Amber Rose Spends $2,600 Sneaker Shopping and Talks Corny Sneakerheads on Instagram

Shopping for sneakers is a universal pass time whether you’re a sneakerhead or a casual fan. The latest celebrity to be taken sneaker shopping with Complex is Amber Rose.

During the spot, Joe La Puma dives into everything from Amber’s sneaker selection growing up to her preferences now. Rose even discusses her thoughts on corny sneakerheads who post their kicks on the ‘Gram.

Watch the full clip above as Amber Rose racks up a $2,600 bill at Flight Club.

Source: Complex

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  • I don’t follow old girl but when I have been linked to her ig it was pretty corny. Loved the positive tone in her voice when she mentioned her child’s father, though. Kicks wise… there was no boost involved so a bit boring… hahaha….

  • Aaron Hall

    If you wanna flex and take a pic of your kicks that’s not corny gtfoh.

  • lol is it just as corny to run to instagram and show off your new body parts the doctor just gave you?

  • alexander O’neal


  • fook yo

    shes still bad af. with no surgery. even after the baby she can get it.

  • Executive 777


  • Executive 777

    I don’t understand why people have to run and tell anyone what they just bought, If I buy anything whether its a shoe to my house I don’t feel right showing people who I don’t give a shit about. Don’t and never needed some strangers validation for anything.

  • curt diggler

    of course taking pics of your sneakers for instagram is corny

  • curt diggler

    that broad hurt a lot of dudes who follow these sneaker sites with the ig pics comment……watch how many of them lames attack ole girl for calling they lame asses out.

  • alexander O’neal

    I aint watch the vid. But…. Yeah, that shit is corny.

  • sirfresh

    You didn’t have to go there lol

  • sirfresh

    I’m just sit back and enjoy these comments.

  • Nikeinda(well, u know)

    lol #burn

  • javi


  • Executive 777

    Lol! Catching feelings n shit.