Check My Footwork: Guess Who? Part 135

Today’s Check My Footwork celebrity is sporting the Nike Free TR Fit. The Nike Free TR Fit was designed for the female multi-sport athlete who wants a shoe that offers natural motion for training, multidirectional flexibility, and excellent lateral stability. The shoes are available now at retailers in a few colors, including the colorway seen on the celebrity above. Hint: It’s a female. Thank God! Take a wild guess and see if you got it right or came close.

Did you get it right? It’s Amber Rose.

Amber looks very happy in her Nike Free TR Fits. Fellas, cop a pair for your lady. They are nice, and retail is only $85.

Images: FreddyO

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Who got it right?

  • TiffJohn

    I did it was kinda easy only yellow girl that would rock sneakers.

  • miguelkicks

    ha this was easy i knew it right away

  • I did…Just saw this pic on…LOL

    Damn Amber Rose is thick! Im talkin double meat double cheese thick!I can see why all these rappers/actors is jockin her…Good Lord!

  • thekidfrankie

    GOT IT. ambers always the best bet for ladies kick game. think she may rock just as much heat as kanye does.

  • Got it right,but I think G-roc just wanted to post some pics on the site of Amber Rose and for that we thank him.

  • NikeMikey

    Good lawd that second pic is the money shot

  • L’z

    Okay Tosh.0 lol (adiktdave)

  • dfire832

    smh…wrong view of amber

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    That’s what she was wearing when she left my house this morning so this is a no brainer! Lol!

  • Executive aka K.O.T.T.

    Oops creampie! Jk

  • yep saw this on mto yesterday also. I kinda feel like I cheated. But I win. those are some nice thick azz thighs tho.

  • Mr_Kadillac

    Yeah I saw this on MTO too! Beside you knew it had to be her with them cheetah tights on. Great Googleeymoogleey!! lol

  • @AlSneaks

    I guessed Rihanna. her body is just WOW!!!!

  • Got this one right, damn “all that ass BOW! in dem jeans” lol, when did she get that lil gut tho? Shorty might be slacking/falling off…or maybe a lil yeezy in the oven?????? *cues Duhn Duhn music*

  • Royal ( F the word swag)

    Man I saw Nicki Minaj, since I seen her wear leopard leggings at the grammies before.

  • fill

    video footage please

  • dunkaholic

    i said kim k

  • John B.

    she bad! that bald shit kills me though, and she ought to be ashamed of them awful pants. isnt she w/khalifa now?

  • dat.nigha

    4/135. Shoulda been a back shot up there too tho

  • quentho

    I got it right 4 the 1st time LOL

  • 23edge

    who taught you how to run in cheetah print tights?

  • what???

    man this chik is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. kanye aint wit that no more i think Loso is on it now, and idgaf about a lil muffin top that chick can have my babies any day.

  • Rech

    daamn i wish somebody would of caught a shot from the back too!

  • Rech

    i dont think loso got her. my nigga wiz got it. property of Taylor Gang cuz lol. but anythings possible lol

  • badass

    i got it rigth it was easy i know the legs anywhere!!!!

  • Mr Spann

    easy…but forget all that other sruff, she is the finest/cutest celeb chick of the year! HANDSDOWN!IMO

  • supper j

    i got it. i said nikki or amber but i knew it was amb

  • SuperThick!

  • TorontoSneakerHead

    Lol got that easy

  • Kaliym Seven Grant

    I got based on them leopard prints

  • DMV


  • Yezzy taught her @23edge

  • bigbaby_dmv

    nike jus recieved there biggest endoser since jordan. and her name is AMBER lol

  • idoit

    lmaooo i knew from the thick ass legs it could be the one and only amber rose she been blessed

  • SUPER THICK, FRESH WOW……Finally got 1 right,


    Got it wrong I said it was Lebron James. lol

  • evan

    knew it

  • AU KId

    I said Amber Rose, Kim K, Nicki, or somebody else with a big o watermelon booty!
    And lord have mercy I was right!

  • B_2_sick

    that was the easiest yet 4/135 on a roll lmao

  • mike

    I guessed!!! but who cares who guessed it.lets jus enjoy the pic Amber+cheetahprint leggings= A Blessing lls

  • Ant bank$

    i want to put my d in her p asap!

  • badass

    kanye u a stupid fuck 4 not gettin her pregnant!!!



  • Jay-Rick

    I got it wrong. I thought it was Lil Wayne. -_-“

  • Supa B

    i knew it was Amber Rose right away…saw a bunch of pics of her in this outfit on a message board last nite…oh yeah, she could get it…EARLY!!!!

  • lacemob

    Loot at them thighs…but yea I saw this pic on

  • L.A. 2 THE BAY


  • Filmoetonyc

    She’s is going to be as big as a house in a few years, no lie!

  • Miloso

    This is the first one I got right eva. I knew whoeva it wuz, wuz gonna b thick n shes the only thick chick on CMF.

  • C.Kicks316

    Got it.

  • Wadalex

    i got it right. . .but dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmnnnnn why is she so thick

  • Jays4Days

    i want to see her naked with sneakers on only.

  • she definitely looks like shes put on some weight since her and kanye split up. id still hit that tho

  • Sonny_Bodega

    i wish guessing who it was is as easy as beating it…

  • mznikesb23

    it was easy since she was fucking with YE she wear kicks along with her stripper heels..

  • JMilionair

    Thicker than a Snicker! lol

  • Gojus… Just gojus. Expletive.

  • Got this one and dang Amber is getting mad THICK!!! And I wish I could say the same about girls around my way but there all trying to be americas next top model and what not…

  • Soulofsoles

    I knew it was Amber Rose sexy a**

  • Joeslow

    Yeah yeah, we all know Amber is bad and THICK as f@#k. But we all know she is an industry slut. First Ye’ and now Wiz. Who’s next? Might as well be me.
    Just saying. *shrug*

  • DaHero1017

    Im on a streak 3 in a row now. Where is the back shit though G-Roc?

  • DaHero1017


  • @DaHero1017 – LOL

  • Jerronimo

    GOT DAMN! …she is thick. LOL I guessed Kanye. I was close?

  • breezy

    forget the shoes look at those hips!!

  • too easy

  • ksa


  • i was right sheeshhhh can we get a back shot?