Allen Iverson Brings the Reebok Question Back to Philly

Did you watch last night’s 76ers vs Celtics game? If you did, chances are you saw Allen Iverson in the Reebok Question Mid. What a legendary night for AI, 76ers, and Reebok fans. Although the 76ers won last night, they were not the only winners; Reebok also won in a major way.

Last night was a huge look for Reebok. The timing was perfect and the marketing was excellent. It was already a big deal having Allen in attendance at last night’s game, but seeing him in the Questions was the icing on the cake, especially since the official launch is tomorrow, May 25. Reebok back? Many will still debate that statement, but no one, not even Reebok’s competitors can deny last night’s brilliant marketing.

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  • Respect!

  • Royal S

    It’s ashame and sad he isn’t still a 76er. Kobe is still a Laker and Kobe and A.I at one point were the best 2 shooting guards in the league. Both should still be leading their franchise but only Kobe is doing that.

  • atgbryan

    want a pair, surprised there is nothing on UBIQ sites about these

  • SPINS6136

    Philly never should have traded Iverson.

    Iverson IS Philly.

    The nastiest fans in all of America, but they will always love this VA kid like he’s one of their own.

  • Shoe String

    Copping 3 or 4 of each coloway. Can’t Waite!

  • Shoe String

    Copping 3 or 4 of each coloway. Can’t Waite!

  • ericbrizzy

    Good to see Iverson back, looks like he came out of a time capsule…literally

  • JBYRD23

    He On One!!!

  • manna376

    Bubba Chuck was loved in Philadelphia since the day he was drafted #1 overall and paired up with Stackhouse in Phila’s back court! He gave that same love back to us from day 1. People say he’s this and that but the guy came to the Sixers when we were terrible and right away was quoted as saying he wants to retire a Sixer. He never wanted to leave. He honestly got sick of hearing his name in trade talks every single year leading up to the deadline. He gave every single bead of sweat in his body on a nightly basis, and then had to answer questions about being traded?? It was bad at one point. If they wouldn’t have traded him to Denver (for friggen Andre Miller and whoever else they got) he may have been playing up until last year or so. The other problem is that he was hard on his body on the court and it would’ve taken a toll eventually. If you lived outside of this area, for the most part, AI was misunderstood but everything he did on the court and spoke about after games said otherwise.