Air Jordan “All Black” Collection

A little over three years ago, Jordan Brand revealed an all white Jordan collection hitting all of the numbered models at that time (up to 2009). As part of the unveiling of the latest Air Jordan XX8 model, Jordan Brand takes a similar route displaying a full collection of each numbered model prior to the XX8 decked out in all black.

We have seen Jordan Brand do this before celebrating different events, creating an exclusive collection of releases in a particular colorway, so this may be nothing new at first. However, the black mixes well with the majority of their numbered Jordans, really accenting the details on each sneaker.

Like other collections, it’s safe to say that these will not release but feel free to speculate on your favorite if they were ever to release.

Would you like to see a retail release of any of the all black Jordans?

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  • MelloYelloMD

    Most def the 9s and 11…8s and 12s..3s and 2s are prolly dope in a buttery leather

  • 4s go hard. 9s i actually like, i don’t mess with 9s normally. 11s definitely can get it.

  • D-Boy J’s. I need parts, bruh bruh.

  • beanz

    what is the point of these collections? they will never release these. waste of materials.

  • gee

    The all white pack had came out these might get some light

  • gotjordans

    I like all of them!

  • Big Mike

    5s, 9s, and 11s for me please!!!

  • G-Phi 2K6

    The 12’s are fiya!

  • Jay

    All black always looks good.

  • Just Kicks

    WOW! WOW! WOW!

  • Sole Seriouz

    6’s and 11’s!!

  • TAS423

    i wanna c the 13’s

  • omar najeeb

    OH, MY, GOD!!! The 11s are imperial. 5s are wicked too. All that I can make out are pretty dop. But 11s–sheesh!! Cold, crush

  • john.p.killroy

    those 11s are the greatest shoes ever created by man

  • JayOldPeachtree


  • Tyl3r

    I already have all black anniversary 10’s but the 11 and 12 look like straight fire

  • S_McDuck

    I have pretty much given up on Jordans, but these Blacked out shoes look amazing. The ones I would def try to get if they released are the 12s (fave Js of all time), 11s, 10S, 5S, 3s, 4s and 1s. If they could release that crappy looking white collection, then they can definitely do these, as long as they release them with the gorgeous leather that is on these things.

  • SuSpence2wice

    If and when they do release this collection, I’m gonna buy every last one of these shoes. Black is the most beautiful color for these sneakers.