Air Jordan Retro III – Black/Purple/Green

November 15, 2012 | 24

A new Air Jordan Retro III colorway has popped up donning a black/purple/green color scheme.

Instagram user Tee_Leo has posted up a picture of an unseen colorway featuring a black leather upper, along with a bright green on the outsole and liner. A purple finishes the sneaker off on the laces, air bubble and around the heel detailing.

No details on the release have been provided or even if these are officially going to drop. Whether these will be a GS release or an adult release is yet to be confirmed, but TSG will keep you updated on any potential information on the Joker/Donatello-esque colorway.


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Comments (24)

  1. JBYRD23

    Like the green clear bottom but the whole shoe needs remodeling.

  2. MikeyDrums86


  3. Shane D.

    Joker 3s?

  4. Just Kicks

    Quality looks good.

  5. Jay

    I don’t know how about these yet. I will wait for more pics before I bash them.

  6. solediva86

    def looks like a kids colorway. i like!

  7. @Just Kicks – I was thinking the same thing. Possible Air Jordan 3 Bin 23???

  8. Scolia5044

    Joker 3′s i’m coppin

  9. P.A.'s Finest


  10. Shoe String

    I might be speaking to soon but I’m feeling these. Like them better than the Crimson 3′s. I like the fact JB is thinking outside the box. Hope these are a men’s release because I liked a lot of the GS AJ’s that have released and was mad they were for kids. Need better pics but I hope they will be a GR release. I wish them upcoming black/pink-blue AJ 4′s for kids was a GR or men’s release. JB leaves a lot of money on the table by slapping the GS designation on Jordan’s.

  11. There is alot goin on in this shoe. Not feeling them at all.

  12. Stupidfreshkicks

    Reminds me of the Nelly spikes, they’re not bad. I’ll pass though

  13. SPINS6136


    Thank you JB for literally shi**ing on my favorite Jordan model.


    I’m out!

  14. AirJedi

    Colorway for the young Cats…For me to coop Jordan Retros needs to be more classic or neutral cw. On the Brons i can do something like this…beacuse the quality is always on point.

  15. Guess Who?

    Guess they decided to bring back the CACTUS colorway on the jordan 3′s

  16. aSh

    Good to finally see JB do some more colors with their retros…. not feeling the cw but it’s good to see them trying…

  17. Executive

    Literally lol’d and farted. Keep em

  18. omar najeeb

    I undrstnd sum’o d’original disdain for deez joints. But they might look bttr in other pics. I wld say in prsn. But they’ll be sold out by time u see’em in prsn–on smbdy feet

  19. LG

    ^spell out your words lol

  20. 11_Spacejams

    ell oh ell!

  21. AJ head

    I dont know why people pay more than 500 dollars for Doerenbecher4s but not this pair.
    Name it DB3s or something.
    Then everyone will camp out for this shoe.

  22. SPINS6136

    AJ head:

    Because I’d respect if a 10 year old kid with a serious illness went crazy with some colors and patterns and materials and designed these. It would be understandable.

    Not when it’s JB’s think tank coming up with this.

    HUGE difference.


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