Air Jordan VI White/Black (Detailed Look)

Air Jordan VI White/Black

Who’s ready for the Air Jordan VI takeover next year? Well, not really a takeover, but Jordan Brand is going to feed your Jordan VI appetite in 2010. We’ve done our job by breaking the news on a few of those releases, and in case you don’t understand what we mean click here and here.

Anyhow, today we came across detailed pictures of the white/black Air Jordan 6 with the speckled midsole. Are you feeling them? Before you answer that, check out the crispy images after the jump.

The white/black Air Jordan VI is set for a March 2010 release.

Images courtesy of vmvinc

Air Jordan VI 6 White/Black

Air Jordan VI 6 White/Black

Air Jordan VI 6 White/Black

Air Jordan VI 6 White/Black

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  • This is for all the TSG Jordan heads.

  • edizzle

    damn G!! at first i wasnt feelin these..but now these pics make me want em so bad. something about that speckled sole…nice colorway. a must cop for me!

  • ^Yeah, these pics are on point. Even I was like DANGGGGGG!

  • Killa Man

    The speckled lace lock makes it all the more LS. I still will prally cop though.

  • Juice j

    Damn yo these are fire deff coppin thm for my collection lol thnx g!

  • robb

    too good to be true…. i wouldnt be surprised if they changed these up.

  • mars blakmon


  • DeLaSole

    I still don’t like the speckled print. These pics do make them look a lot better though. Still on the fence about these.

  • jr_lyon

    Wow the first pics of these I saw looked way bad, but now these are a must cop!!! I am so happy that the Jordan VI is making a return. They are the so comfortable with that tongue

  • Starz

    That speckled midsole is the only thing that kills it for me, but I’ll see what’s up with getting ’em. Great colorway, but if I had to choose I would get the Black & Varsity Red’s..

  • Word to Ned Flanders, these are re-diddly-diculous!…I have to have these……

  • joel

    must cop . i dont like new colorways of retro but this look crazy..

  • Retro Boy

    These are CRACK. Def Cop.

  • CallmeDiesel

    these are on point. still wish i had the Carmines tho……

  • tommaso

    those are sexyyyyy

  • JH

    Icey sole equals hot Jordan VI. I don’t know about the speckle print, but still a hot shoe.

  • towery

    WTF….I will choke my wife out to get these…

  • JRa

    nice mulatto kicks! im in love! Ya boy Sneakgeekz got a video of these, G-Roc you should find it on his youtube page and post!


    DEY GREW ON ME I WANT 2 COPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEM

  • Alex

    Wanted these since I saw the 1st pics…I don’t know why u heard so much hate on these…I will call these the Oreo VI’s for now…def cop

  • sneakerfan93

    VMVinc always has the best pics and these will be the way they come out next year. Hopefully I have enough money since there are so much shoes coming out. Jordan Brand is gonna kill my pockets!

  • cuda

    These are pretty dope. I like the carmines better but a VI is a VI, so we are all forced to cop whether we want to or THINK we don’t want to. They should try this with the 1s, so when they do re-release we’ll be on them like crazy.

  • am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz

    if they just kill the speckles this is a dope sneaker… keep the specks i will pass.

  • AJ head

    If there is no speckle print, the shoe might be too boring.
    I like this design. I have to cop a pair.

  • DaHero1017

    Im copping for sure, cant wait. Keep up the good work G-Roc

  • DaHero1017

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^TokyoMike, you trip me out sometimes haha

  • weezy23

    these are sick! i like the speckle or whatever u wanna call it makes em different so i dig em!

  • Banksta

    the sole is reallly nice.. soo icey… but, besides the fact that these pics are somewhat making me like the shoe a bit more, i still do not find these too appealing…

  • CenValCali

    co-sign wit the homie JRa….SneakGeekz stay gettin shiet early.
    ^^towery….I heard from ppl that domestic violence comes witta price….unless you’re caked up, then play on playa.

  • A U

    dang these are probably the best thing they’ve done with the speckles

  • ajKiss

    would probably buy if they werent speckled

  • o so icey. definitley going to cop these. cant wait!!

  • Starz

    CenValCali you a fool for that one ahaha!

  • There ight I think jordan brand needs to just come out with the mello 2s grape 5s again the white blue and yellow 5s them black 8s that came out a few years ago white and red 11s again cool grey 11s cool grey 9s and french blue 9s that be the best year they would have

  • o.s.t

    I heard that you get a pack of oreos and some milk with every purchase of these while supplies last.

