Air Jordan Silver Anniversary – Part 1

Air Jordan 11 Silver Anniversary Collection

All white everything? Yep, somebody better tell Jay-Z there’s been a change of plans for 2010. Jordan Brand gives us a preview of their Silver Anniversary Collection. Seen in this preview is the Silver Anniversary Air Jordan 1, VI, XI, XVI, and XX1. Enjoy the images for now, and we’re waiting for JB to release info about whether or not this collection will be available next year.

Air Jordan 1 Silver Anniversary Collection

Air Jordan 6 Silver Anniversary Collection

Air Jordan 16 Silver Anniversary Collection

Air Jordan 21 Silver Anniversary Collection

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  • Converse King

    All white shoes are boring. Count on me to cop none of these, if they release. These shoes are “whack” as the kids say.

  • J.Chang

    Even though they are all white and pretty simple, I might have to get one of each…. Those 11s are pretty sick

  • Taylor Gentry

    All of these are good. I would cop.

  • CenValCali

    I’m so coppin….

  • Chevyboy

    The 16s are pretty ill…I guess that’s the closest thing we’re gonna get to Columbia XI’s, huh JB??? (hint…)

  • weezy23

    the 11s and 16s are fire 6s are ok but will def copp a few of thoose still got the 21s all whits and never even wear em

  • ATLien_Smoke

    Don’t do white shoes… If I had to wear these everyday, then I would buy 365 pairs of the same shoe, bcuz white is toooo much hassle to keep clean.. White is on fresh, VNDS… Nice to look at, and even perhaps put in one of those “shoe frames”… I retired from white shoes in ’04.. .

  • Two streetwear sites put out the info that THESE WILL RELEASE…..not sure how legit it is….LET’S KEEP OUT FINGERS CROSSED…..

  • trey


  • BlackGlasses

    All of these joints are dope, but i honestly don’t think they are made to roc. Sounds crazy i know but this look like some collector, display kinda sh*t. Something like my Titanium 23’s… Feel me.

  • 23edge KNOWS

    I’ve been wearing Air Jordans most of my life, so I am pretty happy to see them release something special like this, fingers crossed as well, Thanks TM. I would love to get the XI’s as well

  • i hope they dont release them all, i can do without HALF the collection, but damn, the other half, sign me up

  • Salex!

    this makes me feel funny in my pants :}

  • the 6’s are cool. the 11’s are fire. hopefully they drop.

  • Sneakers O’ Toole

    B O R I N G

  • Prolificstylez

    The 11’s look kinda alright and omg the 16’s have never looked better than the way they do here

  • MisterMcfly23

    if they do release them, JB’s gonna do something stupid like send each store 2 pairs of each one, either way those 11’s are holdin…

  • These 11s remind me of the OG carolinas back in the day. Talk about so fresh and so clean…pfffffft! I can’t do it though…all white kicks are worthless unless you got $$ to throw away…1 x and right back in the box.

  • Chaz

    G-Roc are these GR?

  • J Flo

    gimme dose Xi`s and im good

  • HC6

    all white VI’s lookin crisp

  • tommaso

    these look very nice.

  • Dre

    Sixes are sick- if they drop gotta get a new cleanin kit. Would def take these over white on white forces

  • C-DUB314

    I’ll take one of those 6’s in a size 12 please.

  • i guess our kids will enjoy the GOLD Anniversary =))) 25 years from now =))))…. lol

  • Gen_Bruh

    11’s & 16’s are hot. even tho i dont wear a one all color shoe..

  • HOTSizzle

    The order is obvious the part 1 had(i,vi,xi,xvi,xxi)
    and part 2 has (ii,vii,xii,xvii,xxii)
    and im sure part 3 is (iii,viii,xiii,xviii,xxiii)
    …..maybe CF


    man if yaw think these are wack u must live under a rock ! lol not but forreal these are fire i bet these are gonna sale like crack !!!!!!!!


    when is seen those icy 11’s i jizzd everywhere so fresh

  • scotty

    to clean and to fresh
    these are for a collection, not a everyday shoe !
    too clean and too fresh
    a piece of art………………

  • I highly doubt these will drop. These are just like the white and red jordan collection that niketown 21 mercer has on display. These are just to look at…But those 11’s go hard and would be the nearest thing to columbia’s. I also think the 6’s r real tuff as well.

  • aha

    four words….

    “dirt will destroy these.”

  • am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz

    The XIs are a good rock for the summer… that’s it. I won’t be buying any of them. I own 1 pair of all white shoes…. that’s right, you guessed it… the WII

  • am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz

    The XIs are a good rock for the summer… that’s it. I won’t be buying any of them. I own 1 pair of all white shoes…. that’s right, you guessed it… the NINTENDO WII AM95s

  • collector’s only.

  • i always wanted an all white xiii, those to me are dread, and those 11’s 2, i’d buy um

  • JR

    Make these a limited purchase and watch the hype build..

  • Agree with JR, these will only be nice to ME if there a limited release. JB has got to stop with all these diff colorways. I mean ALL WHITES?? Did they get that idea from the fake shoe maker’s?? they just seem fake to me, IDK

  • ima cop all the numbers i dont have to complete it ha

  • DMPboy

    The 12s might as well be the rising suns no that much different the 11s go hard

  • The 11s lookin right and the 16s look kinda fake have to see more pictures does anyone know if there goin to make 1-23 ? Or just certain kicks

  • Geo.

    I’m feeling the 11s and 6s.

  • cant wait for those 11’s! maybe 6’s aha

  • Gotta love it!!!

  • Stevo

    man all white is all me i will be getting the 11’s and 12’s oh yeah and the 6’s too.