Air Jordan XII White/Red (Detailed Look)

Air Jordan XII White/Red

Due to the rising sun situation, Jordan Brand will release two Air Jordan XII retros this month. The Rising Sun Jordan 12 will hit stores November 21st, and the Flu Game 12’s will drop on November 27th. Come next month, Jordan freaks will be able to get their hands on the white/varsity red Air Jordan 12. To be exact, they will go on sale December 19th for $150. They will be available at FootLocker and other Jordan Brand accounts next month. Get a detailed look after the jump…

Air Jordan XII White/Red

Air Jordan XII White/Red

Air Jordan XII White/Red

Air Jordan XII White/Red

Air Jordan XII White/Red

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  • ajKiss

    i cant wait to pick these up right before the space jams. its going to be a good holiday week!

  • DeLaSole

    Can’t wait…. look very clean

  • slim dude

    these joints is fresh

  • TC

    No go!

  • Fazee


  • my collection on deck!!!

  • Shark

    I think Dec 19th was the release date for the og’s back in the day…Had em’ before christmas break at school…made em’ hate. these are nice…What about the blue and white cw???

  • yes siiiiiirrrrrrr u already know im coppin no ?s asked baby!!


    aww man these are too fresh. need them in the collection

  • cuda

    Never had these. The only 12s I have are tha retro nubucks. Man, my fam’s christmas presents might be lackin cuz dec. is nov/ dec is crazy. Are they comin in g/s sizes tho???


    i’m gettin the flu game over these … it was a tough decision

  • Robert

    I wish they did the swine flu games in leather, they would have been a cop all day but so be it this will be a nice pick up.

  • These are the BEST XII’s ever, and I promise you.

  • XkrispyELI

    i wanted the black/red xii but they quality is missing on them, so i be on the look out for a og pair of the red/black xii.

  • Scotty Rock

    Ayo G-Roc I see you on RR and NahRight said they got the look out from TSG.

  • pass for me its a nice shoe just dont like the way 12’s look on my feet, plus then i can double up on the 11’s 🙂

  • jonathan F/S

    they have kids sizes in this just like the space jams soo much for being limited

  • fran

    I cant wait for these and the GS purple and black 12s 🙂

  • MisterMcfly23

    christmas presents from me is gonna be mighty lite this year. ah well, its the thought that counts…

  • CenValCali

    My mind is tellin me noooo….but my body’s, my body is tellin me Yessss….

  • cuda

    @ Fran

    Thx 4 reminding me about those purple/ black joints. 4got all bout those and tha aqua jordan tag on back. When do those release???

  • o.s.t

    Pass on all 12’s. the rising suns r too plain,the flu games r o.k but the red in the white/red pair is super light. and the cut of the red part is too high up on the sneaker, but I’ll cop the spacejams and black/red 6’s in january.

  • Converse King

    These get a big “meh” from me. MEH!

  • JonB


  • LG

    Best colorway





  • NewJerz_NewJay’s


  • H-DEF


  • am95connoisseur aka 4daloveofdasneekz

    Only DEATH will stop me from getting this shoe…… ONE OF MY GRAILS….. ( I had these joints back in 97/98 and balled out in ’em so hard that they could walk on their own)

  • The 1

    GOT 2 GET EM

  • dubbers

    Can’t wait for those are the spacejams best releas this besides the 7 pack

  • AJ head

    I am glad that I didnt get last years CDP11/12.
    Now I can form my own CDP by spacejam and this pair, HAHAHA!!!

  • haux

    I like these and want them, but in my life right now, it’s like, Jordans? We off that.

  • Robert

    AJ head,why are glad u didnt cop arguably the best Jordan release of 08′? I have the 11/12 countdown pack ? I’m going to cop the cherry 12’s and Space Jams maybe double up on the space jams. So who is the real Jordan Head? LOL how do you like them apples.


    damn these joints and da spacejams……..dis gon b 1 hell of a christmas lol

  • Classic

  • Jax

    Best XII ever released and best jordan shoe ever created.
    I have no idea why people be calling these the Cherry XII’s?
    It doesn’t make sense at all. The name I came up with are the “Candy Cane XII’s”.
    That should be the name!