Altitude Air Jordan 13 Footaction South Dekalb Midnight Release Recap

TSG was on hand last night at the Altitude Air Jordan 13 midnight release at Footaction’s South Dekalb location. Check out the recap video above.

Check out Dallas Penn’s video after the jump.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • spanglish

    seen only one chick (9 second mark) who copped the sneaks. probably for her dude. anyway, nice vid. better then the vid i saw earlier with the “internets internets sneaker fiends sneaker fiends” guy. lol

  • dope vid..too bad i wasnt that 1 female that was in the vid…

  • john

    wt song is that ?

  • 23edge

    ^ lookin’ Fly…
    Man… that video was dope, I really appreciate it a lot man. Wish you could do it for every hot release. I don’t buy online early because I actually enjoy chatting with the other people in the line trying to cop as well

  • J Flo

    These sold out alot quicker than i thought they would, hopefully i getta chance to cop em outside of christmas cuz moneys real tight during the holidays

  • Sneakerkrazze

    IDK why people hating on these so much I copped them and I have the 05 pair to me thier both the same quality. I think it’s because they changed the leather to mesh but the shoe is dope and they sold quick.

  • mrsouthernhospitality

    I didnt really like this colorway but shout out to all the dudes that copped though and shout out to G-Roc for the nice video thats love right there

  • mrsouthernhospitality

    what song is that in the video

  • FranQ

    Roo to the bruhz at the beginning of the video.. that aside, im feeling the mesh 13 more than the leather version

  • i totally agree wit the guy in the second video about the aquas cause thos r my grails

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    I copped but was very disappointed with them, both shoes are completly different. A lot of flaws and will be returning today. Maybe I’ll double up on the cg 11’s :)!

  • copping the white and reds

  • rallycars


  • I’ve heard these shoes are crap.

  • j_collector

    nice vid and the altitudes are nice i’m glad i could get a pair since i couldn’t back in ’05

  • micdw42


  • These are CRAP! First pair of kicks that Ive brought and looked forward to copping that Im actually returning to the store. Not exchanging a size, RETURNING to footlocker.

  • jus4kix


  • jus4kix

    LOL u cud either love or hate the dude. definilty no in-between wit em