Amanda Diva Rocks Air Jordan 3 Black/Cement Retro

The Renaissance girl next door, better known as Amanda Diva is not only a big fan of music and poetry, but she knows a thing or two about sneakers. Our Celebrity Footwork spy spotted Amanda rocking the dopest Air Jordan 3 colorway of all-time, the Air Jordan 3 in black/cement.

Chances are you have seen Amanda Diva on television many times, whether it was MTV2, VH1, Def Jam Poetry, etc. Trust, you can NEVER forget a pretty face like that. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of the Diva around these parts. Amanda, you’re always welcome in our Celebrity Footwork section.

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • That’s clutch!

  • Absolutely beautiful, plus Air Jordan 3’s in black/cement. She’s a freaking winner!

    I wonder what other kicks she has in her collection.

  • DJ_ImperialD

    swag lol

  • She’s a cutie! Gotta love a chic that knows her music and sneaks. I’m training mine about sneaks

  • Bigkick

    I love these!! Gotta pair myself. But how many remember Amanda from the nick show “My brother and me”?

  • @Bigkick – Now that’s throwback. I didn’t even include Nickelodeon because I didn’t think people would remember.

  • Love!

  • dmy

    wow. i just remember her from mtv. i didn’t know she was on nick too. ’90s heydays.

  • J Dizzle { Lou }

    No matter how hard i try to get my girl to be into sneakers, at the end of the day, she still doesnt give a damn. :'(

  • Lem

    @JDizzle^^^^^Ha! I know man. Everytime I tell my wife about a new pair of shoes coming out or show her a recent pick-up she looks at me and says, “They look nice” and keeps it moving. I just shake my head and say you just don’t understand. I love her just the same though! 🙂


    ^ lol …but yeah Amanda Diva is lookin hella nice in them 3’s…

  • I’d buy that for a dollar!

  • Supa B

    yeah, shorty’s lookin good. not a fan of the black cement 3s, but i do love chicks that know their kicks.

  • Joeslow

    She is also an up and coming female rapper who is actually not that bad(in terms o f music).

  • Bigfam

    She dope as hell! word and kicks go with out sayingI got these joints w/Nike on them I get tight whenever I think about cause they got caught in a fllod that ruin some of my collection…Damn!!!! oh well I still kept them trying to salvage them the best way I can It’s crazy I probably won’t rock them again ever it all depends right now they just keep sakes for the collection the same thing happen two my White/Cement those definately won’t see the light of day again unless a miracle happens ya dig. Can’t wait till they release these joints it’s two pair ASAP even though it’s not the same (No Nike on the back) C’mon son LOL!!!!!!!!!

  • sirfresh

    That song she did with currency will forever be dope