Air Jordan XX8 Days of Flight

air jordan xx8 daysAs the release of the next flagship Air Jordan approaches, Jordan Brand looks to celebrate with a countdown called XX8 Days of Flight.

With the official release being February 16, JB is going to take each day to celebrate a different Air Jordan from the past, noting the highlights of the sneaker.  It’s going to be more than just a predictable countdown, as JB notes the XX8 Days will have “some surprises along the way.”

The XX8 Days of Flight will begin next week by Jordan Brand.

air jordan xx8 days

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  • gotjordans

    they’re trash and overpriced!

  • DeathOverDesigner

    Why???? These are UGLY!!!

  • JB

    Everything after 14 = NO!

  • omar najeeb

    I dissagree. But not by much. No luv for xx’s or xxiii’s?

    To jordan brand: that’s some freakin invalid $#!t y’all got goin with that new roman numeral for 28. Is it 28 or xxviii? Choose one. Not both!

  • SBedge

    At this point even Jeremy Scott is making better sneakers than Jordan Brand