Air Jordan Retro Holiday 2013 – Confirmed Releases

Most of us may know by now that 2013 will be jam packed with Air Jordan releases including the return of “Nike Air” badge to some classic models. TSG can confirm more releases for the 2013 Holiday lineup. Jordan Brand is dropping a few models from their archives including the Air Jordan 10, Air Jordan 11, and Air Jordan 12.

The AJ 11 that is set to drop Holiday 2013 will include a black based colorway. Check out the list below of the confirmed Jordan Brand Holiday 2013 releases.

Let us know in the comment section which model you are looking forward to.

Here is the information we can confirm for Holiday 2013 (October-December):
-Air Jordan 10 “Steel Grey”
-Air Jordan 11 Black/Black
-Air Jordan 12 “Taxi”

Stay tuned for release dates.

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  • KP

    Boom. Them AJ10 steel blue is calling my name.

  • 4DRUMZ

    Woooooooooooo TAXI’s!!!

  • bdogg

    a blackout with a jumpman yellow is fine i guess!! as long as the xi is not the blue patent which is does seem to be i am game!

  • SoleAmbition23

    No Columbias???????

  • aSh

    eeeeeeh whatevas…. all easy pass for me…

  • chris veal

    kp what you mean steel blue?

  • omar najeeb

    All 3 for me. None for you!!! Maybe, hold on. Already got the taxi lows.

  • KP

    @chris veal.
    Ha! Typo. I meant Steel Grey.

  • Executive

    18th day of the year and we’re talkin holiday releases?

  • Executive

    I remember copping the OG 10’s at marshalls.

  • john.p.killroy

    My black and grey jordan 10s and black on black 11s!!! I’m camping out, getting a twitter account to make reservations, bribing a foot locker employee whatever it takes to cop 2 pairs!!!

  • would only cop the 11’s i dont like 10’s or 12’s

  • Edson

    Skip on tens….. Those taxis will be mine, I love 12s

  • “Always bet on Black” -Wesley Snipes voice from prison.

  • SBedge

    I would like to see some XVI-XIX eventually

  • nico

    hopefully the blackout elevens come out on Black Friday so the columbias have a chance for a Christmas season release

  • Anthony Withers

    This year has alot of fire and ive been waiting on the taxi’s i will try to grab all three

  • nowthatsdope

    Ppl keep this on the low. I don’t want ppl talkin about this release all f ukin year long it annoying.

  • Big Mike

    @nico Not a chance in hell they release 2 11s in a year let alone 2 in 30 days, would be nice though.

  • gotjordans

    So, the XIs are all black? The Blackouts? Hmmm….!

  • gotjordans

    And you said on the article that “NIKE AIR” badge will be on “some” classic models. Are you saying that there will be more NIKE AIR Js, and not just on the White Cement 3s…? I KNEW IT 😀

  • omar najeeb

    @blackground___uh oh! U jus gave an idea of your age there pimp wit that “passenger 57” reference. Lol
    Oops! Gues I did the same bout my age! Hah! Salute, sir!

  • Mater

    @sbedge damnn thought i was the only one. feels like they keep releasing the same shit over and over . i would like to see some 16s and 17s retroed shiiiiiiiiiet

  • deech dollars

    I need all three, taxi’s and steel’s are my favorite 10s and 12s

  • Royal “no longer call me” swag

    Let me get the 10’s and 12’s. The rest of you can camp out and fight each other in a royal rumble for the 11’s.

  • Rip Los

    My taxis from the cdp still looking good,and I got the space jams so I’m good on the “blackouts”… I would like to see some different numbers like … bred xix… Black and blue xviii…or the blue and white xvi… Switch it up Kb…

  • Sek

    Horrible. Blk/blk xi smh. Minus will just release space jams. JB stay jerking all ya idiots. Colombias should’ve dropped instead. And the ugly ass steels?! Smh. Oh taxi that dropped in 08 again! And a $10 mark up most likely.