Air Jordan V Retro “Grape” 2013 Retro

New images of the highly coveted Air Jordan V Retro “Grape” have just surfaced onto the web.

What began as a rumored Laney/Grape V Package, the sneaker was finally confirmed a few months ago to be part of the 2013 Jordan line-up. The last time the sneaker released was 2006 and ever since, prices have skyrocketed.

The time to pick them up will come soon enough, as these are currently scheduled for a spring 2013 release, sometime around May.

Images: SoleWings

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  • Executive

    Stupendous! (Barney voice)

  • Sole Seriouz

    Excellent…(in Mr. Burns voice)

  • KP

    Copped! Three or four times!

  • AlexThaGr8

    Nice! Been waiting for these.

  • Only colorway I like of the Vs, they hurt my feet like hell though so most likely a no-go…

  • omar najeeb

    @jawduhn__don’t let the fact that V’s mite b uncomfy deter ya. Size up, boy! I will make an attempt for em

  • Must cop.

  • gee

    WoW the last time I had a pair of these in 92 can’t wait to cop another pair and this time around they will hard to get

  • me

    im getting thes last time they came out i was at broward mall the employees ended up taking like 16 pairs…long story short they were one pair short right when i was about to walk in. i waied 16 hrs in drizzle with grown ass men trynna kill me lol. i will NOT miss out this time. one of the very few Js id still join a stupid line for

  • Guess Who?

    Glad they fixed toe box shape but why red lace locks 🙁


  • Ed

    Oh look, a $115 shoe that’s probably gonna retail at $160 and get resold for like $300. Stay free hypebeasts.

  • AJ head

    I never see Grape Vs with 23 on them.
    Shut your dxxn mouth up. please.

  • va

    kenneth.. lol there was no 23 on the 2006’s either..
    the stupid change up is red lace locks.. cause they prolly got millions layin around cheap bastards lemme get the ’06 lace lock that matches please.. but either way im gettin em

  • milyon

    I still got my 2006 NDS but, I want to get another pair. Red laces lock? Nike change that asap!!

  • aSh

    These drop near my b-day….. Consider this one in the bag…. But seriously…

  • TheSneakerDude

    Grape 5 never have the 23 onn the side. Only the grape Fushion Air Force 5 had the grape and aqua 23 on the side. Know your s hit or just follow the waggon like every other hypebeast!

  • Just Kicks


  • Shane D.

    Give me 4 pairs. Yes, 4.

  • solediva86

    they have to release them in gs sizes this time. have to!

  • My ’06 DS Grapes is a tad bit pissy yellow & the air bubble is kinda cloudy. I’m procurin a pair & I’m gonna swap lace locks on em. HA!

  • omar najeeb

    @AJHead easy up ther boy, don’t hurt him. Poor miseducated soul. He can’t help it. My bad. On sec thght he could help it. Kenneth google them joints next time, aight. Salute, boy!!!

  • Formally Know As Royal Swag

    Haven’t picked up a pair of 5’s in years and now I’m grabbing these & the white/black/red cw also in the same 2013 year.