Air Jordan Retro 2017 Summer Releases


Jays for Summer ’17.

Jordan Brand announced several Air Jordan Retro releases for Summer 2017.

Original and new colorways will be released this summer. A lot of these Jordans have already leaked and been confirmed, but JB went on the record to prepare the sneaker world for what’s coming.

However, they did not include release dates or prices.

Which release are you checking for?

Air Jordan Retro 2017 Summer Releases






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  • DJR

    Not gonna lie these are all pretty clean. Not sure which ones if any that’ll cop though.

  • chutney’s… im finally gonna have you

  • Executive Now is perfect time

    I’m on hiatus for a bit and these are kinda weak. My son gonna eat tho.

  • Executive Now is perfect time

    Yeah right, now you know that all the people who never wanted them will be snatching them up?

  • haha… i know. especially with wheat sneakers being so popular. but im pretty plugged in, should be able to secure a pair

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Blk-navy 13 low is whatta NEED!!

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Myyyyy GOOD-ness…. that 7 is so trash.

  • javi

    You need all of them hypebeast????

  • Ray.

    Im not buying any jordans until the Black 4s (with Nike on the back) and the mocha 3s..

  • For how long?

  • Strongest one in the line up.

  • Chutney 13 >

    I know you’re getting Royal 1s, right?

  • Lol. At first I thought you were going to say fire… then I kept reading. lol

  • Executive Now is perfect time

    Well after the Royals then I’ll be. How long is a good question, I ain’t got an answer for that yet.

  • DJR

    I’ll try but I will be in ATL on the release date. I guess I will try raffles there but I took an L for the breds and I’m expecting the same for these to be honest.