be fam… but I disagree my dude! Love me some IX’s….. any CW! These are beautiful but as I always say… that powder blue is not the most versatile to rock at all… and I don’t play fashionista much with all the matching… but hats off to my dudes who do (BRINX and RSWAG)! Not a dig… a compliment!
    I only own the flint IX retros but am so torn this year with the multiple releases. OG CW white/black is def on the radar but these look so so nice! I was hoping they’d release the same white/red/black CW from the AJF IX that is basically identical color-blocking to this.

  • getting my today. everyone who doesn’t like them because of the picture will definitely have a change of heart when you see them in person. C’mon, these are powder blue 9’s my g’s. You HAVE to have them.

  • my pair**

  • 23 was born in 718

    these look so good in person,i just got them at my store and i pout mine aside already,lol so ppl can cop these and they will and even if you pass for the pack or the 6s you can go back and cop when they drop to $120
    @ g-roc i seen a new color of the 9s
    all whte with blk hits and yellow the laces was weird it was yellow with blk in the laces my homie got them from marquee sole
    heard he goona start sellin the charcole 9s in about a month or so

  • 23 was born in 718

    correction its white with dark army and citrus with patent leather around where it would be 3m and the laces are yellow and say jordan in blk

  • Deff gunna cop these shyts this is summer styl

  • TPC

    We Carolina kids are rockin these everywhere!!!! YAK!