Andre 3000 Tretorn Sneaker Collection

3 Stacks for Tretorn.

The wait is over! Andre 3000’s Tretorn sneaker collaboration has arrived.

Dre has been wearing his collaborative shoes often as of late. The “I Will Not Draw In Class” collection was inspired by some of Dre’s sketches from over 20 years.

via GQ

According to Staple, André brought 15 sketchbooks from the last 20 years to the table. The capsule collection contains some sneakers based on early drawings—like the rugby stripe Nylites—and some ideas plumbed from the Tretorn archive, like an old handcourt shoe they redesigned to look like a basketball high-top. Staple handled the technical side, translating André’s sketches into factory-ready designs. This year is the Nylite’s 50th anniversary, but André and Staple didn’t hesitate to completely remix the tennis shoe. “This is the guy who made Aquemini. And then when you put that [mindset] to something as granular as making a piece of footwear, the ideas were pretty left field,” says Staple. “One of the things André really wanted to do was reconstruct it from the ground up. So a new outsole, new midsole, new last, new reinforcement points. That was all his call.” Some of the resulting sneakers are preppy, some are clearly street-wear oriented, and some, like the Velcro-covered Nylite high-top, are just plain wild.

As you can see, this collection has been years in the making in the mind of 1/2 of OutKast. My favorite is the basketball inspired pair. You can shop/view the entire collection by clicking here.

Source: GQ

Andre 3000 Tretorn Sneaker Collection

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  • curt diggler

    just awful…especially them bball joints

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    Sheesh, CO….SIGN. lol

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    I concur I concur I concur

  • DJR

    This man 3 Stacks said Pharrell and Kanye is out here making what, let me see what I can do hahahahaha.

  • Thad Greer

    So this negro worked on 10 sneakers, but can’t work on putting out ONE song?

  • OGedge

    Those last ones look like Reebok blacktops with the OG purple huarache colorway. Sad

  • Erosion

    LMAO, it’s unanimous. Nobody likes these.