Air Jordan Sneakerhead

Take a mintue to watch this Air Jordan Sneakerhead video by Kim D. You’ll be very impressed by Kim’s flow as she schools you on Air Jordan history. It’s always refreshing to hear from a well educated sneakerhead, as in someone that actually knows the history on the kicks they spend their hard earned money on. Kim breaks down the history of the Air Jordan line from it’s early years, colorways, designers, and more. Without a doubt, Kim is a certified sneakerhead and an Air Jordan scholar. Peep the vid and get educated as Kim drops accurate Air Jordan knowledge. You just might learn something!

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • JB I think you should cut Kim D a check, or at least give her some free J’s. I thought it was going to be wack, but dang she dropped some serious facts for the clueless people in our culture. I was even more impressed by her being a girl, no disrespect ladies but some of ya’ll know how it is sometimes.

  • Jay Bills

    good stuff kim and i like how she had the jordans to go with the video

  • sole4sole

    i loved it!!

  • VuittonDon

    dayum that was on point…the one person who voted that they didn’t like it rocks the fakes or was mad cuz she didn’t talk about the packs enough haha

  • ^LOL I agree VD, it’s always going to be a couple of haters. She shocked the HECK out of me. I’m still like WHOA.

  • ^ Ha ha, “VD”. Anyway, yeah the rhyme was hot.

  • AirOny

    that sh*t was wax no flow the fact was kool but i could handle 1 min
    it was garbage

  • A.I

    WHY ISNT KIM SIGNED YET? FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JimiToos

    “last but not least is the #23.
    I lick the bottom of the shoe cuz I aint never wearin these”!!!

    one word: DOPE!!!

    sick flow:P

  • BETTER than that Nelly song Stepped on My J’s

  • Brody

    ^^ co-sign lol

  • TorontoComeUp

    pretty sick FLOW, if u didnt like this ur a hater man, straitup

  • Israel189

    damn she killed it one this one.

  • DaFre$hOne

    That was the illest sneaker rhyme i have ever heard

    I got to agree with DAVE and Brody

  • Jon Blaze

    i was suprised 2 cuz i thought it would be wack but she ripped it…and nelly get her on the remix 2 your wack song!

  • C Lo

    Ohhhhh Kim D ripped it. Now show us your sneaker collection Kim. I bet she got a sick Air Jordan collection.

  • agreed.. Better then “Stepped On My J’s”

  • She was ILL. If you rock real jays you liked da rap!!!


    DAMN .. that is to raw … str8 FIRE … JB signs there 1st rap artist

  • Xkb

    She did her thing and was clever with all the facts in there… nice job

  • CoRY

    I gotta give her mad credit..that was very original and better then most jordan songs i heard

  • LMC

    F*ck, it actualy wern’t that bad

  • King

    Jaxboogie and J.Rock Is Gonna Be Mad Watch Out Kim D A Diss Coming Soon!

  • abelinoSFV

    Kim D I couldn’t say any better good job Momma I liked it no hatting here

  • ^^In case ya’ll don’t know what King is talking about peep the links
    King you left the 23rd comment if that means anything to you…

  • Dro

    wow this chick knows here stuff she is not like those little fucks who werent even old enough to remeber mike play standing in line to buy retros when they use release she is alot better than these wack rappers

  • she KILLED it…..Nelly, take notes…..

  • shunda

    man that sh*t was nice she shouldnt have been da track wit nelly, jd,ciera, n kd lol n u kno theres always a hater (the one mf that didnt like it )

  • ^^So Street hit me up today TM and the rest of TSG, and was asking me about this vid. He said he liked it and sent Nelly a text message to let him know about Kim. He told Nelly to put Kim D on the Stepped On My J’s remix. Now that would be something right there.

  • ^^Yeah man, someone should hook her up cuz she’s doing it RIGHT!!!
    That’d be crazy if she got the hook up like that….

    Then we need a real ghetto remix version with a video of the song- M.O.P. Busta Rhymes, and a bunch of other crazy fools in it, all wearin’ J’s and stomping the he!! outta J-Rock and Jaxboogie LOL…..

  • For real…..Raekwon, Fat Joe, and WALE should do a SERIOUS track/video about kicks….they know what the f**k’s up!!!

  • Jaewon


  • YES. She knows what’s up, no question. A+


  • Jason

    i loved the flow..i liked how she broke it down from number to the year and the designers…She should make a remix with all the retro Nike basketball sneakers!

  • Gotta love it…she knows the game for sure.

  • Shorty Went in. Good stuff Kim D.

  • ^Stay tuned for more Kim Dness on TSG 🙂
    Homegirl is doing it big!!!!!!

  • d3r3k

    damn that was pretty sick

  • 187killa

    yall niggaz get me mad…if you cant afford j’s its okay to buy fakes… i buy real and fake ones…juss cuz u cant afford dem dont mean u cant buy a pair that r exactly the same for cheaper!!
    thats ma take on it cuhhh…shout out to nelly for stepped on ma j’s..classic

  • chris310hova


  • Young Z

    Ay yo im a huge sneakerhead….and im from way down in O-City…she killed dat s**t no doubt….real talk….keep doin u mama…lol datz goin on my myspace page!!!!

  • ones1

    that was crack holla get at your boyee

  • ones1

    hit me kim d i like what i see

  • corey halli


  • she kicked GAME.


    Heat. Jordan Brand should use this for advertising somehow someway…a video..something!!!

  • Shad Legend

    she ripped that shit

  • Fluid

    So Many quotes, so little space…def my fav though
    “last but not least is the #23.
    I lick the bottom of the shoe cuz I aint never wearin these”!!!

  • Big Ty

    Kim D. HOT!!! she put it down in a major way..Way to go Shorty.

  • jojo

    Awesome shit Kim.D JB should give lots of respect to Kim.D

  • MelloYelloMD

    Ayo…I slept on watching this joint at first but then I started seeing it posted on some other sites. I checked it out and like most I was surprised (after I saw the old picture gallery backdrop). If you voted No/it was wack, you need to go take anutha listen and step your knowledge up. Shawty aint gotta put out another song she killed it (and Nelly, JD, and Bow too). She def belongs first on the remix.



  • sbhollisterdude

    jmichale needs to put her on the page… because she put it down real heavy

  • is she married G-Roc?!?!?
    i need a chick wit this type of knowledge as well!

  • Audie

    geeeeeeezz somebody needs to sign this girl an let her talk about sneaks