Alpha Air Jordan 1 for Spring 2010

Alpha Air Jordan 1

Does the Alpha Air Jordan 1 look familiar? We gave our readers a early preview of the Alpha Air Jordan 1 back in June, so these images should ring a bell. For their 25th Anniversary, Jordan Brand took the shoe that started it all, the Air Jordan 1 and upgraded the iconic silhouette.

The air sole unit was replaced with a full-length Zoom Air bag which is covered by a phylon midsole. JB also took the no-sew overlay approach and added perforated inlays. The Alpha Air Jordan 1 features a mesh ankle unit which is similar to the Air Jordan XX3. Four colors of the Alpha Jordan 1 will drop Spring 2010 for $125.

Is the Alpha Jordan 1 futuristic enough for you?

Images courtesy of SC

Alpha Air Jordan 1

Alpha Air Jordan 1

Alpha Air Jordan 1

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  • Converse King

    That airbag crap that Nike is doing now is awful, judging from what I’ve read. I was reading reviews of the Air Max +2009s, and apparently the “airbag” blows out with regular use. It’s a stupid technology to put in running shoes, if it’s that unstable. In a game like basketball it would be even worse. Like getting a flat tire on your foot.

  • why don dey jus come out wit da original red/white/& black 1s instead of wastin tym on dese things

  • dont diqq them at all!

  • SneakyFeet

    Good job on the 1’s JB. Something to hoop in at the 24 besides my Hyperize.

  • hayop-beast

    @ converse king

    actually its lunar foam from kobe4/hyperdunk/hyperize that gets flat not the zoom. if its midsole is zoom then its not lunar foam = def cop

  • seen em in person…. both og colorways are copped… zoome air, padded heel,=new hoop shoe for me!

  • troy copalot

    Are these mid’s or Hi’s ? I might cop if they were hi’s but they look kinda midish.

  • TC Da Heat Holder aka Black Dynamite

    I am not playing Ball in AJ 1’s! I don’t care if they put Pamela Anderson’s Airbags in them………

  • U.Beezy

    these are trash. wtf tho?

  • D

    Can somebody please explain why JB has and continues to release so many 1’s? I love 1’s but I think they need to slow down.

  • cuda

    Might cop. Def don’t like the midsole but what r u gonna do? The upper is nice tho.

  • nice upgrades to an ol school classic. Definately gonna cop a pair of the black/red/white colorway…wouldnt use em to hoop in though

  • Jerronimo

    these are gross…

  • daethiopianking

    i hope nike stops wit dis madness soon cause they messin up a classic shoe, which r my favorites!!! SMH

  • 4DRUMZ

    EXCELLENT! They need to drop some more neutral oriented CW’s and then it’s a pick-up for sure! The style of the 1 with zoom air ball-ability!!!

  • Nike can you please stop messin up a classic

  • i understand why they are updating the 1’s but i dont think i’ll be copping any of these, i do need some red/white 1’s though…

  • trey

    leave all the classics alone! no more fusions or any of these lame asss kicks

  • CenValCali

    I’m sorry, but these pieces of crap doesn’t deserve the infamous AJ Wings on the side at all….

  • KicksBoyWonder


  • dashoekid21

    disgusting, the whole shoe looks f’ed up

  • solefix

    Nah FAIL!

  • hi im a p.c

    these are actually kinda nice they look like more duriable aj1 to me wouldnt mind buying these … but i highly doubt it with all the hot stuff comin out at that time

  • 4DRUMZ

    I’m all about these. I never picked up a pair of 1’s because anything over a size 10 and you look like a clown because they flatten out so much. I’m 11.5 and these will maintain some shape in the forefoot and toebox… plus, you can actually ball in these. They need a more neutral mainstream CW though.

  • pass like bad gas…..

  • seVIIn

    these are mids not highs, mids have 8 eyelets(holes you put the laces through) highs got 9. i dont really like mids but the carolina CW looks decent

  • I’m not really keen on the soles but the color schemes are nice.