  • XkrispyELI

    these are dope. i cant wait to see all the great jordans that will drop in 2010.

  • Black and white always goes together. Look;

    Salt and Pepper.
    Mookie and Sal.
    Arnold Swarzenegger and Grace Jones kickin’ it in Conan.
    Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
    Billy Hoyle and Sidney Dean.
    Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney.
    Oreo Blizzards.
    Snake Eyes vs Stormshadow.
    The Black Gorilla Family vs The Aryan Brotherhood. (<-maybe not.)

    The list of awesomeness never stops……

  • J-Rainey

    ^^Co-Sign W/ TokyoMike, lol, killin me.^^

  • ______________

    Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney that joint was my jam back in the day… Mike told Paul “I’m a lover not a fighter” the girl is mine!!!

  • haux

    Did ya ever put up the wht/red 6 pics? I saw them on Osneaker(I think) a week ago.

  • BLACK CARMINEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES IMA DEF COP

  • Really ugly, they made the 6s look really fakE

  • JordanSBs912

    these are robo-copped

  • damn looks like 2010 will be an exspensive year for me

  • I’ll be damned if any of you real “Jordan Heads” like these.

  • superhotkicks

    i didnt get the carmine’s so this rite here is a must

  • Sn3aker_H0lic

    I love these new pics! These will definitely be on my list for 2010.

  • JordanAmbassador4Life

    Sick colorway but the Carmines are the only 6’s I have and are the best 6 ever.

  • ken spiffey

    the black/infa red release in jan will be the hottest six all 2010……..but these shits are cool….

  • Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.
    That sole is ICIER than BABY’S GRILL!

    I’m thinkin’ we need to give these jointz an official name before they drop.
    Somethin’ around the Black/White theme like:


    Whatcha’ll think??


  • solefix

    Hangin on the fence by a thread wit these, I’ll probably own em knowing me

  • keith

    beautiful. love white leather. the specks remind me of stars. love these.

  • ok…I gotta few more:


    OREO VI’s…

    (tap, tap)
    is this thing on?


  • am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz

    Hey TOKYOMIKE….. you forgot one black/white combo…… ANY PRO ATHLETE & HIS WIFE….LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  • 23edge KNOWS

    Tom Wolfe VI’s

  • joeslooooooow

    Ok I guess. Still the midsole and that contrast stitching has got to go.

  • C-DUB314

    2010 is gonna be a very good year….im gonna be broke.

  • chitowns finest

    i might just get everypair of six’s next year

  • aSh

    G-ROC you just made my day!!!!

  • Said WHO?

    Yea these right here is fiyeee!! Definitely have to coin these “Cookies & Cream”

  • Flatbush_Zone


  • ^^^am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz LMFAO, I was gonna go there, but I didn’t wanna offend anyone who’s sensitive to that type of stuff……

  • ToNe

    New Pics Did It For Me. Definitely Copped.

  • am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz

    I’ll take the heat for it TokyoMike…LOL

  • feeling em…hope they aint no GR

  • Jamie from Philly

    Copped and co-signed.

  • Coolgraymemo

    these suck.

    lol at people settling with the poor quality JB is putting out.

    Oh, and i bet half of yall that put “copped” are not gonna get em.


    cool colorway..favorite model.

  • Mr. FresH

    dey remind me of da carmines but black


    these are real sick if u dnt know one or campout the night before u will not be able to get them

  • KicksBoyWonder


  • Limited or plentiful, that is the question…

  • these are most definately stamped D O P E

  • trey

    not bad….still not better then the original

  • lo$w@rd g

    ok ok live as hell

  • something i will consider… and to the rest stop hyperbeasting the kick if you not going to get them.

  • Jerronimo


  • Chevyboy

    still not feeling these

  • Yung_Clay25


  • coppin

  • Alex

    cant wait!!!!

  • Eric in 5s

    If I didn’t know about the Carmines I’d probably love these. Maybe I’ll paint the midsoles carmine and/or add carmine laces… Alternately, too bad the solid black portions aren’t cool grey.

  • Ayy’Gurr

    Copped the black/varsity red 6s and my mom said no more shoes till summer..ehhh fuck she mean?
    I’m feeling these. [:

  • jhead909

    Definate cop to hold me off till the lakers colorway releases! Saw them in person, mad clean..