Air Jordan I x Air Jordan XIII – Black/Red

The Air Jordan I is seen as one of the most versatile Jordan sneakers when it comes to how it’s released, and the latest hybrid combines it with the Air Jordan XIII.

Using the Air Jordan I base, the shoe holds true to the original sneaker with the Swoosh on the side, branding on the heel, tongue and side panel, and coming close to the original shape. The Air Jordan XIII additions can be seen with the mesh overlay on the side panel and tongue, the tag above the toe box and the hologram Wings logo.

The release date is set for next year, but TSG will keep you updated on the exact date as it arises.

Images: MN

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  • Lmaaaaao


    Not gonna lie i was like oh no what did they do now?. But i like these

  • Air Jedi


  • gotjordans

    Looks like Jordan Brand is releasing a bunch of 1s again…, but this time, with a touch of some “hybrid”… 🙁
    No thanks!

  • Jstar

    JB NO MORE 1’s!!! give it a break

  • Shane D.


  • smokey

    Could of easily incorparated these into the 13s without the xtra wrk just leave regular 1s look put some material of 13s with no meshing and. mane dese shts jus ugly

  • Just Kicks

    They are ok

  • Guess Who?

    Not anything to lose sleep over that’s for sure

  • omar najeeb

    Eh, they aight. Like s’body said earlier, the look could’ve been executed w/ a cleanr look.

  • Patrick CoKane

    Taxi Colorway!