Is Your Air Jordan Collection 727 Deep?

Probably not. But trust us when we say there’s some die-hard Air Jordan collectors out there. Take Detroit native Mark Bostic for example. He’s serious about his Jordans. It’s not just about the shoes, either. Bostic has all types of Michael Jordan memorabilia, but the most impressive thing is his 727 pair Air Jordan collection. Now that’s the true definition of a Jordan head. Mark Bostic, also known as JumpmanBostic, has been in the Jordan shoe game since 1986, and he hasn’t had another sneaker on his feet since then. Wait, there’s more. Mark is the same age as Jordan and was born the same month.

So, what do you call a collection of 727 Air Jordans? Basement Of The Jordans is what his collection is called. You can take a look at his Jordan collection by clicking through the photos below. Learn more about JumpmanBostic here. Share your thoughts in the comment section.

Also, how many Jordans do YOU own?

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Chevyboy


  • YaY

    Impressive and ridiculous at the same time. I love Jordans but not every single pair. I respect it tho ,nice pics. True Jordan head for real.

  • YaY

    This guy is my size too, goddamm lol. Wish I knew him personally for some unwanted doubles lol. I’m pretty sure he double or tripled the favorites.

  • Executive AKA The Snowmane

    Fire. Im 27 and in the 450 range and growing.

  • AlSneaks

    doesn’t this guy have a youtube channel too? dudes collection is CRAZY!

  • SPINS6136

    Had my house not burned down in 2006, I was 500+ deep at the time.

    Now I’m at a pedestrian 80 hwoever instead of buying any and everything, I stuck to all my ultimate facorutes retros only.

    However, thank god my collection was insured. Split that and created 2 college funds for my kids. Daddy’s sick habit paid off in the end.

  • javier_tx_teacher

    damn and i thought i was relevent with 100+ lol….very speechless

  • Serg252001

    His YouTube is crazy

  • M-$

    Damn that’s the dedication.

  • The Epidemic

    That will be me in about 10 years! lol Ill have to have better storage though. Thats amazing man.

  • Mad love and respect!! Making the Jordan heads proud…

  • soloflight22

    His apparel game is on point too…

  • Gotta give him much respect for that collection. He’s got PE’s and all that. I have alooot of sneakers but I aint messin with that dude on the jordan level. My sneaker collection is too diverse

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    Daaaaaaaamn, that is ill!

  • John B.

    WOW!! nuff said! amazing collection!

  • …would have them walls fire proof’d like a muuuug!!!


    He’s got me by few?? lol I got like 26 pairs and with my kids and my wife we have like 40+ but like a lot of jbheads i dont buy EVERY pair… just the ones i like the best…I just need like six to have 1-23 and all the new 2ks …

  • atgbryan


    AND OL’ BOY GOTTA TON OF FUSIONS TOO.. (………………………….crickets……………………………)
    oh… all “COOL” sn’eads hate those.

  • Herb T

    @SPIN thats a crazy story, but i guess it did pay off

  • Edge

    Thanks for posting this G-Roc. I have to admit it, it replenishes my mind in reminding me why I love collecting sneakers when I see the passion another collector has. I’m glad Mark’s collection is getting some attention because I had seen his pictures many years ago and always wondered who he was, a true OG Jordan Head.
    Sneaker Freaker is a great magazine as well.

  • Alex

    Un-effin-believable. My hero.

  • Lol I have 6….

  • YaY

    @ Alan

    6 is better than 5

  • Lincoln

    In a way it’s cool and in another it’s kind of creepy…

  • iSETtrenDz


    i use to always watch his youtube when i wanna see some throwbacks.. his collection is #BOSS

  • erick10

    Wow crazy collection…. I would personally be happy with 100 or so.

  • Snekaer King 845

    This guy did well for himself.I’ll catch up once I’m a senior citizen

  • DC DunKing

    727 dwarfs my 43 anyday1 and all i have is mostly 12s and 2s. I hope he has insurance on that collection! I’m serious though, call All State and make sure them joints is covered because its hard to prove value after an accident has happened, ESPECIALLY a value on shoes.

    Great post GROCC!

  • raeqwon28

    I agree to what most people are saying. Definitely have to get it covered under home/apartment insurance. This is for anyone with large collections make sure you are keeping a spread sheet of all of shoes when you bought them, the price and the model plus everything in the house. I just went through a natural disaster and I was forunate to keep all my shoes intact plus got 15K for all of them.

  • RAYO23

    @spins where can I buy insurance for my shoes and what was your monthly premiums??