Air Jordan XII “Flu Game” Detailed Look

Air Jordan XII "Flu Game"

Jordan Brand has been playing their cards right with notion to the retro Air Jordan XII in black/red colorway. The “Flu Game” can be considered as JB’s royal “Flu”sh due to the mass number of  positive reviews. You can expect to pick up the sickest release of the year (pun intended) on November 27th for a retail price of $150. Launch date is a short ways away so until then, enjoy the crisp images taken by Footlocker after the jump!

Air Jordan XII "Flu Game"

Air Jordan XII "Flu Game"

Air Jordan XII "Flu Game"

Air Jordan XII "Flu Game"

Air Jordan XII "Flu Game"

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  • cuda

    Are these gonna be a general release? and do they come in G/S sizes? If not i might have to step up to a size 8 w/ some tube socks. Cant miss these!

  • j.r santo

    I have the flu game 12’s and the all white rising sun 12’s with the original insoles in them. Both in a size 10.5, Hit me if you want them. Price is negotiable. 100% authentic got them from my Nike hook.

  • DOPE! Can’t wait

  • DC

    Ima Be Breakin Necks Wit These… Cant Wait!!

  • Converse King (Retired)

    Not bad. I already have 12’s though.

  • MelloYelloMD

    I have a pair of bred 12s but these are kinda sick, but not sure if I wanna waste a holiday cop on these with the space jams and 6s around the corner

  • ajKiss

    sticking with the white reds

  • milk

    if you for real you cop em all, how can you really PASS ON 12’s? this guy got the nubucks, rising sun og insoles, flu game….i cant wait to rock them next summer!

  • Tha Finest

    hope they don’t have an insole problem

  • Marcg*sparklecity*SC

    I will get these if I can’t get the charity 6’s.and let some go yesterday which probably will make it even harder to get a pair

  • Marcg*sparklecity*SC

    ^cuda no worries this is a gr plenty to go around


    i mean these are alright but wouldve preferred the og good thing i got the originls plus the sued is da bullshit with dry spots and off colored plus if water hits theses your fucked ! not trippen im wearing them and not saving them cuz i got the og plus they aint gonna be worth shit

  • DCkix!

    IS the black saude…when they were first released they came out in leather…in the pick the black looks saude, idk bout the suade…but one of the best style jordans eve created!

  • Starz

    If the Nubucks didn’t even sell out what should make me think these are? I’ll wait, maybe even get 20 to 30% off. I’ll get the White & red 12’s before I get these. There’s no way I’m missing them & the Space Jams over these.

  • o.s.t

    I don’t have to stress about getting these. they’re not going to sell out quick. first cop my white/red 12’s, then the spacejams, then my bred 6’s, and if I have some spare cash then I’ll consider.

  • j-man 23

    got bred 12s but i might cop these

  • CenValCali

    It ain’t that serious….that pathetic emo-face is like wakin up wit a pimple on the tip of your nose & layers of Oxy 10 ain’t gonna save ya.

  • al0f0ke

    Mosst have…

  • weezy23

    these are dope to me and if u wanna find sumthn wrong with em you will but still nice still waiting to see if ill have the cash to copp

  • XkrispyELI

    poor quality.

  • MisterMcfly23

    i hate that they went with nubuck, but im still gonna have to cop…

  • Freshkick23

    JB F up another classic why am I not surprised you would think they learned there lesson with the nubucks every body in that company needs to get fired they do not know how to drop some heat jb brand is garbage right now with all this bs if I worked for them I would drop some Bordeaux 6 and infared 7 holla at me jb I show you how to do this !!!!

  • Danan

    Why not bring out the shoe in all leather, none of the crap on the shoe, and put the crap on the insole? These don’t appeal at all… JB knows how to fail and does a great job at it. These might be copped to ball in or to walk in the snow with.

  • Hye Style Kid

    at first i didnt think i was gonna like em with the changes and everything but after these pics overrall i like em but with me just copping the silver half cents and space jams comming out money is tight prolly wont be copping may be tho mite find some money laying around


    It’s funny how gentrys punk ads or whoever thinks they gonna get better sell cause they made em an edition. They already retro-ed them why the eff would re release different material and nick name em and sell em to hype beasts true evidence and proof that jb fackin up… Not an opinion a true statement.
    Sorry late response just got outta bread making.

  • ATLien_Smoke

    Dayum, I need a flu shot looking at these!! Def cop!

  • JordanAmbassador4Life

    Best JB release of the year in my opinion

  • lilbusta2318

    I would consider picking up IF there weren’t a ton of other definate pick-ups dropping this holiday season.

  • jmaine

    yo DC breaking what necks cuz everyone and they moms gonna have them.

  • willie eldorado (yung albino)

    straight fire

  • burr burrrrrrrr bird flu groc holla at ya boi!

  • CallmeDiesel

    I’m not coppin. I’m already ashamed of myself that I bought the Nubucks earlier this year and since the material is exactly the same, I’m not getting got twice in the.same year. Wait, I did get those blue sapphire AJ1’s…..that deserves the emoface for real. 🙁

  • airjordanfan4567

    pass but i hope i still get my space jams

  • Lem

    These will not sell out unfortunately. I got the carolina nubucks for about a $100 with tax awhile back. These will be around for a minute. Too soon to tell if I will buy. Have to see what they look like on my feet.

  • Lem


    Anything new on the AJ 2010 model?

  • Mighty Whitey

    What everyone fails to realize about these or any retros for that matter is that JB is never going to re-release a shoe that is an exact copy of the original. That would only take away from the exclusiveness of the OGs, JB is looking out for the collectors. Simple supply and demand.

    and @sparklecity – you coppin’ your kicks from Westgate?

  • am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz

    I don’t know MIGHTY WHITEY…. Jordan is not getting any PROFIT from ‘NOT’ releasing retros that are exact to ‘OG’ form. They ARE NOT looking out for any COLLECTORS… PLEASE don’t get it TWISTED… FOR EXAMPLE: The INFRARED VIs – The shoe probably cost $20 max to make and the retailers probably purchase them for $80-90 then they retail at $125. NIKE has already made their money and then some. I keep my INFRAREDS on ice and then sell them 8 yrs later for $700…. NIKE is not seeing any of that $500 + profit that I am making (WAIT… YES THEY ARE.. BECAUSE I GO AND BUY MORE NIKES…LOL) but you get my point… The truth in the matter is, even if it’s the exact shoe it will still be a RETRO or a RE-RELEASE… it can never be the ‘OG’.. The OG will always be more and if you want them you will have to pay OG money….. I’m fine with the retros…. I beat all my OGs to death.. When I was buying Js back in the day, we actually wore them to ball in… LOL

  • CallmeDiesel

    ^cosign. Neither JB nor Nike care about the collector so much to the point where they are going to deny themselves big profits. I’m sure well see Grape V’s before too long and those might very well not do the OG any justice. Just gotta hope for the best….unless we can infiltrate the JB camp with some of the fellow TSGers!

  • come on why are they putting leather on the flights bred colorway but they cant put on the retro bred 12 come on jb

  • stelo

    i cnt believe they bringin dese babies baqq out but da suede kills it y cudnt dey be original lik da ones released baq in 03

  • willie mcfly22

    these are whack….the nubuck and that goofy sick face is cartoonish…easy pass and they droppin on blk friday…deff not gettin up early..them old ladies is ruthless in the mall lines HA!!