Air Jordan Air Fresheners

It’s very common for Jordan heads to hang baby Jordans on the rear view mirror, but that’s always been for style. Now you can hang Air Jordans on your rear view that actually serve a purpose. Look fly as Mike while keeping your car smelling fresh with Shoepreme’s Air Jordan air fresheners. If you’re feeling this fresh concept, you can purchase the air fresheners right now via Shoepreme’s online shop. View the other air fresheners below.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Appreciate the post G-Roc…much appreciated!

  • @Shoepreme – No problem. All love. Props on the dope concept.

  • atgbryan


  • SPINS6136

    Well, every good sneakerhead takes a good deep inhale of his new shoes right out the box, so why not enjoy that smell in your car, all day every day.

  • waze

    just bought me all 3!

  • JMan904

    @shoepreme when should we be expecting the air fresheners to arrive if purchased today?

  • aSh

    Make ur car smell like fresh sneaker!!! Very dope!!

  • Tony Snow

    I have my lil boys playoff viii and my lil girls space jams on my rear view mirror so I’m good…

  • Picked up the three pack myself!

  • ScamSite

    These are selective scam artists. I ordered these over a month ago and have not received anything. Numerous emails with no response. Be very careful. There FB page shows a lot of people that have also paid and not received anything.