Another MAYOR Creation…

MAYOR Bespoke Air Force 1

Mr. Bespoke can’t seem to stay away from the Bespoke section at 21 Mercer. While some people are still saving up trying to get their first pair of Bespokes, MAYOR is simply putting together a collection of Bespokes one shoe at a time.

Today we are pleased to present MAYOR’s lastet creation. The AF1’s are decked out in nubuck, and the midsoles are mismatched. 3M reflective material was applied to the swoosh, heel and back tab. The shoe-per-star designed them to the point where he could shine in these Bespokes whether it be day or night. His design skills are far from rookie status, and has finally granted him a chance to put his talent to work. That’s right people, MAYOR is going to be designing an extremely limited edition sneaker for “drum roll”… YUMS!

Hey kids, crime doesn’t pay, but dope design skills do! Tell MAYOR how you feel about his new Bespokes, and don’t forget to give him props for landing his sneaker deal. Hit up the comments section and express yourself.

Update: The YUMS line was just a joke. Come on people, Curb Your Enthusiasm.

MAYOR Bespoke Air Force 1

MAYOR Bespoke Air Force 1

MAYOR Bespoke Air Force 1

MAYOR Bespoke Air Force 1

MAYOR Bespoke Air Force 1

MAYOR Bespoke Air Force 1

MAYOR Bespoke Air Force 1

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • Twynn16

    These r just as dope as all the other ones.

  • classic94

    i wish they both had the yeloowish midsole

  • Converse King

    I like the blue on blues.

  • El Chupa Negro

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm Decent whats up on the Nitro Microphone AF1s they need to be up on the front ROc

  • Dam Mayor..u the Shit
    i love these joints rite here doe

  • c brown

    Not really feeling the different color soles..but more importantly….YUMS????YUMS?????YUMS??????What are Yums?? Who sells Yums??? What kinda line up do they have????? Whats the price point??? Do I get them free when I buy a pair of socks or something???? (Soulja Boys logs on to TSG to give me a very informative comment lol)….

  • c brown

    In all seriousness Mayor is a good dude…I aint mad (well Im a little)…Im sure half the people employeed or affilated with Nike didnt start with Nike…sometime you gotta push that Kia (Yums) to get to that Benz (Nike)…

  • dope…
    i would’ve had the stitching on each kick, match da otha kicks midsole. good ish Mayor. read about that kid driving wit his moms to meet ya. good piece.

  • marc g *sparkle city* SC

    Yo dude iz gaining respect frm wit all dis heat he iz creating keep it up mayor

  • The YUMS line was just a joke.

  • Shaun


  • neva2menyJS

    ^^ RATZ NO MAJOR EXCLUSIVE!!!!! but man im feeling all my man shoes these DOPE…the last ones were DOPE….the one before that were DOPE…well you get the point MAYOR+BESPOKE=DOPE SHOES 24/7……..

  • o.s.t

    O.k mayor these r o.k.enjoy your job now because when i’m fresh out of art school watch my skills but not with af1’s but u will see.I got the most unique colorways that together with retro air jordans are a untouchable sequence of style.

  • Starz

    o.s.t i mean t.i. cuz it sounds like your the one thats ganna have big ishh poppin! mayor damn way to blaze me bro! always dropping that heat!

  • Young j

    Sick shoes man and did u guys here dj am died today

  • Ognikehead85

    Mayor them Bespokes are straight crack I can’t wait to do mines on September 6…..

  • dasone

    first R.I.P. Dj A.M. and the shoes are crazy, im feelin them, especially the navy nubuck, but why people tryin to take homeboys shine on the low ^^o.s.t., let him live, when you out of art school and you start doin something, then G-roc will throw you up here, til then stop bein a swagger jacker!

  • I like em in the dark pics with the flash hittin em……and yeah, DJ AM overdosed on CRACK and died. If you’re gonna collect kicks, use crack cocaine, and kill yourself slowly over 15 years using illegal drugs, at least have the common courtesy to properly prepare for that situation by stating in a legal document that IF/WHEN you do kick the bucket due to your stupid ass drug addiction, you leave TokyoMike all your shoes……some people are so greedy!….

  • Starz

    lmfao damn tokyomike! you wreckin! always making me laugh and ishhh haha but yeah r.i.p to dj am its crazy how he survived that plane crash but ended up od’ing from drugs

  • o.s.t

    ^Dasone u r trippin.stop being a instagator.i don’t want to be like mayor working on the same shoe with over a thousand c.w.i ‘m going to get my hands and mind into all different types of retro j’z like the 2’s,7’s,and 3’s for e.g and since you’ll clueless here’s the def. of a swagger jacker.a person who sees someone style and imiates it or copies it directly.i’m never going to design af1’s

  • o.s.t, do ya thing my brotha, mayor-these shits is nice, and i dont mean like boring nice, i mean like laying back on ya girlfriends mothers bed while shes on the waist playing with the man-child (my shlong) and doing things i like while i lay down and watch family guy….yea that kind of nice…which is pretty nice

  • CenValCali

    Mis matched cw but sure as he77 flossy….think I oughta break out my blk 3m V’s & go purchase a 3m male thong @ a kinky adult store like Spencer’s Gifts, butt naked over some Keith Sweat/Aaron Hall in complete darkness wit a strobe light flashin so me & my H.S. sweetheart could party like its 1995….

  • o.s.t

    ^ G-money if they were in the store at footlocker for regular af1 price i would copp to wear

  • o.s.t

    G-money family guy and she does favors during t.v and commericials. she’s a keeper.Lmfao

  • Simply nasty big homie. 3M with/gum bottoms is a win win everytime. Keep killn da game!

  • ^^^CenValCali, Spencer’s Gifts was the S*** when I was young and into buying blacklight posters of black panthers and weed leafs……

  • CenValCali

    TokyoMike, Spencer’s still sell them psychedelic/Jimi Hendrix/Hippie shiets to this very day….damn has it been that long since the last time you’ve touchdown in the states? lol BTW, how much are the SJ XI’s as of today’s retail value in Japan?

  • Eric

    These might be the 2nd actual pair I really like from Mayor. Nice job on these Mayor.


    i like da blue on blue and i like da 3m on da nike sign

  • wil

    i do not like air force ones but damn those r fresh

  • hyestylekid

    Dang im feelin but if i never liked a pair of his bespoke’s i couldnt do anything but respect him he has an eye for it i guess…. i dont even like forces and i would buy em

  • JuceOcean

    wow the inside is suede too.