Air Jordan XI (11) 2012 ‘Bred’ – New Photos

This week has quickly been taken over with news of the “Bred” Jordan 11; what started as teaser photos quickly progressed into hi-res eye candy set before you today. What a better way to start your weekend? If the previous Jordan 11 drops has taught you anything, it has become common knowledge that if one is to attain a pair of the coveted Jordan 11s, proper planning and civil conduct  is of the utmost importance. Please be more orderly this year. Look for these to drop around the Holiday season.

Via Marqueesole

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  • atgbryan


  • President Ward

    Illest damn j’s ever. I’m retired after i get these.

  • JordanGS4

    No special box like the previous years?

  • Executive

    Overkill. Wish they didn’t break the news till a few days before the release. Now people are gonna start sleeping out side come September.

  • 23edge

    I will buy at least two pairs, retail or reseller, I don’t care. I haven’t bought a pair of J’s in a long time, and after I get these, I probably won’t buy for an even longer time.

  • aSh

    Sooooooo happy I have a pair from the pack…. They r now just starting to turn to beaters (Proly cuz the stay in my 5) but even then they will STILL look better than these retroed p.o.s after one wear lol… Yeah I’m still mad that my concords creased after 1 wear…. F- jays….

  • Royal S

    I want these but I’m not going to be camped out at the mall with the kids and living off the welfair foos either. I’ll find a way.

  • bdogg

    shape looks good! i like the brighter red bottoms. as long as mesh is softer than trash 2008 cdp…count me in!

  • nateclaire

    Hope I’ll be able to scoop up a pair

  • Mark C.

    It’s gonna be mad pandemonium just like when the Concords dropped!!

  • Mo-tronic

    love the sneaks and love js! but of course i will not be getting these because of lame hypebeast (children) and resellers! thank you for ruining the sneaker game and JB for not releasing in mass. RIP to the sneaker game it was fun while it lasted!

  • Lem

    They look the same as the previous releases.

  • J O P

    Booo…. Super fakes killed these long time ago. Have at it youngnz….

  • goldchains

    Yoii G-roc what happened to not over exposing shoes with
    new pictures everyday ?????

  • Shoe String

    These look weird and cheap at the same time. You can keep this garbage JB along with your price increase. I spent 3 days standing in snow for the Concords last year just to be told the shipment never came. Then dude tells us to come back the morning after Christmas cause they will be there. So I stand out side on Christmas day and waite all night till that Monday morning just to be told they only got the preschool sizes in. What really happened was the dude at footlocker sold them off for 400.00 a pop the night before the release while me and several hundred people stood in the freezing cold with the winds whipping in our faces coming of the shores of 1 of the 5 Great Lakes . F U Nike/JB get control of the situation. This is why I won’t give my money to Nike or JB anymore. You could have released another run of the Concords for people like me who got screwed by companies that were selling your products.

  • Executive

    @Shoe String, dang homie that’s f ucked up. it sucks when you can afford something and can barely get your hands on it. Waiting 2 hours is too long if I waited days I’d make the news!

  • Grind247

    I thought they would do the columbia 11s this year. Damn what’s next, spacejams?? Mite as well

  • Lem

    @ShoeString. You should have reported the store and the manager. That’s illegal dude.

  • fortydogg

    aint neva like these just concords or space jamz

  • gotjordans?

    oh wow, another chaotic holiday it will be! Good luck to those who are getting them, and don’t get run over or get hurt when purchasing them! :/

  • jdogg13

    God all they r doin is hyping these up

  • Shoe String

    ^ I really wanted to cause some bodily harm to him fam. I didn’t call cause there was plenty of others that did once we found out what the deal was. Footlockers Customer Service was blown up while people were in and out of the store. 6 months later dude still has his managerial job. Messed up I know but I’ll never shop at a Footlocker again. Did contact Nike though a few days later and was told they get back at me in a few day’s. Still waiting to be contacted y’all.

  • 23edge

    @Shoe String sorry to hear all about that man. Like I said the other day, people used to get robbed after they wore their sneakers, now they’re getting robbed before they even buy them, lol. For a hyped sneaker like this, I would just avoid the hassle and buy them from a reseller or website. Wait until you see them at a decent price and cop. You should put a value on your time, and realize its not worth it to wait hours in line, or risk being in a melee; just to pay retail for sneakers.

  • Sek

    @Shoestrings Nike doesn’t care. They got they money. As long as they making bank they can give 2 shits what happens. Personally this is my fav Jordan owned it 3xs as crappy as the cdp pair is I own it and it’s in Ds looking condition. These look like they’ll be just as crappy. If I could get a pair for retail then I would try to cop online only to trade for space jams. I think stores should do RSVP only to avoid a massacre. Niketown had 1200-1300 concords in stock last December that’s including infant,kids,youth And adult. And they all sold out! Cause people camped out! For a GR shoe! In a civilized world you’d just wait the day off for the store to open or just go shopping during the day and they eventually sell out but it’ll be a walk in the park just like in the 90s! If I would have told someone back in 98 I was gonna camp out for sneakers 3 days in advance I would have got smacked and laughed at afterwards smh. The only thing people camped for was concert and sport events tickets and black Friday deals which I still think is stupid as well to camp for.

  • Sek

    The funny thing is seeing everyones concords beat to death from last year. People that wear them in the snow and rain the day off just to look “crispy” and “swagged out” smh. Same thing will happen with these.

  • Warr233

    Houston Sneaker Summit is tomorrow and I made this song in honor of the love I have for shoes and Houston. Yall check it out. Thanks.

  • Slowpoke83

    Fuq all that!!! I’ll stop buyin Jays when they stop sellin em. I’ll never forget my first pair. I was the man in my Og Vs. Too young to even know what I was rockin back in 89. But I been on em every since. My latest pair, them obsidian XIIs that dropped last month. Next, them Bulls Sipizikes!!!

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Time to get me the hammer from my son ock, robbing season come Christmas.

  • NiyaaaBabeees

    Ayeeeeee I Cant Wait Intill These Drop!

  • JJJ

    These pictures look much better than the last ones.

  • @ Mike Wizzkowski, ignorance is not bliss. Don’t make the news for the wrong reason. You need the money… Get a job and work for it. Don’t be part of the reason malls and stores ban the sale of certain hot target shoes on release day. Have you guys noticed the tier 0 or limited release, QS Kixs from Nike are only sold in the hood locations were patron security is limited. They expect us to act up. This year let’s show them that sneaker heads can be civilized. Instead of harming one another let’s protect one another & bring dignity back to the shoe game…

  • ^ having stepped off my soap box, I say in an undertone: “screw that, I’m buying mine early like I did the Concords & avoid the stabbings & muggings!” sneaker head Ninjas get crazy over 11’s… Momma ain’t raise no fool!

  • Chitown

    Will retired after i cop these,fire red and grapes 5 and bredz 4’s.

  • QUa

    how much are they going to cost in GS sizes when they drop?

  • Hello hi everyone. Is micheal jordan s*ck*ng your c*ck? Because you f*ck boys are sure s*ck*ng his. Get over it already. I don’t think you people understand the concept of business. These *ssh*l*s are making these pieces of sh*t for pennies on the dollar$ then you go out and spend your hard earned money$ on them.