All It Takes Is A Colorsaver

There has been much disdain over the design of the Air Jordan XX8 ever since it was revealed last month. The model has been under scrutiny by the sneaker community at large, saying it looks like a copy of previous Nike models, that it lacks the creativity to be considered the predecessor of the main Jordan Brand line or that it is downright ugly.

This is something that we have all seen before, the onslaught of disgust as expectations of the next big Jordan were not met. Remember the Air Jordan 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012? The reception that the XX8 is receiving can be compared to its four previous models (and actually, a lot further down into the numbered line), each getting struck down verbally by the community:

“What was JB thinking?”

“Where has the originality gone?”

“This looks like a Team Jordan!”

And the list goes on…

But there was a glimmer of hope with each release, a colorsaver. That one colorway that took the model to its max potential, showing that it was more than just a performance shoe. Whether they were PEs or 1 of 1s, there is a colorway for every model that sets it apart from the rest. They may not be accessible to everyone, but they show what the shoe is capable of on an aesthetic level instead of a performance one.

As of the time of this writing, only a few colorways are officially known. The feedback is the same as it was in previous years, but it could change. Maybe the mindsets of the vocal will stay, and the shoe will never reach the status of former numbered Jordans. Or maybe, there’s that one colorway that is yet to release, that will make people double take and realize that the model is different in a good way, and can be considered a strong Jordan release.

My opinion may be similar to many as of now, but until I see the shoe in person (and more colorways for that matter), I cannot 100% say I dislike the shoe.

The potential is there, all we need is that one colorway to maximize it. 


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  • Nice written piece here. I do agree with the whole colorsaver theme. There are tons of models of sneakers like Nike, Jordan, Saucony, Fila, reebok etc that have one specific colorway that really make the shoe pop change your opinion on the shoe, but only in that colorway. I personally like the air jordan XX8 from what Ive seen and dont need a “colorsaver” for this model as its a nice lookin shoe in general imo of course

  • @shodeeze

    A very well written op piece. I’m hoping for that “one” colorway too. Being a size 15 though its hard to get bigger sizes to look as good as a 10.5 bit I see potential in this one. Not at $250 though

  • shoe guy

    bullshit …i dont care if the do a galaxy version of this ugly shoe it will still be crappy their best bet is to only make 50 pairs to create shortage and artificial demand and hype (like they do with many many shoes these days..)… Jordan 1 to 14 are the only one folks like the company meeds to hire designers who can recapture that magic and use modern technology…

    until then we will al keep buying Jordans numbers 1 to 14 in different colors fo r ever and ever..llol

  • aSh

    First off… great write up Jawrduhn!!! This happens to me a lot… and recently… Not a fan of the KD Vs until the “Marylands” dropped… wasn’t diggin the Lebron 9s until the Mangos and SLH dropped… then the lows… a change of color can make all the difference.. this shoe is interesting to say the least… I’m just not a fan of how the material bunches up..

  • J Flo

    I actually love the 2011s, i own every colorway that released and even an ID pair, but idk if any colorway can save these at all

  • Dom

    I could careless about a colorsaver. i always loved jordans becuase they always brought that knew perfomance technology that changed the way basketball sneakers were made. carbon fiber and zoom air were first used on the jordan 11 and 12 and the list goes on. if the air jordan 28 is a good on court performer and the new tech in it is awsome then its a insta-cop for me. i will rock them and ball in them like your supposed to.

  • John B.

    I like them as long as the shroud stays down. The blue pair that Russell Westbrook (I believe) wore not long ago was REALLY nice imo

  • omar najeeb

    I’m sur that special colorway will release. But, like someone else said, that damn msrp is too high

  • gotjordans

    $250.00 is too high!

  • gotjordans

    $250.00 is too high!

  • godivine

    Nothing can “save” this show period. No color no price drop nothing. The ONLY thing that could help is a dope CW and maybe Wale rockn them for the lames who follow instead of leading. 1love

  • I thought you mofos were on board.

    Personally from my first hand expierence there is no such thing as a color saver. i thought i had found one with the eggplant air max jr. I hated those shoes up until i saw the eggplants and just had to cop. a month later i hated them and they were just a regretful purchase. so to me if you don’t like something no color combo in the world will save it if you just don’t like the shoe. I wasn’t feeling these from the start and no cw will sway me. it’s like “shoe guy” said only 1 – 14 really matters to me excluding 2 at that.