Air Jordan XX8 – New Colorway

The Air Jordan XX8 is a love/hate sneaker for nearly everyone, with new colorways helping people finalize their opinions. For those who watched the Oklahoma City Thunder v. Miami Heat game on Christmas day may have seen Jordan Brand’s Russell Westbrook rocking a new colorway of the flagship model.

The new colorway makes use of a white upper with a hazy blue blotched over it, with emphasis on the detailed texture. The colors were made to match the Christmas day Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys.

Although the colorway has no known nickname, what is known is the release date first being in Houston February 15, 2013, with a nationwide release the day after.

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  • killakel

    Not bad look good with anything that Georgetown

  • aSh

    Honestly… my biggest qualm with this shoe is the way the fabric wrinkles up in the front… just looks sloppy… and nobody likes sloppy….

  • Just Kicks

    Unzipped FTW!

  • Shane D.

    I don’t like the pattern, but the shoe is growing on me.

  • AirJedi

    This Camo cw camuflage the sloopy look in front…a little…Love this ce better than the black/neon, just wait until they heat sales…like the 2009,2010 and 2012…

  • MM

    I like the black with neon color better.

  • gotjordans

    But for $250.00, come on…! :/

  • shoe guy

    this shoe looks like a big joke

  • Executive

    I just don’t see it. You’d have to be a thirsty muthafugga to think these are nice. This is what happens when you put a Jordan logo on a pile of dog doo.

  • Lilweeweemane

    Lol It’s funny I haven’t felt this feeling about J’s in a long time……….. But for 250, that’s a hard pill to swallow.

  • shoe guy

    ummm… the 15s 16s 17s 18s 19s 20s 21s 22s and 23s look better than these and they are not as not as the 1s thru 14s so what does that tell you?? jordan brand can’t make any nice shoes they rely on the OG designs for ever

  • Jstar

    They look like a Alien boot…

  • Jstar

    I would take the bottem & mid sole of the shoe to make a better shoe…..maybe the team shoes will look better when they drop.

  • Guess Who?

    They look like a sock with a rubber sole

  • KON