Another Atlanta Footlocker Smash & Grab

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It is crazy to see what some people are willing to do for a pair of sneakers. It seems like a few people, 15 to be exact, were so determined to get some sneakers that they decided to do a smash and grab at a Southwest Atlanta Footlocker. Similar to the AJ11 Space Jame break-in, a stolen car was also used to smash the front of the store.

And then 15 thieves ran away with sneakers and apparel worth at least between 5-10 thousand dollars. As of right now, the thieves are still at large and the case remains under investigation.

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Footlocker-Break-in-ATL Footlocker-Smash-and-Grab Footlocker-Break-In-Atlanta Footlocker-Break-In

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  • JB

    smh, its a shame how far people will go for some shoes

  • KayGotKicks

    Wowwwwww thats crazy!

  • Heat


  • Executive

    Let’s see here $$$$$$ in restitution, possible jail time and a criminal record for some kicks??

  • JBYRD23

    That’s some crazy shit!

  • Shoe String

    You can only blame Nike/Jordan for all the BS they put us through to get shoes. Maybe they should make enough to go around and stop with this “exclusive” sneaker crap.

  • Herb T

    Man Atl dont do it like that.

  • KNA

    That makes me upset 🙁

  • SBedge

    Obama did it

  • @SBedge.. lol

  • Towelie

    Yes blame the shoe comapanies.

    I also blame Footlocker.

  • Executive

    How is it the companies fault?? Please explain.

  • Cuda from NC

    How the hell is it Nike, Jordan, or Footlocker fault?? If you want to blame somebody, blame the suspects. There’s been plenty of kicks that I tried to get but failed and I never once thought to do some low class crap like this. Hope they throw the book at these idiots. Lol. blame the companies. gthoh

  • charliexboi

    i see red. SOOWOOOOOP

  • RYU

    lmao most are expressing shame but this is actually hilarious atleast it wasnt somebodys life.

  • bong

    now all the Gangsters can rock jordans in Atlanta, all legit buyers’ life will be saved.

  • Shoe String

    @Cuda from NC

    Well you can start with the supply and demand aspect of the sneaker game. When people fail to cop some shoes that are Limited or even just General releases and come up short, it starts to eat at you as a sneaker enthusiast. Fail to many times and you become desperate and no longer attempt the traditional methods like camping out or playing the internet game and resort to crime as a way of copping what you want and avoid the let down that the traditional methods bring many of us. I’m not saying what they did was right but I do understand the frustration and the anger one can feel. Then there is the cash flow issues. These sneakers are way over priced and many can’t afford to stay fashionable in this economy. Most of us know what it feels like to go to school or wherever and all the “cool people ” are wearing the fly $hit that you can’t afford. So to stay fashionable one may resort to crime as a result. Right or wrong something can be done by these shoe companies to help stop things like this from happening. Lower prices and make more sneakers so everyone that wants a pair can cop without problems. I myself am tired of the violence surrounding the sneaker game. When I went to cop my bred 11’s I seen 2 people get seriously beat down and robbed for their AJ 11’s. And that release was done by raffle, but didn’t stop people from showing up without the ticket and causing a huge ruckus. Those 2 people were taken to the hospital.

  • Guess Who?

    Well on a side note I’m no longer mad about them not taking my shoes back…

  • The thirst is real.

  • CincinnatiNick

    Hahahah Atlanta, fail..

    And no this is not a companies fault its societies fault for raising a bunch of entitled people who think Nike is bad for creating a limited supply to drive up demand…

  • CincinnatiNick

    Hahahah Atlanta, fail…. And no this is not a companies fault its societies fault for raising a bunch of entitled people who think Nike is bad for creating a limited supply to drive up demand…

  • Nikeindabutt

    Since common sense is not so “common” and basic values are lacking let’s make it plain->
    1) Having the latest/freshest jays/nikes/etc. is not a RIGHT nor is it a NECESSITY…you are not entitled to have a pair…it is a LUXURY to those who can afford to endulge!
    2) When some ghetto (referring to any race/gender/nationality engaging in low class & ignorant behavior)thugs decide to endanger lives by driving a car though a store front it’s clearly on them and no fault of the sneaker company.
    3) If you believe this was spurred by some kids not being able to honestly purchase a limited release pls proceed to #killyoself. These dudes committed the crime because they wanted kicks/gear to rock AND sale for $$$

    I hope the people responsible are caught and thrown under the jail…I can’t stand a thief!

  • Dominik

    They’re tripping down here. Dumb asses could have killed themselves trying to rob a store.

  • Kicksboywonder

    Is that the one on Metropolitan? Didn’t they get hit once before?

  • now thats dope

    its funny to me lol. i guess this is what happens when get tired of waiting.

  • now thats dope

    they probably got a bunch of forces, flightposites, team Jordans and Adidas. lol

  • P.A.’s Finest

    “We” got to do better!!!

  • Lem

    Footlocker, Nike/JB is not responsible for this in any way, shape, or form. These companies have done everything they can think of to keep people safe. Raffles, Twitter, etc have come into play because of public saftey issues. Regardless of how much of a particular product is made there will never be enough. There were 500,000 pair of XI’s released this year and people still acted the fool. It has nothing to do with quantity. It has everything to do with PEOPLE making IDIOTIC decisions for a non-essential pair of shoes or clothing.

  • Hozezae

    @Shoe String my guy that just isnt justifable. The blame is the criminals, 15 ppl that was plan just so can resell I bet. If u havent notice these stores are the assholes. They will tell u they have 10 pairs of kicks when they got over 80 pairs back there. I’m telling u fet in good like me get a connect and watch the BS these store managers do. 6 pairs of jordans for a general release get the fuck out here the rest he holding for employees and friends then reselling them. Those crooks straight deserve hard time. Tell them idiots get in raffles and apply to more then one store.

  • RealTalk

    Don’t blame the shoe companies. Blame those who are lazy and broke. They probably stole 5k worth of footlocker t-shirts smh

  • Chris

    Only in America..

  • John B.

    Idiots like this is what makes the game no fun anymore for the rest of us. WTF is wrong with people.

  • edson

    Damn, told them niggas to grab me some socks too… idiots

  • curt

    The sad part is the majority of niggaz in atl have no swag, so they have no idea how to rock the stolen shit. I live here and i can vouch for a decent segment of people wit genuine style. These niggaz on the other hand, like most atl youth cant rock anything but their sister/little brother clothes and a “fresh” pair of chuck taylors.

  • Dj

    This is one of the main reason I got out of the game I was held up at shotgun point for space jams. That I payed for with my hard earn money. I blame eBay for people wanting to only triple there money. It’s all about money at the end of the day. I use to like it when the shoe game was underground. We would talk about what and why when it came out and if you camped out you made homies not enemy’s. Be safe out there world and happy collecting.